Monday, July 18, 2016

Our Beloved Morya

Dear chelas, desirous of giving your all in co-service with the Spiritual Hierarchy, welcome into the Heart of God's Holy Will. The Will of God for you is now inextricably tied to the Will of God for this planet. The two are inseparable. And although each one of developing humanity is a cell in the overall Divine Plan of this planet, our chelas of elevated consciousness are the Blazing Diamond Heart at the very core of God's Will for this planet. For you form the Grail through which we of the Spiritual Hierarchy can pour Divine Ascended Master Consciousness into the minds of men.
Throughout my embodiments I learned the qualities of allegiance, loyalty and trustworthiness in association with the Cosmic Christ and our Lord Maha Chohan. I learned these during my evolution along the First Ray, a rather vigorous testing process. Each of you must now embody these qualities as your Divine Plan unfolds along any of the Seven Rays. Therefore, it is our specific interest to highlight these qualities of allegiance, loyalty and trustworthiness, to assist you to hold to your covenant with the God Parents and the Spiritual Hierarchy in setting this planet free.
The Will of God is that you, the guides of the Earth in embodiment, now assume your Immaculate Concept. In the Diamond Heart of "I AM" Consciousness is held your perfection, the Holy Grail of your seeking. It will remain there pulsating
through all eternity until you choose to become it again, for this is the promise God keeps with humanity. But the Cosmic Edict has sounded that the Immaculate Concept for the planet must now be fulfilled, for the sake of the whole. And for this to occur there must be embodied the Immaculate Concept of enough of our well trained chelas to form the Grail into which these planetary forces can be poured. Just as the Cosmic Christ, Lord Maitreya, had the complete loyalty and allegiance of the Master Jesus in anchoring the Christian Age, we of the Spiritual Hierarchy require the same undivided loyalty from our chelas now in establishing the Permanent Age of Spiritual Freedom.
So you see the level of importance your Divine Plan has at the present moment. My own service of manifesting International Unity begins first on the Inner, where enough pure Light and vibration of the Will of God for every nation and every people has been anchored into the Earth, through consecrated chelas. This month, chelas of the Spiritual Hierarchy from all areas of the planet will be escorted in consciousness to Darjeeling's Focus of God's Will and International Unity to learn of and assimilate the plans formulated for the Divine Government of this planet. Each chela shall also be escorted to the Temple of the Holy Grail over Glastonbury to receive further training in finding the perfection each seeks for himself, so as to be of greater service to the Whole. Each will find here his covenant with the Cosmic Christ revivified and pulsating in his outer memory, so as to

accelerate his day to day development of allegiance and loyalty to the Will of God.
In your individual and group meditations this month, visualize and feel yourself before a great Diamond Heart of Light. See within it the Crystalline Flame with a Royal Blue Radiance of God
's Sacred Will. As you contemplate this, repeat the Breathing Statement assimilating the Flame. You will slowly begin to unify in Consciousness with the Diamond Heart and as you do, everything less than your own perfection falls away into the Light. Soon you are assimilated into the Diamond Heart and ONE with "I AM" Consciousness, having found the Holy Grail of your long quest. From this Consciousness of "I AM" you can then direct the mighty Forces of Light and Sacred Fire which WILL ESTABLISH God's Will in the minds of humanity everywhere, in their families and eventually in their governments. Imagine a planet governed by such Forces of Light. This is how I see you, my trusted chelas, as a cell in the Diamond Heart of God's "I AM" Consciousness, there assimilating and expanding the LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER FAILS into this planet's every fiber.
From each of you finding your own Holy Grail of "I AM" Perfection, shall come a magnificent planetary Grail of Light into which God's Holy Will for this planet shall visibly, tangibly manifest. This is my covenant with you.
Your Morya 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Transmission Of The Flame Readings July 2016

We Are Grateful To Announce 
The Transmission Of The Flame Readings  

are available via

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Maha Chohan

From time to time we bring to your attention the advantages of deep Breathing. In this hurried work-a-day existence of so-called modern living everyone would be tremendously benefited and more advanced spiritually if they would take a few moments daily to practice or engage in the Rhythmic Breath.
As the physical garment is made up of the substance of earth, and the emotional body made up of the substance of water, so is the Holy Christ Self made up of the finest ethers that interpenetrate the Air Element.
Your Holy Christ Self, therefore, is an Air Being who can proceed to function through your brain on the currents of the air. It is understood and realized that deep breathing exercises are requisite to the illumination of the outer mind because the vibratory action of the Higher Self comes in on the Breath and vitalizes the brain with the same ethers, the Higher Self finding a corresponding finer vibration within the brain cells of a sympathetic nature, is able to transmit its intelligent direction and illumination easily.
From the foregoing you will see that the Holy Christ Self controls the Breath through the cooperation of the physical vehicle. To court the wisdom of the Higher Self one must draw in the Breath or fine ethers within the Air, which Breath being the substance of the Holy Christ Self, the Christ Self may enter into and become on the two become ONE.
Each month you are apprised of the activities of a specific Retreat or Focus of Light and through the simple expedient of using the Breathing Statement provided you, you not only raise the vibratory action of your lower garment but you draw into your consciousness the glorious Radiation which flows so freely during that period from the Hierarch of the Retreat and the Members of the Brotherhood who serve ceaselessly for the illumination of humankind. 

Experiment with daily using the statement given and you will find your consciousness being raised to lofty heights.
The Maha Chohan