Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Know the Truth 
God's Will be Done
Peace on Earth as it is in Heaven
Life on Earth as it is in Heaven

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our Beloved LaMorae

We all realize the importance of inner harmony and its benefaction on the Planet’s evolutions, and now, as the inner harmony expands, it is becoming increasingly evident to you all on the outer level as you witness the presentation of love and harmony in many countries of the world through many visual presentations of music, understanding and love in its purest form, and a genuine striving from the hearts of many good people of all nations for a unified family of man. You will witness an increase in the production of spiritually symbolic outdoor and indoor concerts, theater performances, literature, and from the film industry, awakening all men to the joy that can be theirs by Divine heritage.
It is truly gratifying to see the results of the calls for harmony from the hearts of men becoming manifest in the world through the avenues of communication which reach all sections of the globe – the world at large.
Be encouraged, our earnest co-servers, to continue your calls for the release of harmonious energies, and the answer to your calls will manifest in the UNITY OF ALL MANKIND.
I love you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


My Love pours to you dear ones, and since my Quality is the one required for you to complete your service, then allow me to charge you with all the Harmony which Divine Law will permit! 
I want you to take this Harmony and expand it to enfold the entire Planet so that all mankind maybe privileged to feel and experience this same wondrous ecstasy and joyfulness which you beloved ones accept into your daily life. 
I am happy to say there is certain instruction which I have been permitted to release to you. It, of course, concerns your Divine Service and also how that service may be fulfilled without the slightest obstacle, and of course this concerns the human. 
My beloved ones, do you realize that the human is as sensitive on its own level as the Holy Christ Self is on its level, and whenever there is any outer vibration occurring in your thoughts and feelings which might in any way make you want to drop out of this Great Activity, there is only one thing to do! IGNORE IT! Do you realize that the only thing the human is sensitive to is anything vibrating on or below its own level. The only time you may depend on it to guide you, in the proper direction, is when it is Holy and Free of all human qualities. 
I want you to remember that you are not expected, because of society or any other outer activity, to accept anything into your world which is human. Take your stand and assert your dominion. 
The outer consciousness itself is pure and holy, composed of life energy, the same life energy that pours directly to your own "I AM" Presence, your Holy Christ Self and the Flame within your heart, and then it goes from you in the way you desire to direct and qualify it. There is nothing imperfect at all about the outer consciousness except that which you allow to be imposed upon it to unbalance your thought, feeling and action. 
The solution for balancing the human does not lie in raising your thoughts, feelings or actions, but rather in raising your point of attention. This is the solution, beloved ones, to raise your consciousness above all imperfect thought, feeling and action directly to your own God Presence. How else can your Ascension be made unless you raise everything? Even your body is eventually absorbed into the Great Central Sun to be purified and sent forth again. 
So beloved ones, you can save yourself a great deal of time and unnecessary effort and take advantage of the Flame within your heart and use it as a Great Central Sun to purify and balance everything within your being and definitely see that your outer consciousness vibrates in accordance with your Holy Christ Self on its own level. 
All the Light from Madagascar pours to you as well as the Light and Blessings of every Ascended Master, and every Ascended Master Focus, Retreat and Etheric City within the atmosphere of this planet. I, LaMoray, Thank you and with all my Love enfold you and with all the Harmony I am permitted to release, I shall hold this group together  eternally, and that Harmony is eternally sustained. God bless you.