Wednesday, June 4, 2014




            The activity of breathing in itself shows the balance of the Law. The rhythm of contraction and expansion, centripetal and centrifugal force are the two activities of creation and are required to both draw and sustain life in the physical body. The inbreathing must be followed by the out-breathing to comply with the Law which sustains the life in the body and the individual in the outer world. This Law applies to all activities of life. By comprehending this Truth and mastering the energy in drawing forth and expanding the Divine Plan in the outer world, and thru purification and application one can be raised and become an Ascended Being.

            When doing the rhythmic breathing as given in the Decree booklet, it is important to sustain the rhythm throughout. That is, keep the in-breath, the held-breath, the out-breath, and the directing breath all the same length. One could record a phrase of music, for the length of eight beats, each in a different key, or some definite dividing point for the ear to detect.

Law Of Forgiveness

Why keep calling on the Law of Forgiveness? As long as there is any imperfection

manifesting anywhere, there is the need to call on the Law of Forgiveness. When it is completely

forgiven then it is also forgotten and it manifests no longer.

Whenever there is disorder or disease in the body there is a cause. So there is need to call

on the Law of Forgiveness. As long as we are in a physical body there is imperfection manifest.

Even for a physical body to function normally in good condition it still manifests imperfection.

When one eats an apple, what does the body do to it?

Each one of us, if we had not turned from the Light and had always functioned in Christ

Light instead of gotten into the density there would be that much less imperfection manifesting.

We have a responsibility for that and need to call on the Law of Forgiveness until it is rectified.

Every atom, all the energy of our lifestream which we have ever drawn forth that is less than

perfect has to be redeemed. And only then can one make the Ascension. So until that moment

there is still need for forgiveness