Friday, April 24, 2015

Our Beloved Nada

The authority for the qualification of the energy allotted through each lifestreams is vested for the most part in the emotional body, and the vibratory energy passing through the four lower bodies is more or less based on the predominant rates of vibration within the emotional nature. As the emotional body is the life-giving force to the thought energy, and as it governs the vibratory action of the physical form as well, careful consideration of this tremendous powerhouse should be given by every aspiring student on the Path to Mastery.
The feeling nature of humankind often acts independently through the momentum of habit, and the average individual is no more aware of the subtle qualifications of the energy in his feeling world than he is of the activity of the heart of the Sun. Nevertheless, the feeling nature is in constant motion and the predominant characteristics of the feeling world are radiating their vibratory action through the mind, through the body, through the world and affairs, and environment of the lifestream, setting the pattern of energy which the electrons in ALL the bodies follow.
The Spiritual treatment of the emotional body can only result in greater advantage for the evolving soul. The emotional body, being the storehouse of over three-fourths of the energy allotted the lifestream, can become a tremendous pressure of dynamic energy to BRING INTO MANIFESTATION any constructive thought, desire or plan, but the qualities of the emotional body will determine the

vibratory action of the resultant expression.
To invite the direct Ray of any Ascended Master to play upon and establish pulsations of their qualities in the emotional nature is to change the very substance of that nature filling it with Light, making it a mighty storehouse that can be drawn upon at any moment as the requirement appears,
and the carefully trained illumined emotional world flowing through the channel of the attention will give light to and manifest in any particular expression that the controlled mental processes have drawn to a focus to be energized. The light, purity, confidence, joy, faith, strength, courage and power of the emotional nature makes the lifestream so endowed a Master,then the emotional nature is directed by God Intelligence into specific channels for accomplishment.

IAM Yours, Nada 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our Sweet Nada

My blessed brothers and sisters, Before returning to my Focus of Transfiguration in Africa, I wish to embrace you in my full gathered momentum of Love Divine. 

During these recent days the entire Planet was saturated with the Essence of Transfiguration… the submission of the human consciousness to that of the Divine… which assists in bringing about the goal to which all mankind must aspire or witness in this or future embodiments. 
On Resurrection Day the very Essence of that Unity filled the Universe through the Love and glorious Radiation of Beloved Micah, Angel of Unity. Those in the orthodox world experienced an accelerated radiation through their attention upon the Master Jesus… and the Beloved Moses in the celebration of Passover… a closeness never before felt due to the outpouring of that mighty angel’s glorious momentum of the Flame of Unity!
The chelas who were partaking of the Holy Communion received the Elixir of Life from the Cosmic Holy Spirit and Beloved Micah enabling them to feel what the process of Transfiguration means all chelas tuning in to the service in their respective localities are also the recipients of this Essence.
My purpose in communicating with you today is to offer you my momentum of Transfiguration, in the hope you will realize and accept from this day forward that it is the cohesive power of Love Divine pulsating in the Heart of the Father-Mother God that sustains all Virtues.
My Being pulsates with the holy desire to assist you in sustaining the exhilaration of consciousness you are now enjoying for I have witnessed the so-called ‘miracle’ of Unity with your True Reality … and I stand ready and so willing to help you continue to serve from the innermost recesses of your Being … the True Reality all life must one day express. Yours,
LADY NADA, Hierarch

The Temple of Transfiguration

Mount Meru, Tanzania, East Africa

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our Beloved Nada

 Beloved Ones, you know me as the Representative of Divine Love. From time to time, I have given you certain accounts of my activities and experiences while I was in embodiment in the world of form where you now reside. I do this with the intention of assisting you, and always with the prayer in my Heart that it will help you to reach your individual Mastery.
A long time ago, there was a very troubled and perplexed child, who, although she was born into the most favorable of circumstances - felt lost, lonely and misunderstood. In fact, she was a princess, and dearly loved by her parents. She had beautiful and artistically gifted sisters, too, and although everyone in her family truly loved her, she felt that she had nothing to offer the world in comparison with the other members of her family. This became a source of real concern within her, until it became a burden to her childish heart and mind that was almost unbearable.
Now, God within each person knows that such pain is very real to the one who is experiencing it, even if it is not based upon facts. To this young child, it wasn't enough to know she was loved. She was only able to perceive that her sisters had gifts to give to the world, while she could not see that she had anything to offer that was of any value. That belief, although it was certainly based in her own misunderstanding, became an element in her life which caused her to retreat from everyone and everything that might have otherwise brought her pleasure and satisfaction.
I was that child, and as it happened, God within my Heart knew the pain I experienced because of this belief. In answer to my need, one of the most beautiful Beings in this universe - or any other - came to help me. Her name is Charity, which means love, and through her love to me, I eventually learned how to develop and use the gift of love to help others.
Just as emotional pain may cause a person to retreat from life and all its challenges, so it may be used to force a person to grow in spirit, until they can perceive, develop and dispense their own gift to all life.
Charity taught me, first of all, to use the gift right where I was, which was in my home with my own family. I was taught how to surround my sisters with love, which created around them such an environment that they were able to expand their artistic gifts to a level far beyond that of most talented individuals. She also taught me how to project my love into elemental life, until I could actually direct it to perform far beyond its usual limits, as well!
Now, this was only the beginning of my training, but I got the idea in mind quickly as children usually do, and then I was able to go forward in the Light until I could actually embody the Quality of Divine Love, and express it continuously to all life.
You have been told that LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe, and that is true. Love has many aspects, and I want to just point out a few of them to you, so you may have some of the assistance that I received so long ago. First of all, it is truly important that you use the quality of Love wherever you are - right now! It is of very little use to just know about something, if you do not put it into practice right away, and right where you are. The strongest and most valid proof you will ever have is the actual seeing of the gift of Love working in your life, all around you, and within you, until major changes have taken place. Then is time enough to think about what you can do with this gift at more distant places!
You know, if every person on Earth right now used the gift of Love to change his or her immediate environment, the Earth would be completely healed within a matter of just a few days or weeks!
The second point I would like to share with you is to let you know how much it means to people to just be encouraged. Encouragement is a special facet of Divine Love that is often overlooked. Take a moment to analyze the word. In the center of the word is the word "courage". To encourage a person means to enfold them in a spirit of courage - to give them the strength of your confidence in them, and their ability to succeed in whatever their work may be. Encouragement is a gift of love that has within itself aspects - depths and the heights - that you might investigate.
Contemplate the Quality. Perhaps I will speak more of it at another time, for it is truly of deep importance to the life of a chela.
Right now, however, I want to talk to you about a discipline that was given to me by Charity at that long-ago time. The discipline imposed was that I could not speak of her visits to me, or of the instruction I was being given. I couldn't tell my sisters not even one of them! I couldn't discuss it with my parents either. This may not sound like it would be difficult - but let me tell you, it was difficult beyond description! I was but a child! I was a child who had closed myself away in my own little world of feelings of separation, and then, all of a sudden, I had the most wonderful thing to talk about, and I wasn't permitted to say even one word! Just try to imagine how difficult that must have been for me!
Beloved ones, although I was by nature a quiet child - that discipline was quite possibly the most difficult discipline I ever encountered! It was only my love for Charity - and my overwhelming desire for her visits to continue, that helped me to obey.
Silence is - in my experience - the most difficult of all Spiritual disciplines. Yet it is among the most important, for many, many reasons. I urge you to develop the art of Silence, and to begin immediately, for it is a self-revealing gift that will bless you over and over and over again, as you develop it. If you ask it of me, I will be glad to help you with this, for - believe me - "I AM" well trained in the Art of Silence!
I feel the smiles within your hearts as I speak to you, and I know I have struck a chord which resonates at the core of your very Beings. "I AM" glad! Know how very much you are loved, not just by me, but also by every Being of Light in this great Cosmos, for we watch and wait for your love to reach up to us..
"I AM" yours to command!