Tuesday, July 29, 2014




Beloved Oneʼs of Light, I greet you tonight in the Name of the Presence of Harmony.  It has been My joy, harmony and privilege for many years to carry the Master

Control of Harmony wherever I move across the face of the Earth.  And wherever I Am Invoked to assist those beloved lifestreams who show an interest in teaching Mankind to become a Harmonizing Presence in themselves, and through themselves, become the Master Control of all circumstances.

Every Messenger who comes from the Court of the Great Sanat Kumara,

sooner or later must be the Controlled Power by which energy is channeled into constructive form through those chelas, who drawn by the Radiation of the Light, choose to live within the periphery of such a oneʼs aura.  Until that accomplishment is woven into the energies of the lifestream, the Secrets and Powers of the Sacred Fire which are held within the Kingdom of Harmony cannot be released in their fullness into the consciousness of the teacher, and then imparted to his disciples.  So in a measure does the teacher become responsible for the Amount of Truth and Understanding which flows from the Everlasting Fount.  Because the Message of the Movement depends upon the Control and Mastery of his energy which flows into his disciples.

Within the heart of those Great Retreats and Sanctuaries which dot the surface

of this Globe, this Balanced Control of Energy forms the pattern for daily and hourly living.  And were any of you to consciously step within such a Holy and Sanctified Place, your first impression would be one of Exquisite Peace and Relaxation.  This accounts for the fact that even in the orthodox world the Kingdom of Heaven is described as a Place of Exceeding Peace.

In My Service to Life, representing as I do that Great Embodiment of Cosmic Harmony, Who you have come to know and love as Beloved Lord Maitreya, it becomes My joyous opportunity to remind the outer self of a devotee of Truth, that Harmony is not negative.  Instead, like Mercy, Love and Compassion; it is a Powerful and Positive Force which belongs only to the strong lifestream who has cultivated it through century after century of self-discipline.

It is often thought that individuals who sleep within the lethargy of inertia are

expressing and experiencing Harmony,, but nothing can be further from the truth.  Those Messengers who are the Embodiment of Peace are not only Masters of the energy which is their own allotted Gift from the “Source of Life;” they are also the Constant Masters of the whirling sea of emotion and thought force of those who are around them.

I have come this evening from Ceylon, where We all sat with Our Beloved Maha Sahib and discussed the coming opportunity when the attention of the Illumined, as well as the aspirants, will be focused on the Great Teacher of all Teachers, the Beloved Lord Maitreya, His Assistant, the Brothers of the Golden Robe, and My Humble Self.  The Beloved Maha Sahib suggested that We emphasize through this entire thirty-day period that every faucet of expression through the entire Seven Rays is Embodied Harmony.  Whether it is the strong drive of Ordered Service in which every wheel fits into its proper place.  Whether it is the Harmony which comes from Understanding, or the Harmony which is within Beauty.  Whether it is the Harmony that lies within the compass of the Scientific Balance of Life, or the glory of Our Beloved Brother Jesusʼ Worship and Ceremony.  Or the Perfection and Harmony within the Seventh Ray.

We are desirous of coupling the knowledge which feeds the intellect and stirs

the feeling with that definite application by which those of you who are chosen to wear the Golden Robe may become the Master Control of the energies that are within the compass of your sphere of influence.

As the Dispensation from the Heart of the Great Central Sun increased the

number of lifestreams who are to be given the opportunity in the next six month period to contact and blend with their Christ Self; it becomes the Service of the Brothers of the Golden Robe to infiltrate the consciousness of these chosen ones against the mass pressure of the tides of energy which form the lower atmosphere of Earth, until they can sense the Power of the “Presence of God” within the heartbeat.

Again and again in the East, and century after century, the disciple is turned to

that Teacher of Teachers, until he can RECOGNIZE ITS VOICE.  Then, comprehending Its Truth, lean no longer on form of any kind - neither Guru nor Master, nor any externalized manifestation of “The One.”

In Our beautiful East, where the Cathedral of Nature provides the natural

setting for the Development of the Soul, it is not difficult for the individual to become quiet enough so that the Impressed Directives of the Master opens the way for that Communion by which Soul growth, Soul development and Spiritual maturity are attained.

When We turn Our attention to the West, the entire Current and Directives of Our Endeavors must adapt themselves to the rapid pace which the vibratory action of Mankind is so deeply enmeshed at present.

I long for the opportunity to take you collectively, as well as individually, into

an aura that has been protected and sustained in Undisturbed Harmony for even thirty days.  Long, long before My Own Personal Victory, when I endeavored to draw the Spiritual Community at Crotona, My contemplation's led Me to believe that in the Silence this Peace and Harmony might be established sufficiently so that aspirants could find the way Home.  Some thought that DISCIPLINE OF THE SILENCE severe, and so it was, for it made every man face himself.  And without the crutch of words or contact, he had to walk alone back into that SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH, and there abide, becoming COGNIZANT OF THE CHRIST through that endeavor.

Those of you within this room were with Me then.  All of you observed that Silence for a period of 7 to 30 years.  One of you passed from embodiment without ever speaking again.  Yet for all of that, you still remain at present enmeshed in this human consciousness from which We would set you free!

As Beloved Saint Germain is intensifying the Radiation of the Freedom Flame through His Exquisite Retreat at Translyvania, We are preparing to accept the consciousness of those of you who wish to go beyond the collective unfoldment of the group, and into that Height of Understanding which you once knew.  Which is but a reawakening of the dormant memory which stirs within you when we come together, and slumbers again when the Stimulus of Our Flame and Presence is withdrawn.  But with each coming, as Our Love enfolds you, that memory intensifies through the folds of your outer consciousness and you sleep not as soundly as before.  And so, in patience, We return again, and yet again, and gently feed that immortal Flame of your Life.  For We know that in so doing one day you, too, will become that Master Presence.

May I thank you on behalf of Beloved Morya, whom I Love as much as Life

itself, for your kindness and willingness to serve with Him.  It was not so long ago that We sat together and He spoke to Me of this Design that He held within His Heart, which He felt would help Our Beloved Saint Germain as He faced another crisis in His constant endeavor to serve Mankind.  I was rather surprised to find Him ready to begin again so soon after Our endeavors through Theosophy.  But in His decision, I promised to stand by His side.  For I Love Him!  I Love the Service in which Our Heartʼs Light has bound Us together in a

Friendship which has been one of the Sweetest Experiences of My Individualization.  It is a beautiful thing for Me to see His circle of friends grow larger.  And that those who feared Him, fear no more; but have accepted the Kindness, the Sweetness, and the Great Love that is within His Heart.

As the days unfold into years, and as you come to know Us, and join in closer

and closer association with Us, I Am sure you, too, will cherish that Friendship.  This brings us each into a sweet association, dear hearts, which enables Us, through you, to serve the race.  And you, through Us, to taste the Glory of Heaven long before the day when your Individual Call comes.  When the final page in your Book of Life is written, your record balanced, and your Hearts return Home.  We who have passed this way know well the yearning and the sacrifice entailed in remaining.  For it was not so long ago that We, too, struggled with opinions.  We, too, hoped and felt disappointments through the accumulations of Our human selves.  We, too, stopped to build again upon the ashes of Our previous endeavors.  I stood and saw My Beautiful School burned to the ground and within it all the records of a lifetime.  Within it were all the exquisite achievements of pupils in whom I had invested all the energies of My being.  The art work, the like of which has not been since the days of Atlantis, and the marble sculptures were dashed from their pedestals and crushed by vandal hands.  Beautiful gardens and exquisite trees were destroyed, until only a rubble remained of a Vision into which I had invested a lifetime.

I have never dared to revivify that Vision in My Free Estate, nor have I

looked back until this day.  Yet the experiences within that life were such that they did enable Me to become MASTER OF ENERGY.  One day My Teacher said:  “You are now a Harmonizing Presence which will never again be disturbed by any external distress, nor any internal weakness.  You are fit to enter My Service and become a Member of My Court.  And one day soon, if You shall choose, wear My Cloak upon Your shoulders.”

I was happy then that, although the tears rolled down My cheeks as I saw My Dreams destroyed, I had held a certain Peace even in that suffering.

If you could see, beloved children, how you build up that Mastery, you

would welcome opportunities to flood the Flame within your own God Self through energy of a turbulent nature.  One day when you stand before Beloved Lord Maitreya and you feel the Benediction and Blessing as He Confirms your Appointment as that Presence, you will be happy indeed for endeavor along this line.

I Am grateful for your calls for rain, and I Am grateful for its release through

Nature.  I Am sensitive to the Song of Nature and to her cry, for it was in the Cathedral of Nature that I found My Peace and My Ultimate Victory.  As long as I remain within the orbit of this Earth, I will sense and respond to any cry from the Earth, the Nature Kingdom, the Four Footed Kingdom, or Mankind's Body Elemental when distress causes unhappiness.  I have felt for the people of India and China when great famines have wiped out millions of lifestreams.  I feel exceedingly for the people in every nation who suffer, because the human creations of man has been such that Nature can no longer abundantly supply them.

But where there are conscious chelas where drought, flood, pestilence, or any

kind of distress appear, it is so unnecessary, and We always look with hope that some chelas will open the door, so We may render the necessary service and restore the necessary balance.  It is one thing for the unconscious masses to suffer, but it is an indignity to Our Own Life and Our Friendship for those who are Our Heart Friends to allow such suffering in their presence.

May I commend you in your endeavors and encourage you in My Commendation to go forth.  I Thank You and I Bless You!  Good Night!    


Thursday, July 24, 2014



Beloved, Infinite  Spirits of Light and Life Eternal who hold My ransom within

your Heartbeat, I greet you tonight in the Name of the Holy Brotherhood Who lives but to Set Life Free.

I bow before the Light that is within the Flaming Presence of your Heartbeat

for THAT LIGHT IS THE HOPE OF THE WORLD.  It is the assurance of a permanent place in the Solar System for the Earth which has been your host for century after century of time.  Within that Heartbeat is the redemption of the energy that has made a shroud of Her Garments of Immortality.  Within that Heartbeat is the Divine Alchemy by which the cry of pain and agony which rises into the atmosphere may be Transmuted into the Paean of Praise, and join the Great Music of the Spheres as the Anthem of Freedom for a Star that shines with the Light os the physical Sun.

Is it not right and proper that Each and Every One of Us Who live but to Serve Life should bow before the “Presence of Life” within the Heart of even the most humble Soul and even the deepest sleeper.  For once awakened, that Intelligent Light moulded by the Power of Creative Thought and Feeling, becomes the Master Control of all substance and form.  Oh, I have watched carefully the Light in your Hearts these past weeks and months for It is the ransom which you have voluntarily chosen to pay.  It is through your Free Will that the chains that have bound Me in this self chosen exile of the centuries might be removed.  And unfettered, I might rise on your Love to My Star and to My beloved Who has waited for aeons of time that I might fulfill My promise to Her when I said:  “Adieu.”  Thinking it but a matter of a few short years before I would return.

Standing together in the Light of Venus, hearing the Songs of the Great Celestial Choir, and looking at your Sweet Earth, I said:  “Beloved, I go on Wings of Love to a Planet that is in pain, because I believe in the Ultimate Goodness of Life, and one day that Planet shall send Me home.”  And She smiled and said:  “Go in Peace Beloved, and I

shall do for Us both that which You as Lord of this Star would have assisted Me to do. 

However long your exile, I shall wait with happy anticipation Your return.”

It has been a long time since the Lemurian Pole Star shone.  It has been a

long time since the Great Kumaras and I swept through the ethers toward the tiny flickering Points of Light representing My Faithful Ones Who had prepared Shamballa for Me.  It has been a long time since the Glory of Shamballa was known across the face of your Earth and you within this room walked over the Great Carved Bridge into the City of the Sun.  It has been a long time since you stood before Me in the Temple, receiving into the Braziers that you carried, the Immortal Flame of Life which was to burn upon the hearths within your homes, and in your local Temples for twelve months.  And yet, I vouch that tonight, there is not a single Heart within this room to whom I speak who does not remember that day without a thrill in their feelings.

Friends of the ages!  Friends of Venus among you!  Friends of Mercury! 

Friends of Uranus!  Friends of Earth!  Friends of the Sun, Angels and Elementals.  I bless you for coming to a point of conscious awareness that makes you desire within the deepest recesses of your hearts to invest your sweet energy in creating an Orbit of Light for this Earth, and taking upon your shoulders the responsibility that I have carried so willingly of making the dark star - A SUN!  You can understand, you who have desired freedom from the shackles of human bondage, what gratitude you feel toward the ACTION OF THE VIOLET FLAME IN SETTING YOU FREE!

Some of you have questioned within yourselves, the Coming of the Lord of

the World.  Because of humility in your outer consciousness and uncertainty in your feelings, you have wondered that I should come among the sons of men.  In whom would I be more interested than those who have offered their life that I may return to My Star and She pass through Her Initiation into greater freedom?  You have been told, and rightly, that before I return to Venus We would walk and talk with the children of Earth.  We would visit their homes and bless their consciousness, and this night if the fulfillment of that promise.

Beloved Friends of God!  You within whose hearts burn the Desire for Justice!  May I remind you that the Light of the World is primarily released through the qualities of the feeling nature which are constructive in intent, and which call forth from the life you contact; Happiness, Harmony, Contentment, Peace and Cooperation.  Those of you who are earnestly desirous of becoming THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD may through the use of the Sacred Fire of your own Heartbeat pour through your feeling world the substance of My Own Energy, keeping careful watch on the qualities that you allow to generate and radiate through the feelings, because they create either shadow or sunshine.

Though your lips proclaim that you wish to Serve the Light, if your feelings

generate qualities of depression, heaviness, discontent and discouragement, you are unconsciously weaving the shroud of human creation around the Planet, rather than weaving the Immortal Garments of Freedom which gives her a permanent place as a shining Orb of Light.  The Contagious Power within the Feeling World when once understood by the chela and disciple, becomes the Predominant Activity in Transmuting the shadows of Earth into sunshine.  You know this yourself in the most simple and homely of examples:  happiness begets happiness; optimism begets optimism; kindliness begets kindliness; a smile begets a smile as a frown begets a frown.  For one who is the conscious controlling factor of his own feeling world, there are a hundred who are mirrors that reflect the discord that is generated and released by others. 

Oh, surely, as you walk among the ways of Earth you will contact

depressions and unkindness, and you will note if your feeling world instantly becomes a mirror.  However, there is the Mastery of the Flame that will make you one day a Lord of the Flame.  You must no longer mirror the feelings directed at you, or that flow unconsciously through your environment.  You must create consciously the vibrations in the feeling body that are a Contagious Power that are absorbed and accepted by individuals that life draws around you, and make them Light Conductors also.  This is the practical aspect of your service if you choose in Heart, Soul and Spirit to do that which you profess with your lips - To Give Me My Freedom!  The feeling world is the factor which will be the determining agent in the final analysis as to whether at the close of the 20 year span, when Life chooses to remove Me from this Screen of Form, whether or not Mankind individually and collectively can Emit Enough Light to sustain the place of the Earth in this system.

You will excuse Me for My extreme enthusiasm in this subject.  I do not

mean to shock you unnecessarily, for I Love you.  Oh, I Love you so much more than your own life can yet believe is possible.  I have proven that Love!  I have stayed with you!  I have believed in you!  I have covered you with a Mantle of My Own Life!  For millions of years I have poured out from My Own Body the radiance into this Great Universe that the Earth was required to emit.  I shall Love you always, here and when I have returned home. 

But My Love is great enough to show you a practical way by which you, dear hearts, the Hope of Heaven and Earth, MAY BECOME MYSELF IN ACTION!

When I first took up residence in the Heart of Shamballa, the Earth was in a

very sorry state.  It was then that the Great White Brotherhood was conceived within My Mind and Heart.  It was with the hope that among the sonʼs and daughterʼs of the evolution of Earth, and the Guardian Spirits who had become caught in the meshes of the human effluvia, would choose at Inner Levels to join Me.  And in some measure help Me to reach the consciousness of just a few who would choose to control their energies and become Light Bearers.  I had nothing to work with but Light and Love, and many centuries passed before even two lifestreams applied for Membership.  One later became the Buddha, and the other, the Cosmic Christ.  (Beloved Lord Maitreya).  The Brotherhood has grown through the ages until almost all the Offices are now held by those belonging to the Earth and those who have volunteered to remain among her evolution.  The hour has now come when My Successor is to take upon Himself the Office of the King of The Brotherhood and the Lord of the World, and I shall pass into My Own Evolution again.

It is a custom when a member of the human race enters into The Great White

Brotherhood that they are brought before Lord Maitreya and there they are Invested with a

Blessing of My Own Blazing Star of Light, and the Initiation which takes place Unites the Consciousness of the Outer Self with My Own Body for All Eternity.  This does not take place until within the Heart of the disciple there is created an Individual Star which externalized signifies to The Brotherhood that such a one is ready to merge his own personal life into Godʼs Service for the good of the whole.

Many of you have read through the kindness of Mr. Leadbeater, the

descriptions of some of these Initiations.  Several of you within this room have passed through them.  But tonight as you are with Me in this Service, I Am going to place that Star within each of your auras and make you a Light Bearer Vested with the Power to Change the Feeling World of all with whom you come in contact, not through an effort of human will, but through the Power of the Flame which is your heartbeat.

As that Star shines above you, blazing at Inner Levels in all Its Light and Power - for the first time since I entered into the atmosphere of Earth - do I make a Cooperative Benediction upon a chosen group of lifestreams.

“In the Name of the ʻGod of Light and Lifeʼ!  In the Name of Mercy!  In the Name of the Eternal Salvation of the Planet Earth!  I Invest these lifestreams with the Power to Create Harmony, Peace, Balance, Hope, Faith, Purity and Perfection wherever they move from this moment henceforth.  This I do, in the Name of My Office as Lord of the

World.  This I do, in the Name of The Great White Brotherhood Whom I Serve!  This I do, in the Name of the Christ Who stands revealed above each one, anchoring that Star within each Heart.!  So Be It.”  I thank you.  Will you please be seated.

And I will say to you, Good Night.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beloved Elohim Arcturus



IAm Arcturus, Elohim of the Violet Fire of Mercy and Compassion in which
you have found some interest and solace throughout this embodiment and with which you have experimented under various gurus and Masters, Ascended and otherwise, in ages that have gone by.  I Represent the Power of that Violet Fire of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness that can, an actually does, change the vibratory action of the electrons that make up the substance and the form of any created thing.
Beloved Ones, this is as much a science as any of your sciences manifested
in the world of form.  This Violet Fire is a Created Activity that is Intelligent and can be drawn by anyone .  It can be drawn in, through and around the physical or Inner Bodies, as well as, around homes or affairs of a worldwide and Planetary fashion.  The Violet Fire together with Its Directors will go into action and render the assistance of Changing the Quality of Energy INSTANTLY!  If the Inner Eye were opened you would be able to see the Activity of Purification of That Flame as It passes through the substance of your flesh body, cleansing as it does the accumulations which you have drawn around the electrons that have shut in your Light and have made you temporarily less Self Luminous.  If you could see That Action and really notice the difference in the amount of Light that is released through your physical bodies after the use of That Violet Fire, IAm sure that even as sincere as you are, you would become more confident in Its Efficacy, Power and Use.
“In the Name and by the Power of the Victorious ʻPresence of Godʼ ʻIAM.ʼ  I
do Consciously Invoke and Direct into the Emotional, Mental, Etheric and physical bodies of Mankind everywhere the Violet Fire of Mercy and Compassion to raise the vibratory action of those Inner and physical bodies to a point where the veil of maya no longer remains.  Where they may see their ʻPresenceʼ face to face; walk and talk with the Angelic Host, the
Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Beings.  Where there may be restored to the Earth the Beauty and Perfection which She knew before the veil of maya was created.  To this end I have been sent forth this day by Cosmic Law.”
“I speak to the waters of the Earth; I speak to the substance of the Earth itself; I speak to the atmosphere of the Earth - In the Name and by the Power of That Violet Flame shall you know Freedom from the accumulation of the ages of discordant effluvia and you shall know that Freedom in Harmony.  From the greatest Undine and the most developed Salamander, the most developed Gnome and Sylph, I ask in the Name of the ʻIAM Presenceʼ Obedience to the Law of Peace, the Law of Balance, the Law of Cooperation with Harmony in this Universe.  I speak to the Sylphs of the Air and ask the continued Obedience to Harmony, so that We may again create a Glorious Garden of Eden on this Earth.  Beloved Beings of the Elements and Your Mighty Directors, as the Representative of the Seventh Ray, as the Superior to the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, I ask for added assistance from Your Realms in, through and around the Earth and all Mankind and the Great Invisible Realm that surrounds it, to Hold the Peace!  Peace on the waters!  Peace on the Earth!  Peace in the air!  In the Name and by the ʻPower of Godʼ “IAM.”
Beloved Ones, I bring your attention again to the fact that you are, in your
very beings, a SCEPTER OF AUTHORITY, because the Immortal Three Fold Flame  within your heart is the Receiving Center of the Electronic Light released from your
“Presence” which is the Positive Pole of the Scepter.  In the undeveloped, the Flame in the Heart is the Negative Pole which receives just enough Light to maintain intelligence in the brain and animate the body to function in the world of form.  However, when you come to the point where you are going to serve great numbers of people and be the center of activity where a great quantity of energy is to be set in motion - you will find the Negative Pole within the Heart becomes a Positive Center and a FOCUS OF THE SCEPTER.  Then you have the Flame in the Heart of the “Presence” and the Flame in the Heart of the individual forming both ends of a tremendous SCEPTER OF POWER, which is your own Light.  This can be Qualified with any one of the Virtues of the Seven Rays and can be Directed with Authority and Power to render whatever service is required.
Your Scepter of Light connects you with your “Presence” and can help you to
hold Poise and Balance within yourself.  When you feel that you are no longer a human being, but a Blazing Scepter of Light, you can mentally direct the Scepter to provide Protection, Illumination, Love, Purity, Consecration and Ministration through the momentum of the statement:  “I AM the Light of God that never fails.”  Now I ask you to begin to build a momentum by using your Scepter of Light.
For the moment block out the human form until there is only that Scepter,
which is Light and Life.  This is the Power which every Ascended Being uses.  See that Scepter become the Magnificent Blue of Archangel Michael, which is the Power of Protection.  Let It descend horizontally over the heads of the assembly and move It fanlike from left to right over everyone in the room.  Now back again; then raise It to Its original vertical position.
Let us take the Activity of the Gold Ray and see that Scepter become the Magnificent Gold of Peace, Illumination and Understanding.  Place It again in a horizontal position over the heads of the assembly, and then fanlike, let It follow the movement from left to right and right to center, then rise again.  There is a Substance that flows from the Scepter as you do so.
Let us take the Activity of the Pink Ray and see that Scepter become the Beautiful Pink of Love.  Then drop that Scepter until It is horizontal above the heads of the people and move It fanlike from left to right, directing this scintillating substance as It Radiates Cosmic Love.  Then return It again to the position of the Vertical Life Line.
Now, we will charge It with the Pure Crystalline Substance of Purity and drop
the Scepter again into a horizontal position and start at the left in a fanlike formation.  Let It pour Its Purifying Radiation over the entire assembly and then return It to a vertical position.
Now visualize the Scepter in the Magnificent Green of Consecration to Service.  Let that Scepter descend into Its horizontal position and move fanlike over the audience.  Let It pour Its Power of Consecration through each person and return It again to the vertical position.
Then we will draw the Magnificent Ruby Ray of the Master Jesus, which is Ministration and Healing Power.  It will be one of the most active of the Radiation's drawn forth at this time.  As the Scepter comes to a horizontal position, you will feel the Radiation of Ministration.  Visualize It pouring from left to right and pour that Essence of Peace over all. Now return It to the vertical position.
Draw now the Power of the Violet Fire of Transmutation.  See that Violet Fire
in the Scepter as you place It in a horizontal position and use It fanlike over the assembly. 
Now return It to Its native vertical position.
Use this exercise daily, so that you build a momentum of efficacy.  Practice
when you are in the privacy of your home and if you use your hands - you will feel the added Power flowing out through your arms and finger tips.  When you are in public it will just take a moment to Draw the necessary Virtue mentally.  Of course do not make any fanatical gestures, but make the Call and Visualize the Radiation of the Ray.  You will see the response in the consciousness of individuals who are receptive to One of the Activities of the Seven Rays.
You may not enjoy all these activities and you may choose to work with one Ray entirely.  However, it would be wise for you to experiment with all Seven Rays and have them anchored in your consciousness.
In the Name of Mercy, Love and Light, Thank You and God Bless You!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Archangel Michael Address

Beloved Children of Faith in Godʼs Goodness!
For hundreds of thousands of centuries the Spirits of Mankind have been
Protected and Guarded by Divine Beings Dedicated to the Salvation and Perfection of the Race.  Each individual, incarnated to gain experience, has been as Carefully Protected as the most exquisite hothouse flower.  The Cosmic Law of Evolution is as accurate as the fluctuations that make a growing season.  It is Our Privilege to Guard Mankindʼs Faith in God.
As the Evolving Souls reach a certain point in their progress - Special, New Allotments of God-Energy are provided to hasten their growth and evolution.  The coming of the Cycle where the Sacred Fire is allowed for Mankindʼs Conscious Application is the proof.  To All Who Know - it signifies the approach of the Final Stage of Unfoldment and that the Harvest is near.
Dear Ones, do not consider lightly the Use of the Sacred Fire.  The FIRE OF
UNIVERSE and is set into motion by the Creative and Constructive Use of the Words - “I AM.”  Take seriously your Capacity to Draw the Sacred Fire through your consciousness to dissolve the unseen causes of limitation, fear and doubt.  Then your Capacity to Setup New Causes which will produce Effects more in keeping with the Divine Plan.
Many of you have a tremendous accumulation of knowledge, experience,
and understanding, and a great capacity for attaining Truth.  But your Power to Wield the Sacred Fire has not been fully realized by your outer self, and without this conviction in your feelings you are like an individual adrift at sea in a boat without oars or sails.  When your consciousness, through Meditation, is convinced of your individual Capacity to Draw the Sacred Fire and Utilize It as your Obedient Servant - you will have Achieved Mastery.
Now, Children of God, let us see what can be accomplished!  As you know,
you make a Mental Picture of that which you wish to Precipitate.  You first acknowledge that the Creative Principle comes from God, and that the Sacred Fire of Creation flowing through you is One with the Creator of the Universe.  Also, you absolutely withdraw all the power from the personality as the doer.  Then, from the Head, Throat and Heart Centers, you Consciously Project a Stream of Electronic Light Substance into the Mental Picture.  As they coalesce they become the THREE-FOLD FLAME - the PERMANENT ATOM - which Magnetizes the Light Substance of the Universe around It, and your Precipitated Form is complete.
Let Me show you.  1:  From the Head comes the Gold Ray which is the Mental Picture of the Divine Will that has Projected the Divine Plan into a Mold or Matrix.  Thus, your Mental Mold is usually outlined in Golden Light.
2:  From the Throat goes forth the Blue Ray which is the Focus of Power.  This gives to the Precipitation Its Strength, Endurance and the Ability to Stand against the disintegrating powers of the outer world.
3:  From the Heart comes the Pink Ray which is the Cohesive Power of Love.  It is a Magnetic Force that Draws the Light of the Electrons into the Mental Form you have created.
Beloved Friends, this is as simple of an accomplishment as breathing, but it
must be worked out in orderly succession.
I might add the following and call it a postscript:  Within every Electron pouring
down from the “Presence” into the Immortal Three-Fold Flame Within the Heart is the COMPLETE DIVINE PLAN FOR THAT LIFESTREAM, which would, without
interference, flow through the Three Upper Centers of the Body and produce the Divine Plan in every avenue of outer living.
The Life Force, or Fire of Creation, flowing through the flesh body is not the
same as the Elemental Substance that makes up the Atomic Structure.  This Life Force from the “Presence” is Immortal, containing the Immortal Three-Fold Flame of God in each Electronic Particle.
The Elements of the Body only attain Immortality at the time of the
Ascension, when the Immortal Three-Fold Flame, which now dwells only Within the Heart,
Expands and places a Part of Itself in each Electron of the Ascended Being.  Thus, each Electron, becomes a Heart-Center of the Fire of Creation and begins Its own Individualization.
Only Self-Conscious Intelligence's - that part of Life which contains the
Immortal Three-Fold Flame can say - “I AM.”
So, Dear Ones, I bless your understanding as I attempt to make My Words
clear to you.  I give you the Strength of My Faith in your Power to Re-create Perfection on Earth.  ACCEPT IT!  USE IT!  Enjoy this Process of Conscious Co-Creation with God.
                                                  LORD  MICHAEL


  All substance has intelligence within it, but does not have free will as we do.
Elementals have some or a certain amount of free will, but are limited within a certain element, fire, air, water or earth, and usually to a certain particular area. Angels have free will but are of a particular quality.

Wood fire or fire of some other physical substance, is not fed evenly at a stationary pl...
ace. But the fire moves where the material is. Wood or coal flame varies because the burning process is in stages and irregular.
A big search light holds its own form, and does not change. Even a gas flame on the store or in the yard for light, holds its own form, stays within a specific area. Because a gas flame is fed evenly, and burns likewise as long as there is no motion of air.
Turning on the light in a dark room just changes or replaces the darkness, but does not burn one’s flesh like a flame would.
All inner actions are in harmony and regular, so our reason tells us the flame too must be and not as the flame produced by physical material, wood, etc. Also the material consist of varied substances which causes various stages, intensity and action of the flame. Light intense enough can burn the flesh but not like flame which is more intense light.

Mankind's "Fall"

Before the “fall of Man” in the first Golden ages, the natural enfolding Presence was the substance of the Christ Self for from three to ten feet out from the body. Then there was no struggle for living. Ever since then man has not had the full freedom of the Christ Self.

A small part of each one’s own Christ Self is anchored in his/her heart. So whoever does not let It expand is crucifying the ...
The Christ Self of everyone is waiting for the outer self to begin to give attention to the Presence. Because then It can release the intelligence and energy into his/her world of action to produce the required results.
As one keeps placing the attention upon the Christ Flame, the Three-fold Flame in the heart, in Divine Love, giving It full authority to direct and central the energy of one’s world, one will begin to let go of the efforts of the human ego to accomplish and, instead, allow the dignity of the Christ to take command, Then without struggle. It will bring and sustain peace, healing and the blessing of Divine Love.
The Christ Self knows ahead of time what is coming, long before the outer self knows. Hence it can and does make preparation.
Since energy does not discriminate, when one begins to call the I AM Presence into action, one needs to call the discrimination and activity of the Christ Self into action, so as to not make mistakes of the past.
One’s comprehension is in one’s Christ Self, It is the discriminating selective Intelligence.
The Ascended Masters watch and guard the students thru their Christ Self. That way the students are never separated from the Masters.
The students are prompted thru the Christ Self of what the Masters have said.
The Divine qualities and activities the Masters amplify, to benefit the outer self, must go thru the Christ Self of that one.