Wednesday, December 19, 2012


There is an action in understanding the “I AM Presence” and in the application that differs from any other teaching.  It is not a matter of following a personality, no matter how much charisma he may have but, it does give the weaker ones an excuse to not make the effort to stand on there own.  They want something to worship in the outer tangible world.  To attain the Goal it takes more than just following some human being. 

Through application by purifying our Inner Bodies, learning how the “I AM Presence” Works and learn to let the “Presence” be the Doer, then in the right way Calling the “Presence” into Action differs from the various means of other teachings.  Instead of praying for something you want or even for the good of someone else, or through mental force concentrate to produce manifestation, or working under a guru, or calling to a Being like Jesus as the orthodox world knows Him.  In the latter case it is not the Master Jesus who is limited but the lack of understanding in the caller.  In making Calls, the “Presence” will not produce imperfection, but sometimes when an individual is so determined to have a certain thing he desires the “Presence” may let it come about although it is not the Divine Plan and it proves out to be not the best for him.  That is done to teach him a lesson he would not have learned any other way. 

When the “Presence” is Called into Action to fulfill a certain portion of the Divine Plan or for something that is in accordance with  the Divine Plan, then the Inner Action is:  since the “I AM Presence” of all individuals being one in Action,  then that Action - the answer to the Call - benefits everyone, not just the ones for which the Call is made.

Before we had the use of electricity, it was there but we lacked the means to harness it.  So has mankind been through the ages in relation to spiritual powers.*   *   *