Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lord Of The World

Beloved Chelas, 
I greet you with the enthusiasm I wish to instill in your consciousness as we are about to enter a new yearly cycle. 
At the end of each yearly cycle the Book of Life is balanced... and in the new cycle to begin you may open a clear Book of Life. You are each given the opportunity to inscribe upon it whatever you wish... whatever you feel you can accomplish to assist the Earth and all her evolutions to move forward in the Divine Plan of Perfection. 
At the end of every year all humanity makes many resolutions as to what they will accomplish in the new year which is opening up before them. Often resolutions are forgotten. I do not come to remind you of failures, but to assure you always of my Love and of my support in your forward movement into the Octaves of Light! 
I know, whether you forget or not at times, that your determination is to express the Will of God toward all life and you prove this over and over again. Because of this, Peace, and the Grace of God will ensoul this Planet and all life privileged to abide upon it. 
All the virtues and qualities of God are required to be a complete example of the Presence of God "I AM" within. 
However, when understanding, desire and ability of expression come into an alignment, a Peace Commanding Presence of God may come forth, having a glorious opportunity to assist us in carrying out the Divine Edict of Perfection for Planet Earth. 
There is one Quality of the God-Head which is a component in all virtues, and that quality is LOVE! You will remember that Paul, the Maha Chohan and my beloved Son, has said "I AM My Brother's Keeper!", which in essence, carries the quality of Divine Love forth, enfolding all in successful accomplishment of their individual purposes and efforts. 
I counsel you, beloved co-servers, to daily enter the Throne Rooms of your Holy Christ Selves, and in deep humility pledge your efforts to serve in the Oneness of Being with the Spiritual Hierarchy to bring the Golden Age of Perfection to this Earth. 
Enfolding you in the perfectly balanced radiation of LOVE, WISDOM AND POWER, and in total Oneness of Being, I DECREE that all shall move forward as we hold this Sweet Earth in Our Embrace!
Lord Of The World , Gautama

New Years Message

As we begin this most promising New Year, it is appropriate we bear in mind the glorious service of the Enfolding Spirit of the Year – 
The Mighty Angel of Restoration

It is time that we consider the oft repeated statement… “Let it begin with me.”  Every individual’s home is the outer dwelling in which he lives – regardless of locality or size.  Your home gives forth a definite radiation of Love, Peace or any combination of virtues.  The smallest abode can be of greatest service to the restoration of this dear planet – size has no part in this process. 
The chela who determines with all the strength of his dedication to be a Peace Commanding Presence will prove to the Spiritual Hierarchy their anticipation that he means to be unwavering in his responsibility. 
You are well aware when entering into the abode of another individual which radiation is expressing.  I wish you to know that I come on behalf of the individual Spirit of your Home Spirit.  I invoke you to enable these blessed onee... which of course are RADIATION and not form.  You have seen the Light emanating from a tree, even to the Radiation of the Sun… in this instance the Mighty Helios and Vesta. 
As your Radiation of loving humility increases, the overall Light of the Planet will expand… that which expands in any avenue affects all Life… thus the oneness of Life… an indisputable fact. 
Blessing you with the Light of my Love, I AM. 
The Planetary Cosmic Spirit of the Home

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Beloved chelas,
 I would ask you from now on to PROVE THE TRUTHS THAT WE HAVE GIVEN TO YOU, for without your acceptance, action and application, they are of no value to you. LIVE WHAT YOU LEARN, AND PROVE THE TRUTHS WE GIVE TO YOU . 

 Prove the Truths by giving of your own God-given talents, thereby expanding your ability to serve all life, for to him that hath shall be given, but to him who has no desire to give of his God-given talents, even that which he has shall be taken away! 
I close this year with a profound statement which, if heeded, will enhance all aspects of your own God Virtues a thousand fold:  


Feel the GRACE of GOD radiating forth from your being unifying the hearts of all mankind, and feel the reverence for the gift of life as you remain united in service to the Will of God and for the Evolution of the Planet Earth. 
Know that my Love enfolds you as I offer you into the beautiful arms of the new-born year. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Beloved Kuthumi

"Ah, the magic, mystical feeling which precedes the Feast of Christmas Eve how that momentum has gathered through the centuries! I know, for I was one of the three Wise Men who followed the Star to Bethlehem - that Star which signaled the birth of our Lord, the babe Jesus. Will you kindly be seated. 
Now, my beloved friends, before I go into the description of the Transmission Activities, I would like to tell you that I am so delighted I hardly know how to express my feelings to you, because just preceding the Transmission of the Flame, I turned my attention to Shamballa knowing that I was going to speak and tell you of the activities of this evening - what do you suppose I saw at Shamballa? I witnessed the most glorious uprising of Light - the Golden Light of Peace. My children, you do not need a throng of individuals to bring forth a Cosmic Quality, but when there is sincerity of feeling in the hearts of a few individuals who call for Peace, we are bound by Cosmic Law to answer the call; and this whole Island is surrounded by Angels of Peace gathering up this Holy Essence - amplifying it. It looks like a tremendous fountain of Golden Light over the entire Island and the Island is being bathed in Peace. Very shortly these mighty Angels of Peace are going to traverse the Planet saturating all evolutions with the Cosmic Flame of Peace and to you, blessed chelas, who have sent forth this feeling from your hearts, I am so very grateful! 
I shall now return to the service at the Tetons for I could just go on and on telling you of the activities of the Angels and the Devas as they are dispensing the Flame of Cosmic Peace at Shamballa. 
First I will tell you that the amphitheater over the Royal Teton is in the form of a gigantic seven-pointed Star. The reason this is a seven-pointed Star is because in each section this evening stands one of the mighty Elohim. All through the month either the Elohim or one of their representatives will be in that Star. Why? Because they will assist the chelas and all life in the art of Precipitation - that glorious science of qualifying God's Holy Energy with a Divine Quality. 
You have progressed sufficiently on the Path to realize that you are a Precipitated Ray from God's Heart and with every breath you are precipitating whatever your feeling world and your consciousness has stamped upon the Holy Energy passing through you. We believe with the special activity taking place this month that you will find great improvement in drawing forth - precipitating - that which you desire, not only for yourselves but for all life. 
Now, some wonder why the "fuss", as it were, over the celebration of the birth of the Master Jesus! The birth of Jesus was the beginning of the Christian Dispensation and the Thread of Truth carries forth in all Dispensations. As we are now blending the Sixth into the Seventh, we honor not the babe of Christ but the Master Presence grown to full stature. This is what is taking place in the vehicles of the chelas the Master Presence is growing to full stature and you will find that during this Holy Period of Christmas that the attention of the peoples will be not so much on Bethlehem but upon the Tetons I mean, of course, when they are out of their physical garments - and they will gravitate to the mighty amphitheater over the Tetons with a different understanding of Christmas. It is the blending of the East and the West. You know it has been said "East is east and West is west and never the twain shall meet." Well you shall live, my beloved ones, to find the Truth that East and West shall meet and shortly - for in the Cosmic Consciousness there is no separation in life - there is but the One God - the One Principle of Life - everywhere! 
We have had a wonderful year  and the coming brings great promise. You will see so-called miracles and marvels brought to your attention, because the Seventh Ray is so firmly anchored in the Earth and its purifying power is bringing those individuals whose consciousness held firmly to the former Dispensation into the Seventh. 
Tonight, the glorious central chamber at the Tetons is magnificent. The beautiful base of the altar of white marble is decorated with greenery, interspersed with golden orchids of an Oriental variety - truly exquisite,, the green and gold of the Precipitation Flame. 
We have something quite unusual too.... on one side there is a replica of the stable at Bethlehem, the grotto or whatever you wish to call it - showing figures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph with the Star of Bethlehem above. And on the other side of the council chamber, ah, my lovely ones, standing there is the mighty Jesus in all the glory of his Presence, and that magnificent Lady of Light Holy Mother Mary, and Beloved Saint Germain ,Our Joseph. Our Lord and King! I must pause for a moment to tell you that Beloved Mary is such a shining Example of Light. tonight; she is wearing a white garment studded with stars, with a long cape extending to the floor of Chinese green banded in gold, in honor of the Precipitation Flame. Above their heads is a blazing Star of Light. This illustrates the three mighty Beings of the Christian Dispensation in physical form, and now these Great Ones are in the magnificence of the Ascended State, Hallowed by the Name of the Sacred Holy Family! 
As the strains of the glorious evening star resounded throughout the Tetons, beloved Lord Lanto and beloved Confucius took their places upon the altar and as they breathed upon the Precipitation Flame and it rose high into the atmosphere it was composed of tiny stars and it travelled around the Earth bathing all life in the Flame of God Precipitation carrying the beautiful tone of the Evening Star. 
Oh my lovely ones, come often to the Tetons... you do not have to wait until you lay down your physical body in sleep... come in consciousness any time... the brothers and sisters of the Royal Teton and all of us assembled here will welcome you with open arms. We anticipate much expansion of Light during these thirty days. Your Sponsors this month will be gentlemen of Oriental background and they stand ready and waiting for you to direct your consciousness to the Tetons, and to take you to the Sacred Retreat in your etheric garment. 
Now, I shall again digress a little but I so welcome this opportunity of speaking to you for another moment... beloved Lord Lanto and I are grateful beyond words to serve as World Teachers. We are having a glorious time. He doesn't say to me ,"now, Kuthumi you stay right there with the young people, I will attend to the others" and I do not say to him "Now listen, Lanto, don't trespass upon my territory, you stay where you are." We have so blended our Consciousness that we are like a mighty Cup - one Chalice - from which God Illumination flows to the children of Earth, and you will soon see outer manifestations in your own service of how we are privileged to serve together. 
I love you, I bless you, and I send you all the Gratitude of Heaven's sons and daughters for listening to my words and for participating in the Transmission of the Flame Ceremony. Good evening." 
Beloved chelas avail yourselves of the opportunity of receiving assistance from the Seven mighty Elohim and the Brotherhood at the Teton Retreat in learning true precipitation and reverence for life.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lord Of The World

Beloved Lotus blossoms adding the beauty of your Spirits to the vast ever-expanding Sea of Infinity, welcome to Shamballa. I greet you in deep and abiding Love. 
On this day set aside for the accelerating of the Flame of Gratitude within our beings, may it be a time when you will reflect upon the Goodness of the Father-Mother God in giving you being, an individualization intended to bring you the awareness that as a cell in the great Body of the Eternal, you should experience the joy of making every day one of thanksgiving, of gratitude, to the Supreme Source that you have the privilege of expanding the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven while yet in a garment of flesh, walking the Path toward Spiritual Fulfillment on this Earth! 
The Angels of Adoration are standing over this Holy Sanctuary gathering up the Essence of Gratitude which you are releasing during this Class. They are within a magnificent Lotus, within which is an externalization of the Immortal Three-fold Flame. This Thought Form covers all of this Sacred Island. They will remain in this Lotus for the Class. Other Angelic Legions will be stationed over every Meeting Place, Church or Home where Thanksgiving is being celebrated, particularly where the chelas are assembled and tuning in to this Class. This evening they will come to Shamballa bringing the Essence of Gratitude which they have accumulated from each loving heart in the particular locality to which they were assigned. 
This Essence will be held at Shamballa until Sunday, when it will be released to all life as a Benediction from on High. This will do much for the evolutions of this Earth in uniting them with the feeling of God-Good and preparing them for the Feast of Christmas honoring the beloved Micah, Angel of Unity, he whom you know so well as the Master Jesus. You can be sure that beloved Jesus will amplify this energy in his glorious release of Light on Christmas Eve! 
Children of my Heart, as the Light of Dawn came into evidence this morning and I entered deep into contemplation of the munificence of the Supreme Source, I thought of all of the blessed chelas on this Sweet Earth who have been so faithful, particularly this year, in following the directives of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the Flame of Gratitude within my Being expanded to encompass this Planet in Divine Love. As I relate this experience to you, I trust that you will be able to feel the happiness which is within my Heart  the Holy Essence of which is now permeating your beings. 
It should bring great peace, to your hearts when I tell you that this has been a fruitful year for the progress of this Earth and I anticipate the joy of blessing you individually when you come to Shamballa bringing the harvest of your Light. I AM indeed well pleased with your dedicated service of Love, the results of which shall manifest in the not too distant future, in the externalization of the Kingdom of Heaven on this Earth. 
Always remember, as we have counseled time and again, do not "rest on your oars" or weary of well doing, so that you may bring your individual craft safely home without encountering the rough seas of human concepts. As every athletic or musician knows, or anyone skilled in a particular art, it is continued practice which makes for perfection and any relaxation of effort results in an inferior performance. 
Shamballa is ablaze with the expanded Light of the glorious Beings who are assembled for this Class and who will remain for the Festival of Harvest! The Joy and Love emanating from our so loved regent Sanat Kumara is beyond description. Me thinks he sees the eons he spent with this Earth were well worth the expenditure of his Energy. The Radiation from the quarters which he occupies at Shamballa has permeated this entire City of Light. Let us always be mindful that it was through his dedicated service and sacrifice of Love that this Earth was saved from dissolution! 
This is a Season of Holy Festivity at Shamballa, where the Cosmic and Ascended Beings, the Archangels, the Cherubim and Seraphim are assembled and experience great elation as they mingle with the chelas and the blessed people on this Planet whose Light guides them to this Focus. 
This is a time of Divine Worship, a period when you may witness the magnificent Ceremonials in which the Angel Devas, the Builders of Form and the Angels of Ritual rejoice in the Glorious Light of Shamballa. Take advantage of every moment, waking or sleeping, to be a participant in this sacred activity by remaining in a state of Harmony. 
Before concluding this Release, I would like to leave you with the feeling which some call the Heart of God. Mere words could not describe this state of Being, but when any man enters into this stillness, described by some as the Heart of Infinity, the Kingdom of Heaven, he comes to realize that all the effort expended in this journey into God's Heart is well worth whatever disciplines he may have had to experience for the purpose of showing him the way home. 
It is like unto the most radiant Sunlight and as soothing as the close of day when twilight brings its mantle of rest. It is peace and quiet yet filled with exquisite harmony  the radiation of celestial music carrying one deeper and deeper into the ecstasy of True Being. 
Beloved of my Heart, I traveled into the Heart of God while yet wearing a garment of flesh, raising my consciousness from plane to plane of Spiritual expression... and so it can be with you. Seek ye the rest of the All-Encompassing Love of the Supreme Source in the Heart of the Silence, and become AT ONE with all life.
If you feel this journey worthwhile, and I know you will, then I invite you to ask me to assist you and I shall cradle you in the momentum of my Love and lead you, ever so tenderly, into the Infinite Love of God's Heart, to enjoy the Beauty of Creation of which you are a component. 
Now, dear chelas, feel the ecstasy of the Essence of the Flame of Gratitude as I tell you that every Being assembled at Shamballa enfolds you, and all life, in their Love and the embrace of that feeling can be eternally sustained, by you through your continued Loving Service to the Light. 
I now release to you the Blessings with which the Father-Mother God has endowed me to expand and expand within you until you experience the exaltation of living within the Cosmic Consciousness which embraces all life, in pure Divine Love. Good Morning, 
Gautama, Lord of the World

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

For Immediate Release

Dearest Students of the Light,
We, here at Law of Life have been given a wonderful and great opportunity. It is that we are here to publish and disseminate a very vast collection in which, the Masters have given us for the purpose of raising one another and the planet with it.
It has been made very clear to us in this responsibility that we must follow the directives and instructions left for us and that they must be protected and presented in the Standard, which the Brotherhood has set forth. We take this promise very seriously and earnest.
We have continually maintained a transparency to all parties involved what our purpose is. This is no different, recently a number of souls have chosen to take it upon themselves steal and plagiarize what has been given so gratefully. This form of Rebellion and Piracy will NOT go unnoticed any longer.
These parties feel it is their right to trivialize the teachings and publish them with no regard for the protection of the work.  By commiting these violations, anyone involved becomes accountable for this Karmic Debt incurred. We now clearly understand this is why we have been given this Responsibility.
We have had to make a collective decision after long contemplation to HALT all publications until further notice. We plan to review a better distribution vehicle for the future projects. We know and hope those who believe in this Cause will rise and Stand For the LIGHT. All inquires for support and help in future endeavor may be submitted to Law of Life. We will continue to walk the middle way in our orderly manner. We shall overcome this sinister activity with the

A.D.K. Luk Publications 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Our Beloved Serapis Bey

 One of the qualifications for successful accomplishment of service in this world of form is the development of an awareness of the gifts of God, the Masters, Angels and humankind, to the chela who applies for opportunity to complete his course and return HOME. There is no soul so self-reliant; no individual so complete, that he has not benefitted in the past and does not benefit each day, by the energies of others who have helped to create the blessings which all enjoy. An individual who desires to achieve the Ascension must desire to give to life something of himself, as a balance to the evolution of which he is a part, in gratitude for the gifts given him which sustained him to the present day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our Beloved Jesus The Christ

Taking for granted the services, gifts and blessings to his life, has delayed the victory of many an individual. The very constancy of the Sun in its outpouring, has made many forget how much they owe to its Presence in the Universe. The removal of a source of blessing often results in a 'shock' to the personality which has been the recipient of spiritual illumination, elemental sustenance or even physical comforts.
Then, too late, that individual realizes that the gifts which he had taken for granted had been essential to his well-being. This often results in an attitude of bitterness because of the removal of the gift.
Rather, the individual should realize that feelings of gratitude and then thanksgiving for their blessings every day would sustain those blessings by the power of magnetization for as long as the person required them. Often, in my ministry, when sometimes whole group of people were healed simultaneously and only one returned to express gratitude, I asked; “Where are the other beneficiaries of God's mercy and forgiving grace?"

Friday, October 30, 2015

Saint Germain

Gratitude for the small blessings of daily life builds a momentum which gives the soul a wider perspective with regard to the innumerable gifts which are constantly poured out for his personal benefit. Life should be a constant Prayer of Thanksgiving, not only on one day of the year should humankind give a cursory glance at the benefactions around him, but daily his heart should swell with sincere gratitude just for being. 
All of us who have arisen to the Ascended Master Octave live in a consciousness of constant thanksgiving to God. Our fellow-servers in the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelic Messengers, the Angel Devas and the sincere, sweet members of the human race who have reached up their hands to join with us in our endeavors to create an aura of light for this Earth, transforming it from a shadow planet into Freedom's Star.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Maha Chohan

Many times, in dealing with individuals who are sunk in personal miseries and despair, the cry goes up "what have I to be grateful for?"
These individuals need the assistance of someone who has the tact, understanding and diplomacy to point out the manifold gifts of blessing which are the common heritage of the race.
Gratitude for the individuals who have contributed to the comfort of the race through the development of a seed idea into a practical invention; a scientific means of curing disease; a spiritual formula for soul purification; a magnificent composition which gives peace to the troubled mind and turbulent feelings is a good way to start cultivating a conscious awareness of the manifold blessings of life.
Some have not yet 'eyes to see', and require the delicate direction of those who can see the beneficent blessings given directly by God and entrusted by him to humanity for development.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Beloved Hilarion

Greetings beloved co-servers on the Fifth Ray. I present myself before you this afternoon as the Healing Power of Truth. Many eons ago, when many of you volunteered to give service to this planet, you gave a vow before the Father-Mother God to similarly represent the Healing Power of Truth to this planet. So I have come to remind your outer consciousness of this vow.
In the courts of justice in the outer world, when you come to represent a certain cause, before you are allowed to be recognized or to speak, you place your hand on a book of Truth vowing to tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. This practice is symbolic of an inner ceremony performed before you were allowed entrance into the earth plane for service in the name of Truth and Justice. 
Before the God-Parents and before the beloved Lord of the World you placed your hand upon the Book of Truth, that Book being your own eternal Book of Life, and you swore to receive the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. Nothing else would come from your lips, nothing else would enter your consciousness. You would represent nothing else but the pure Truth. This is the Healing of a planet.
Contemplate for a moment that Healing comes from every aspect of your being re-establishing itself as a representative of Truth. Visualize for a moment every cell, atom and electron that make up the substance of your four lower vehicles, beginning first with the pure essence of life in those tiny electrons. 
Imagine each electron before the Lord of the World in perfect rows of Divine Order, with their tiny hands upon a Book of Life, saying to the Lord of the World, "I shall manifest the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth." From the Electronic, we move to the atomic level, with all the atoms aligned and in rows before the Lord of the World and each of them vowing, "I shall manifest the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth". 
The beautiful atoms are arranged in cells until every cell presents itself before the Lord of the World in perfect Divine Order, saying to the Lord of the World, "I shall manifest the Truth the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth". 
Each of these cells are arranged in organs and the various aspects of the four lower vehicles through which you have your being. Imagine these organs and every aspect of the inner vehicles aligned and in perfect order standing before the Lord of the World saying , "I manifest the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth". 
Then the four vehicles themselves stand in perfect alignment, in perfect Divine Order before the Lord of the World, saying with their hands on your Book of Life, "I shall tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth and I shall be healed and made whole. I shall perceive the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. I will believe the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, until "I AM" the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth".
Feel now this Cosmic flow of Divine Truth which I have brought into this sanctuary, flowing deep, deep, deep into the essence of your being. Through the very electrons, atoms, and cells, the organs and the four lower vehicles, flows the original vow of Truth that you made before entering the realms of service to this planet Earth. The conditions are such as when you first came, that the Law requires a certain number of souls to represent the Truth perfectly before there shall be Permanent Justice on this Earth, a Justice that shall bring a planetary Healing. 
Believe me when l say that if enough of humankind can represent the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, the Cosmic and Ascended Beings can Heal this planet! through such vessels of Truth transmitting our Perfection in consciousness, vibration and Divine teaching which I bring in abundance this day. Feel yourselves unified at the level of Divine Truth, one with the other and with your Ascended Brethren who are here to serve with you and through you. 
You are our vehicles of Truth in the world of form. So it shall be in the Healing of this planet through the Group Avatar. Humanity awaits the glory of the Father returning through his embodied son. We are on the verge of that manifestation and YOU are the cells in the Son of God embodied.
I feel so close to the chelas particularly at this time , for in my attempts at serving in the early Christian church, it was always the celebration of the Feast of the Resurrection wherein I felt closest to the Christ. With that closeness, which became Oneness, I could fulfill my Divine plan and Ascend into the realms of Light, forever to serve from that Sphere. So it shall be with each of you.
Through drawing close and becoming One with the Christ through the Resurrection, you too shall fulfill your Divine plan, manifest a Healing and a wholeness of being at the close of that service, a service perfectly done, and Ascend into the realms of Light forever.
I have asked the Great Lord of the World Gautama that I might sojourn here at Shamballa through the Feast of the Resurrection, that I might project into this very special group of chelas the strength I knew in embodiment (as Paul the Apostle) of Oneness with the Christ in the fulfillment of service to the Cosmic Christ. So watch for me in vibration, radiation and consciousness for I shall be here, One with you. Good Morning.
Master Hilarion

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Our Most Beloved Maha Chohan

Beloved of My Heart: 
The chela who dwells within the secret place of the most high is living proof of the Affirmation - "I AM" that "I AM" - and in that exalted state he is a comforting Presence to all life. 
No matter where he abides, he is - an example of the Truth of Life, and is a Radiating Center for the Gifts, the Blessings, which are within his own Causal Body. The more he chooses to send forth these Virtues for the enrichment of his fellowman, the greater his advancement on the Spiritual Path which he has chosen to follow. 
When he begins his day by entering the Sacred Presence within his heart, and learns the beauty and perfection of expressing that Christ-in-Action, and continues this practice daily, the greater his service to life. 
The Ascended Master is he who has learned to be the Presence in action at all times, and from the very center of his Being flows the Virtue or Blessing, which is required at a specific time. In his case this is an accomplished state of being, for he never wavers in Blessing life, and he never permits the energy of his vehicles to act independently of his Divine Intelligence, thus no influence can draw him from the center of his Being. 
You, beloved ones, are more and more becoming centered within the heart of your own beings, and through surrendering to the Christ to direct the energies which are constantly flowing through you, you are practicing the Presence, which we have counseled you to do these many years. 
For your encouragement, it is my pleasure to tell you that more and more are the chelas consciously serving with me in the dispensation of the Comfort of the Holy Spirit, which is so required at this hour.
Love and Blessings, 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Maha Chohan

Beloved Chelas: 
To bring about a more compatible feeling between the Forces of the Elements and mankind is essential. 
To you, blessed ones, who have been apprised that there would be forthcoming changes in the straightening of the axis of the Earth, we make this appeal. As you know, this process is being done gradually so that havoc will not be wrought in a too drastic change. 
However, you also know that an accelerated rate of vibration is being anchored into the Earth plane which causes upheavals of one kind or another - due of course to the inharmony and imperfection which is everywhere manifest. 
This message is sent not to alarm you in any way, but it is a case of 'forewarned is forearmed'. You have the most perfect implement by which harmony between the gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders and the mankind of this Earth can be brought into cooperation, one with the other... the use of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation, the merciful action of the Law of Forgiveness. 
Beloved ones ask forgiveness of these blessed servants of mankind, first for yourself and then for all life upon this Planet, for what has been imposed upon these beings through the ages. Love, oh love them through the Flame of Gratitude for their daily service, without whose assistance life would be nonexistent upon this Earth. 
I enfold you in the Love of the Holy Spirit, praying that you will be ever alert to the Instructions which are released to you ...Love and Blessings,

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maha Chohan

Beloved Ones,
The radiation passing from every lifestream has become more or less an automatic vibration made up of the thought and feeling nature. That radiation we call the personality or the personal self. 
For an individual to change that radiation requires a tremendous effort of self-will, self-control and an honest, earnest and sincere desire for mastery, but in the process of submission of the lower self to the Christ within, if he invoke the assistance of any of the God Free Beings, he will find that the transmutation of the lower self will be easier. 
I bring this specifically to your attention for in the invocation of  Helios and Vesta, Beloved Thor and Aries, Mighty Neptune and Lunara, and Beloved Pelleur and Virgo - you will magnetize the pure substance of the elements into all those elements which comprise your vehicles. 
To sustain this accelerated Radiation, you have the added opportunity of the Radiation of Peace and Pure Divine Love From the Spirit Of Life.
Revere, oh revere, these mighty Beings who are dedicating so much of their Energies to restoring this Planet and her evolutions to her God-Estate and remember always that in that reverence for Life you become ever closer to the Heart of all Creation - co-creators with the Supreme Source which is your God ordained plan.
Love and Blessings,


Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Most Beloved Saint Germain

The energy of each one's lifestream is the Conductor over which passes any and every activity that the individual experiences, thus the energy of the lifestream becomes the only means by which good or evil can enter the experience of the self-conscious focus of the One God Life.
All life desires Good, Beauty, Opulence, Happiness and the limitless number of expressions of the qualities and experiences found in the Kingdom of Heaven, thus it behooves Life to understand more fully that the nature of the 'Carrier' determines the Gifts. 
In the outer world, individuals entrusted with the conveyance of gold, jewels and priceless securities are people of high principle, moral integrity and flawless character, because the goods they convey are thought to be of enough value to be protected by the best means of conveyance that the human race can procure. Man would not entrust valuable possessions or physical assets of great integral value to lifestreams of a questionable nature. As below, so above, but to a far more exacting degree, as the quality of the 'Carrier' forms an essential part of the particular experiences and gifts conveyed into the possession of the individual.  
If lifestreams were as careful of the quality of their energy as they are in securing a bond for the man entrusted with their physical assets, they would find that the Gifts of the Kingdom can ride into the lifestream only on HARMONIOUSLY QUALIFIED ENERGY and that if they allow their 'Carrier' to express any other quality, he is automatically disqualified from conveying the Gifts of the Kingdom.  
For instance, discordant energy will not bear the current of Healing or Supply. A harmonious stream of electronic energy is a natural conductor for the perfected gifts which each lifestream requires so much, but which cannot ride into the experience except upon a beam of energy representing that one's own lifestream, which must vibrate at a harmonious rate in order to convey these finer and most sought after gifts of the Kingdom.  

Each man sets up his own line of contact or disconnects himself according to the particular qualification of the energy in his lifestream from time to time, but the individual who has mastered the control of the energy of his bodies to a point where he never breaks the connection through discord, can never know limitation, disease or the many manifestations of the appearance world that can only ride in on the broken rhythm of the discordant energy.