Wednesday, May 27, 2015

El Morya

Greetings, Blessings from Heaven, and may the Light of your Christ Self expand and cover this Planet Earth, as it joins with the Light of the Father-Mother God!
"I AM" greatly honored and indeed privileged to be one of your Sponsors ... and God's Will shall manifest upon this Planet! I know that you will cooperate with us for you are going to receive tremendous prodding and instruction from the Exponent of the First Ray, my humble Self!
Now I want you all to realize that while I may seem very stern, and perhaps to you demanding at times, that every bit of Energy that flows from my Being comes forth on Wings of Love Divine! Love Divine - how quickly this Planet would be restored to her pristine Beauty if humanity could - they really can - but if humankind would learn the Law, the meaning of Divine Love.
You know this is going to be a very important year for this Planet because we are inaugurating Divine Government... and I tell you all elected officials will feel the strength of God's Will this year. There is much to be done and at a little later date we will give you some directives as to what Decrees you should make - but the time has now arrived when you, individually, after the training you have had through the years, should know within your own selves what decrees you can individually make for Divine Government... so be tolerant of the decrees which may come forth through another being and remember always that the Christ within each of you knows your talents and your virtues and you can bring forth for your own individual use, or for Meetings, the Decrees which are necessary... now the Decrees can be in worded form, through music, in any manner, as long as we realize that the time has come in the evolution of this Planet when man must remember the statement which we have been repeating recently - "I AM" the Doer, the Doing and the Deed!  El Morya

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Beloved El Morya

There are many aspects of all qualities or virtues of what you would term  
"God Head", and I believe one important facet is Dignity. This is so often overlooked in its true sense. Some think that to be dignified is directly related to the way in which you walk, or dress, or the reserved manner in which you present yourself, but this is far from the truth. Any individual who aspires to represent us on the planet Earth must learn the true meaning of DIGNITY.
You can be dignified in any activity in which you are engaged talking with a friend, smelling a flower, walking down the street, in a period of relaxation, and so on. It is a quality that is so needed in the consciousness which the chelas are beginning to experience and is such a great part of the New Age of Freedom, and it MUST be attained.
DIGNITY IS A RADIATION. It is a radiation which is imprisoned within each lifestream, and must be released NOW. It is respected by all who come in contact with it, whether the atmosphere is jovial, prayerful, serious or just daily living.
Transport your thoughts to the Realms of Higher Consciousness. Would you not expect a radiation of great dignity to be permanently present within and around those in Ascended and Cosmic State? The sum and substance of dignity is a RADIATION!
Some lifestreams descend to the Earth plane enveloped in dignity, which radiates from them throughout the whole of the period on Earth, and beyond, but others endeavor to acquire it. You cannot buy dignity. You cannot assume dignity. You cannot acquire dignity. Dignity is already there, WITHIN your own Reality.
"I AM" offering to help you, as we go forward into the latter days of the year, to CONTEMPLATE DIGNITY, and I emphasize the word in capital letters
 D I G N I T Y! Feel the radiation of dignity flowing through every fiber of your Being. If you find it difficult to feel this flow, call to any of us, for every Ascended Being who has graduated from the Earth Plane, or who has never set foot upon the Earth, has dignity.
You would never expect "God" as he is so loosely called to be undignified. "I AM" asking each chela to earnestly try to contemplate daily just for a brief period every day, with rhythm, the Flaming Presence within your heart. Contemplate and let your innermost thought be pin-pointed on the word DIGNITY, and see what you individually can draw forth from within yourself.
I assure you I will give you all every assistance allowed by Cosmic Law. Dignity, most surely, is a part of the Seventh Ray and I do not intend to demean the radiation of any individual chela, but in Heaven's Realm we so often observe co-servers on Earth behaving in a manner which is forgetful of the DIGNITY OF "I AM".
As you faithfully meditate upon this most important aspect you will receive from within many different ways in which dignity can be expressed and, before you know it, dignity will flow from you. Then those who come within the compass of your aura, wherever you abide upon the sweet Earth, will sense a peaceful and uplifting Presence... a quality radiating from you as you truly begin to serve with Us to send the radiation of the Higher Realms into the consciousness of all humankind.
And the Human Family will become more united as they feel that encompassing radiation, and will be drawn to the chelas of the Group Avatar by the radiation of their dignity. Many, many souls there are who

are ready and waiting for some little spark to ignite their consciousness into a mighty Flame and, as they are enveloped in the Flame of Christ Consciousness, the radiation of your dignity may have been the little spark missing in their Being.
This is a gentle reminder to be dignified in all your activities, and if you wish to bring great happiness to us who are watching over you so carefully, please bring a Spirit of Dignity to this, the Group Avatar. Thank you, my friends. I have placed a small jewel in your hand to use as you wish, and that jewel is the DIGNITY of "I AM".
That which shall shine forth from this jewel is pure crystal and, as your attention dwells upon dignity, all the colors of the spectrum those known to you and the many, many in the Higher Realms yet unknown to you, and of which you do not yet even have a glimpse, shall manifest.
SO BE IT! El Morya 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


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Friday, May 1, 2015

Our Beloved El Morya

Beloved and blessed chelas of Light,
Again I take the great opportunity of reaching you in person, inviting you to my home and into my Presence. This opportunity gives to me, although curtailed a little by the wisdom of the Maha Sahib, at least some freedom to speak with you on the subjects‘ particularly dear to my heart, dearest of which we may consider that Bridge which has been formed from Divinity's Realm to reach the outer consciousness of humanity and to sustain such a connection with Divinity's Realm until the hour when the veil of maya is completely transmuted, when humankind en masse are so accelerated, through the vibratory action of their own vehicles, and so purified through the magnificent services of the Violet Fire, that they do not need an intermediary between their outer consciousness and our Realm and they are again, as they should have been ages ago, in full possession of the faculties of their individual developed Holy Christ Self.
Beloved ones, it was I, some time ago, who visited Beloved Vesta, who endeavored to give assistance to the beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain in order to sustain a conscious contact with the Ascended Host and a number of individuals who had already sincerely and devotedly, according to their consciousness and ability, accepted the existence of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and of the new Golden Age and Era which he is bringing in and which is coming as a cosmic tide - not all humankind unascended nor all human creations combined can stop this Era of Spiritual Freedom.
I vested my life and signed a pledge therefore to the beloved Beings in the heart of the Sun of this system to create and sustain this Bridge of Light which is made up primarily of energy, energy released from the human realm, not always in tolerance; in purity of motive; in consecration of the particular gift each chela has developed to the service of your Lord; in ministration, as best each one can, according to such developed capacities, to the distresses of your fellow man; and of course in the use of powers of invocation, silently or audibly, in decree, visualization, prayer or song.
That is the energy which composes the Bridge from the human realm and which drives upward through the psychic and astral effluvia into Divinity's Realm. It is that energy which forms the ascending triangle of the Star of David and it is that energy upon which I have counted, and count still, to sustain the sufficient concentration of the Seven Virtues through the chelas to insure the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Karmic Board that the descending radiation and instruction which forms the descending triangle of the Star of David will not only be yours to use but the heritage of all succeeding generations, which shall continue undisturbed to be recorded on the various types of mechanical instruments that are yours presently at hand, as well as upon the very ethers which surround you and which are very sensitive, more so than your most delicate photographic plate. The visitation of Divinity's Beings over this Bridge of Light into the presence of unascended beings is a great gift of grace from God, the Universal "I AM" Presence. 
El Morya