Monday, September 22, 2014

Maha Chohan


Beloved Oneʼs of My Heart!  So much unnecessary controversy and fear

has resulted from the references of the straightening of the Sweet Earthʼs Axis, that IAm called upon to relieve all your minds concerning this forthcoming event.  As I serve with the Forces of Nature, IAm well acquainted with these Beings and Their Mighty Directors.  I know that as yet, it would be an impossibility to absolutely straighten the Axis of the Earth, without causing undue suffering to the masses and the unleashing of all the Elemental Kingdom, many of which do not yet love Mankind.

The Axis is to the Earth, as the spine is to the physical body.  The Earthʼs

Axis has actually been controlled, even at itʼs present angle, through the help of the Cosmic Beings, Polaris and Magnus.  Who are gently and slowly straightening this Axis according to the Cooperation of Mankind and the Nature Kingdoms as well, so as to cause as little cataclysmic action as possible.  The storms and other destructive expressions through the Nature Kingdom at present, show the thinking man that Nature is not yet Cooperative enough for this Divine Event.

Other manifestations which will be visible when the Earthʼs Axis is finally

straightened will be; an Expansion of Light from the spinal cord of the Earth, Self - Luminosity through the Physical Vehicles of Mankind, the Dissolving of the Veil of Maya and the Visible, Tangible Presence of the Divine Beings right here on Earth.  The Glorious Godhead would not or could not perform this straightening of the Axis, while peoples very lives would be in danger.  That is self-evident.

Certainly, the Earthʼs Axis is moving.  Outer world science proves this in

many ways; the dissolving of the ice caps and the changing of the Earthʼs surface in many localities are all recorded by science.  However, there are those who, looking for some ʻphenomenaʼ make wild statements in Our Names.

                       When the Earths Axis is straightened, you will know it not only by word, but by the Lightness of your Bodies and the general improvement of world conditions.  Let no  chela be frightened about this world change for your own BELOVED “PRESENCE” and the ASCENDED HOST OF LIGHT will be with you in that hour!

To assist Us to help the Dear Earth and Mankind, call to Our Beloved

Ascended Master Saint Germain, All the Divine Beings on the Seventh Ray, Beloved

Serapis Bey and All the Divine Beings on the Fourth Ray - to Purify the Emotional, Mental,

Etheric and Physical Strata in which most of Mankind abide.  Then pouring your Love to the Cosmic Beings Polaris and Magnus, rest in Their Wisdom to effect this change with distress to no man.

Always Yours in Comfort and Loving Blessing,


Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Scope 1953



(a) Explanation and practical application of the Laws governing

Health, Opulence, Peace and Enlightenment.

(b) Purification of the lifestream through the understanding and

use of the Sacred Fire and controlled, creative consciousness.

(c) Daily contemplation and decrees to free the individual from

limitations and distress.

(d) A Guidance Bureau, a free service to all our readers who may

desire advice on personal problems or instruction on Spiritual


(e) The Healing Presence of God, a cooperative group who offer

you the strength of their combined prayers, faith and visualizations

to help you accept the Power of God to heal, prosper, harmonize

and bless.


(a) Unpublished Teachings of The Masters of Wisdom and Love.

(b) Visits in consciousness to the Retreats of The Masters and

information about Their current activities.

(c) Pictures of The Masters.

(d) Stepping Stones to Self Mastery.

(e) Wings of Light.


(a) Active application of the Teachings of The Great White

Brotherhood to the solution of the age-old individual,

national and world problems such as ignorance, sickness,

poverty and war.

(b) Directed, co-operative, synchronized world prayers,

affirmations, visualizations to eradicate the evils of the

day, particularly communistic and atheistic doctrines, and

and current crises as they arise, and to accelerate the

Incoming New Age of World Peace and World Enlightenment

that we shall witness in this generation.

(c) Establishment of groups of spiritually minded men and

women in every country of the world to act as outposts

for the Radiation and Love of The Ascended Masters.

(d) A Readerʼs Forum to unite world thought, aspirations and


(e) Dissemination of the Laws of Life in foreign languages so

that the good people of all nations may participate in the

above program.

In accordance with the individual freedom of conscience

which is the birthright of every man, woman and child, Loving

Co-operation in Any of The Above Activities Does Not Demand

The Relinquishment of Anyoneʼs Present Affiliations.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Three New Releases

We are Pleased To Announce

 The Digital Editions of Ascended Master Love and Truth Volumes 1-3

Volume Three has never been published before this is the first of many more New Digital Editions

                             May This Light Enfold You and Raise You Into God Victory!!!