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Beloved friends, in order to achieve and maintain the Immaculate Concept of
which Blessed Gabriel speaks, unascended lifestreams do require a tremendous Buoyancy, which is to be found within the Flame of Hope, which it is My Joy to sustain in the emotional, mental, etheric and physical worlds.  For without Hope no man could finish his course, no woman or child could sustain the constructive endeavor upon which he or she is engaged.
We are part of the Springtime, Gabriel and I.  Gabriel, through the
Resurrection Flame connecting with the beautiful Virgo and Amaryllis, Who bring up through the earth the magnificent blossomʼs that show the Power of Resurrection in the Nature Kingdom.  I give the fragrance to these flowerʼs which is Hope.  If a dormant bulb lying in the earth through the long winter beneath the snow and ice can be stirred to the Resurrection and direct its shoot and flower through the ground and then give forth perfume -  it should be a great Hope and Example to Mankind, that what a bulb has been able to do in
Externalizing its Immaculate Concept, Mankind also can do,  So the Resurrection Flame of Spring surging through the earth, as you look upon every flowering shrub and budding tree, as you look upon every Spring flower, which has utilized the Power of the Resurrection Flame - feel the Currents of Hope alive within you.  For within your Heartʼs there is a Divine
Pattern and Plan waiting to burst forth and Externalize making you a Christ.  Within your
Heart, Beloved Oneʼs, the Great and Patient “God” has placed the Divine Immaculate Concept of Himself - where is the flower and the perfume of your Christ?  I say now it is not enough that Beloved Jesus burst the Tomb of Immortality, resuscitated a mutilated form and stood forth a Resurrected, Shining Being - when there are ten billion lifestreamʼs belonging to the Earthʼs Evolution - waiting, waiting, waiting for someone else to Externalize the Christ Nature.
There is no human being that does not have that Divine Plan and Pattern
within him and it was written that Man was made in the Image and the very Likeness of “God.”  That Image and that Likeness has been shrouded round by human personalities until so few have come to flower.  Were the Nature Elements as Recalcitrant as Mankind who have used this Earth, there would be no Spring, no Violet, no Crocus, no Lily, no flowering Shrub.  They would stay beneath the earth year in and year out, but Elemental Life which is inferior in consciousness to Mankind has expected the Resurrection Power and created the rhythm of Spring, Summer, Harvest and Rest.  What Nature has done, what Beloved Jesus did, what a few exceptional lifestreamʼs before Jesus and after Him have done is the Destiny of all this race and those who are yet to be born.  So on behalf of the “God” that made you, the Christ that is Within you and the Potentialities that await development through you - I do Invoke the Power of Cosmic Hope to sustain in your feelings a Receptive Consciousness - until you are a Manifest Expression of your Divinity.
Were you to speak to a tulip, it would tell you it was no easy task to force its
way through the ground, yet hardened with winter crust, but yet that tulip listened to the Voice of its Creator and there was no obstacle great enough to destroy its Will to
Externalize.  Yet Mankind, has created the obstacles of time, money, position, etc., and
used it as an excuse to wait for a later date.  Then, at the very gate of death itself, the Soul thinking on the return to The “Father,” decides to endeavor to produce the Christ.  May we have in the New Generation those young men and women who in their very prime of life, before their bodies are dissipated, their minds sullied, and their emotions satiated with the things of this Earth - desire to be the Manifest Expression of their Divine Pattern and Plan - the Beautiful Christ Being.  For That Day We Live!
For those of you who have passed the halfway mark in this embodiment  -
know that HOPE  is the Power of Resurrection.  Lazarus was brought back to Life from death by the Power of Jesusʼ Acknowledgment of LIFE ETERNAL.
So, to you all I say this morning, accept Lord Gabrielʼs Concept for
yourselves, each other and this Earth, and take My BUOYANCY, which is the Power of Hope, not just during this time, but as a Permanent Gift of My Heart to you.


Sunday, August 17, 2014



Dear and Blessed Ones of the Light!

IAm known as John - One Who walked and talked with the Great Master Jesus Whose Ascension your Honor today.  In the centuries after Our advent on Earth, when Our Mission was fulfilled and when the Christian Dispensation had been firmly anchored into the Emotional, Mental, Etheric and physical worlds of Mankind, I became known then as ʻJohn, The Beloved.ʼ because by then it had become safe to refer to One Whose gentle nature, as well as the Task to which He was Called, was sometimes irking to the lifestreams with whom He served.  My very Spiritual ʻClosenessʼ to the Beloved Jesus; the great and magnificent opportunity I was afforded when Jesus gave to Me the care and protection of His Beloved Mother - neither of these enhanced the name of ʻBelovedʼ among My contemporaries, I assure you!  Then too, because I was by nature One Who studied the Mystical Side of Life rather  than on the practical and work-a-day aspects of daily living.  I also found some of My blessed friends (even among the disciples of the Beloved Jesus) did not fully understand My Endeavor to Magnetize and Sustain the Focus of Divine Love which I knew the Blessed Mother would later require and which I knew the entire community at Bethany would require to sustain them and hold them unified until the time came when Beloved Jesus and the Other Ascended Beings connected with That Dispensation, and told Us that Our Work was completed.

As you know, early in Our embodiment My Brother James and I became the

wards of Our Beloved Joseph, Who is now that Precious and Glorious Ascended Master Saint Germain.  At that time, Joseph was a member of the band of esoteric students known as ʻThe Essenesʼ and he made the arrangements for Me to enter into this Mystical Brotherhood, so that I might prepare Spiritually for the Service I was to render in a later day. 

From that Brotherhood I learned certain Disciplines of Mind and Body; certain Powers of

Invocation and Transmutation and how to Magnetize and Sustain the Feeling of Impersonal Divine Love, despite all the vibratory actions of the outer world.  Later, Our Beloved Jesus passed successfully through the same Initiation (of course, much more quickly than I) but it had been My privilege to have had that Mystic Training in advance.  Therefore, when Our Calls to Service came - when Beloved Jesus had been proven ready and the Cosmic Moment signified that His Public Ministry should begin, it was through the Training which I had received from the Essene Brotherhood and Their Great Hierarch (Who has since made His Own Ascension) that I was able to do for Beloved Jesus that which I did.

I was one of those who witnessed Beloved Jesusʼ Ascension.  Beloved Jesus, Mother Mary and I knew beforehand of the Coming of that Magnificent

Accomplishment.  I was there when the Beloved Master arose early in the morning, making

Prayerful Preparations for His Eternal Victory.  Beloved Mary arose early too, and in Her Great Kindness and Wisdom, She gathered around Her the disciples and those other lifestreams who were interested in Jesusʼ Ministry.

I watched Beloved Jesusʼ Shining Figure as He began the ascent of the Hill

of Bethany for the last time (unascended) and I watched to see the Sun shine on that fair head as He reached the peak of that Hill and then knelt there, with the Angels hovering all about Him.  There He took His Personal adieu from the Earth; from the beloved friends who had assisted Him; and from all who had helped Him to enjoy Life as a young and vital man. 

I saw the Heavens open and the Descent of the Divine Beings Who were to help Him in Achieving the Eternal Victory of His Lifestream.  I also saw the Great Lord Maitreya standing in the atmosphere and Jesus speaking to Him; the Great Lord Maha Chohan, the Great Archangel Michael, the Beloved Saint Germain and Many of the Heavenly Host - all of These were present in that atmosphere.  The skies opened early that day, long before the noonday Sun had reached its zenith and there was THE PERIOD OF SUSPENSION IN SPACE BETWEEN THE TWO REALMS - THE MAN JESUS TAKING HIS ADIEU FROM THE WORLD OF FORM AND THE CHRIST JESUS COGNIZING DIVINITY.  THIS MADE A SHINING, STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL BRIDGE OF LIGHT BETWEEN THE HUMAN AND THE DIVINE. 

Then, when we knew He had finished with the necessary Spiritual and Personal Preparation, Beloved Mary and the others began to move toward the base of the hill, from the peak of which the Ascension was to take place.  Mary had kept this group together only by the Energy of Her Tremendous Love and the Capacity which She had to weave stories around the Life of Her Son, thus keeping them from taking from Him those few final moments of privacy.  As the Beloved Mother and the rest of us ascended the hill toward the ʻPresenceʼ of the Master Jesus, one could almost see in the grass and upon the surface of the rocks on the path, the many, many footprints made during the trips up Bethanyʼs Hill which Beloved Mary had made during the times of prayer.  I was privileged to see it, because I was blessed with the Inner Sight.  Beloved Maryʼs Energy formed a part of the actual Ascending Current which Beloved Jesus was to use in this - HIS


We came not too close to the ʻPresenceʼ of that Magnificent One for, as His

Attention began to turn toward ʻHome,ʼ His Body began to blaze with more and more

Light.  His Holy Christ Self became more and more apparent through Him and that Effulgent Light signified to the others that something of unusual importance was about to take place.  It also stirred within them the fear and uncertainty of the unknown.  Thus, many who were present at that COSMIC MOMENT  did not see THE WONDER WHEN HEAVEN AND EARTH MET FOR A MOMENT AND WHEN A SON OF GOD AND


So it always is, Beloved Ones!  Cosmic Moments come and a few grasp Them and Their Opportunities.  Then They go and many who have been ʻCalledʼ do not witness the magnificence of the event.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014



Hail to the Children of Light and Life Eternal!
From the Cosmic Heights We come to bring to you the Power and Pressure
of Purity.  Think not that in the Emphasis of Love We wish you to become lukewarm or lethargic, for We are the Fullness of Love.  It is the requirement of the Cosmic Law to Hold the Balance - when using the Power, Wisdom and Love Flames.  They are to be used to help, raise, unfold, develop and increase good.  Common sense - that is all.
“GOD,ʼ the “Universal First Cause,” from Whom We have received the
responsibility and obligation of creating and sustaining the Earth, is the VIBRATORY ACTION OF GOODNESS.  Within that Radiation is no negative or discordant vibration. 
Within yourselves you know the difference between a Constructive Release of Energy to
Free Life, from what might be termed a tense fighting energy - this latter is not of “God.”  Use always that Good God-Sense within the Unfed Flame in your Heart and proceed in balance.
When you enter one of the Ascended Master Retreats and desire to
prepare yourself for the Ascension, particularly at Luxor, the first thing examined is the condition of your Inner Bodies.  In order to have a Pure physical body the energies in the Inner Bodies must be Pure.  This is why many ascetics, as far as physical control is concerned, are not successful on their Path to Sanctity.  They either have not accepted reincarnation or do not give proper attention to their Inner Vehicles whose pressures act upon the innocent flesh and cause the actions which bring the censure of Mankind.  The flesh body is the repository for the momentum of the Inner Bodies.  A restrained flesh body will do little to help in the Redemption, Sublimation and Ascension of the Soul.
For instance, common sense tells you that after mortifying a flesh body for
sixty or eighty years, you pass out of it, and when you stand before the Great Karmic Board, it isnʼt even there.  Now if that mortification and Purification has been approached as a Soul and Spiritual Exercise, the Etheric Body will record that Purification and the progress of the lifestream will be considerable.  There are many who perform certain rights of continence of the flesh and build terrific accumulations of pride that harm rather than help the Soul.
When you go to an Ascended Master Retreat, your Hierarch, examines the
condition of your Mental, Emotional and Etheric Bodies to determine the Type of Application you will require, and will also determine how much of the Mystic Rights can safely be given to hold balance within the consciousness.  The Retreat, Hierarch and Brotherhood provide an Aura of Safety for the student.  Many practices and activities are given to the students that could not be given in the outer world where there is no Protective Balance of the God-Free Guru during this Time of Purification.
The Mental Mental Body is the Recipient of Ideas and it is constantly
receiving something.  I has been receiving imperfect information since you first chose to turn your Attention outward instead of keeping your Attention on the Perfection of the “Presence.”  Your Mental Body has the accumulation of all the false information and half truths that you have accepted since you first embodied on the Earth.  Your Emotional Body has recorded the impact  and reaction of your many experiences of good and evil.  In your Etheric Body is the memory of the sum-total of the good and evil experiences through the ages.
In order to serve as a Pure Channel all of your Seven Bodies must be in Perfect Alignment, Purified and under Absolute God-Control through the Master Presence of the Unfed Flame within your Heart.  This can be done by Invocation and Pressures of the Sacred Fire.  The Purification Decrees that you use are good, because they Magnify the Activity of My Flame, which dislodges the discordant accumulation just as rapidly as flowing water dislodges sediment.  It is as practical and mechanical as that.
I offer to render a Service of Purification for you if you can accept it.  It requires
that you feel yourself within the Heart of your Three Fold Flame and your Inner Bodies Attention are turned toward My Light; then My Mighty, Rushing Tongues of Flame will sweep out your discordant accumulation of the ages.  When that is done, your consciousness will want nothing except Godʼs Perfection and the struggle through the human will shall be replaced by the Natural Desire for Godʼs Perfection.  Remember, everything starts from Within > Out.  If you start from the outside < in, you are reversing the process.
I have seen the Mental Desire for Purity and the emotional desire to satisfy
the appetites of the senses.  It is all unnecessary.  And what becomes of the victim - your flesh body?  It becomes marked and torn, destroyed and disintegrated.  We shall reverse it.  It can be done. 


Friday, August 1, 2014

Beloved Helios



IAm the Authority for this Galaxy, come in answer to your own Heartʼs Magnetic Pull of Love!  With My Complement, Beloved Vesta, We shall direct, through the courtesy of your Force Field - Our Will for the Earth, Imprisoned Elemental Light Substance and the human consciousness of Mankind.

From Our Bodiesʼ Light, Our Heartʼs Love and Our Mindʼs Thought was this Planet first designed.  We now claim it to fulfill its Divine Purpose in this Universe - to become and remain A Star of Freedom.  It is to Radiate the Light and Love of its Parents and proceed in Grace according to the Wisdom ot Its Parents.

Beloved Ones, you are all Sons and Daughters of some Great Sun God and Goddess!  Are you living up to your heritage?  Are you living with joyous enthusiasm, while Naturally emitting Light and Music or is there chaos and shadows weighing down your Natural Light?  I want you to think deeply for a moment on this subject.  Because you came forth into Individualization from some Sun, from some Being like Myself - it is your nature, heritage, destiny, responsibility and obligation to Life to be a Sun - RIGHT NOW.  It is your responsibility to release Light Rays from the Unfed Flame in your Heart and direct them to nourish that portion of the Universe where you choose to abide.  Your Sun God Parents are this very moment radiating through you Their Pressure of Love to help you fulfill your Divine Destiny.  I plead with you, contemplate in your hours of silence and see what you can do about Naturally Expanding your Light.

Each one of you has certain important services to perform for yourselves and

for others.  You must now learn Conscious Control of the Light Rays passing from your bodies.  It is not enough to be an unconscious radiating center, which would be like a body with arms and hands and no directing intelligence to guide them.  You must in your progress toward God Perfection become masterful at regulating the length and pressure of those Light Rays upon any discordant condition.  It is through the CONSCIOUS DIRECTION of those Mighty Light Rays that you can still the storm, part the core of the cyclone and cause all manner of discord to cease - AT A MOMENTʼS NOTICE.  Practice the use of Light Rays, Beloved Ones, and direct, focus and exert a pressure of your feeling through Them wherever Earth conditions at the moment require assistance to be given.

Have you ever thought about the size of Our Causal Bodies?  Our

combined Causal Body is larger than this Planetary System, which was created out of Our Light Substance and sustained by Our Love and the Light We Consciously Draw from the Sun above Our Focus.  Our Causal Body moves with Us wherever We go and is as much a part of Us as your Causal Body is a part of you.  When We enter your Force Field the Heart of Our Causal Body merges with and becomes the Heart of the Causal Body of your group.  Then, your Causal Body and Force Field is Expanded to the periphery of Our Own.  Therefore, whatever you decree, invoke or sing while in Our Presence, with the

Expanded Activity of Our Causal Body, goes to the very periphery of your Solar System. 

Consequently, it is tremendously significant when you Invite and Magnetize Ascended

Masters and Cosmic Beings into your midst, because you can blanket a Planet or Solar System with incredibly more God Qualified Energy than you could ever radiate as independent unascended beings.

When you draw the Masterʼs Presence, you Magnetize all His Full Gathered

Cosmic Momentum of Feeling.  Within that Feeling is every Victory He has ever experienced.  You draw all the Power, Victory, Assurance and Confidence in the GodPower Almighty.  You draw all the Thought Force of the Master - that means every bit of

Wisdom, Learning and Understanding which that One has drawn forth from the “Universal First Cause.”  The Causal Body of the Master is a Living, Pulsating Battery of Flame, which becomes accessible to each person in the group.  The Flame mingles with and becomes part of the chelas Causal Body for the duration of the Visitation.

Therefore, during the Address of the Divine Being, you have the Privilege of Absorbing All That One is.  You absorb into your consciousness the Nature, Being, Gifts and Light of That One.  The Group Consciousness becomes a Conductor of all the Gifts of Mastery through the Expansion of its Causal Body and Radiates the Blessings to all Life.  We are grateful to the lifestreams who choose to Meet Us in a Spiritual Communion and allow Us the Opportunity of Giving Our Life through the thought and feeling centers of themselves to the masses.

At this moment all the Planets of this Solar System are receiving Our Essence which made it possible for Beloved Vesta and Myself to achieve the Status of a Sun.  In time We will achieve the Status of a Central Sun of a New System of Worlds.  You have no idea Children, of the great size of the Universe.  There are countless thousands of Suns and Planets surrounding Them.  They differ in size, but All follow the same Pattern of Rhythm, Harmony and Ever-Expanding Perfection.

Sun Initiations are going on constantly.  There are Cosmic Beings Who have

learned to Control the Two Aspects of Divine Love, which are Magnetization and Radiation. They apply for the Opportunity of Becoming Vested with the POWER OF A SUN DEGREE.  With this Power, They Draw Spirit Sparks from the “Universal First Cause” and Evolve Planetary Systems to the Glory of God.

I remember Our Own experience and how it was necessary to prove through

the Direction of Light Rays that We could Project from Ourselves enough Concentrated Energy to first Create and then hold a Planet at a given distance from the Heart Center which represented Our Beings.  We had to learn the Power of Magnetizing the Love Force, so that none of Our Planets would get out of the Periphery of Our Causal Body.  And We had to learn the Power of Radiating the Love Force to nourish and sustain each Planet.  There must be a constant Balance of Centripetal and Centrifugal Power.  For every Sun chosen there are Hundreds Who are not given the Opportunity until They can demonstrate


You are all Sonʼs and Daughterʼs of Sun Gods and Goddesses!  Be Ourselves in Action in this world of form!