Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Era

The New Age - the Age of Freedom (A.F.) stands for Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Opportunity.  Freedom is the masculine aspect, and is Saint Germain’s Cosmic Quality  and Name.  Liberty is the other part of the Seventh Ray, the feminine aspect.  Justice and Opportunity are Portia’s,  (Saint Germain’s Divine Complement);  Her Qualities and Names and Service to Earth.


May 1, 1979 starts year 25 of the New Era of one Cycle of 2,000 years of the Seventh Ray, the Age of Freedom.  Although the Sixth Ray Cycle closed January 1, 1954 according to the Master Jesus, and therefore in a sense the next Cycle began.  But the Master Saint Germain, Who is Chohan and the Authority of the New Cycle, asked permission to have the ceremony (at Inner Levels) on May 1st instead.  Because the month of May is dear to Him, and especially May 1st, was very dear to Him in His last (final) embodiment.


The New Cycle of 2,000 years of the Seventh Ray, from the Inner Standpoint officially began May 1, 1954.  Hence on May 1st we celebrated the 25th year of the Age of Freedom (A.F.) which will be the calendar for the New Cycle. On May 1, 1954 Saint Germain received the Cosmic Crown and that Coronation gave Him the Authority to increase an understanding in the power and presence of Freedom and the Violet Fire and Ray which He represents to this planet.  This brought about an expansion of the consciousness of Freedom at Inner Levels.

*   *   * 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Maltese Cross

The Maltese Cross is Saint Germain’s Electronic Pattern, and also that of the Goddess of Justice since they came forth from the same Spirit Spark or White Fire Body.  The Maltese Cross represents the Freedom Flame to Earth.


“Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray, represents the perfect (mature) Man to planet Earth.  He Is the Bridge between the Kingdoms of the Angels, the Elementals and Man.  He Is the Bridge between Heaven and Earth.  With outstretched arms, He forms within Himself the Maltese Cross of Freedom.” (Lord Maha Chohan)


The north end of the vertical bar represents Saint Germain and/or the Ascended Masters, the south end represents Man, the east end of the cross bar represents the Elemental Kingdom; the west end represents the Angelic Host.  The Illumination Flame is represented in the center.*   *   *



Of the Maltese Cross, the two points at the end of each arm, eight in all, represent Beatitudes:  humility, obedience, comfort, justice, mercy, purity, peace, gratitude.  By holding an attitude makes it become a reality.  Beatitude = be the attitude.  By living and becoming these Beatitudes, possessing these virtues, one can become the mature Man which Saint Germain represents to this planet.*   *   *