Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Our Most Beloved Maha Chohan

Beloved of My Heart: 
The chela who dwells within the secret place of the most high is living proof of the Affirmation - "I AM" that "I AM" - and in that exalted state he is a comforting Presence to all life. 
No matter where he abides, he is - an example of the Truth of Life, and is a Radiating Center for the Gifts, the Blessings, which are within his own Causal Body. The more he chooses to send forth these Virtues for the enrichment of his fellowman, the greater his advancement on the Spiritual Path which he has chosen to follow. 
When he begins his day by entering the Sacred Presence within his heart, and learns the beauty and perfection of expressing that Christ-in-Action, and continues this practice daily, the greater his service to life. 
The Ascended Master is he who has learned to be the Presence in action at all times, and from the very center of his Being flows the Virtue or Blessing, which is required at a specific time. In his case this is an accomplished state of being, for he never wavers in Blessing life, and he never permits the energy of his vehicles to act independently of his Divine Intelligence, thus no influence can draw him from the center of his Being. 
You, beloved ones, are more and more becoming centered within the heart of your own beings, and through surrendering to the Christ to direct the energies which are constantly flowing through you, you are practicing the Presence, which we have counseled you to do these many years. 
For your encouragement, it is my pleasure to tell you that more and more are the chelas consciously serving with me in the dispensation of the Comfort of the Holy Spirit, which is so required at this hour.
Love and Blessings, 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Maha Chohan

Beloved Chelas: 
To bring about a more compatible feeling between the Forces of the Elements and mankind is essential. 
To you, blessed ones, who have been apprised that there would be forthcoming changes in the straightening of the axis of the Earth, we make this appeal. As you know, this process is being done gradually so that havoc will not be wrought in a too drastic change. 
However, you also know that an accelerated rate of vibration is being anchored into the Earth plane which causes upheavals of one kind or another - due of course to the inharmony and imperfection which is everywhere manifest. 
This message is sent not to alarm you in any way, but it is a case of 'forewarned is forearmed'. You have the most perfect implement by which harmony between the gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders and the mankind of this Earth can be brought into cooperation, one with the other... the use of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation, the merciful action of the Law of Forgiveness. 
Beloved ones ask forgiveness of these blessed servants of mankind, first for yourself and then for all life upon this Planet, for what has been imposed upon these beings through the ages. Love, oh love them through the Flame of Gratitude for their daily service, without whose assistance life would be nonexistent upon this Earth. 
I enfold you in the Love of the Holy Spirit, praying that you will be ever alert to the Instructions which are released to you ...Love and Blessings,

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maha Chohan

Beloved Ones,
The radiation passing from every lifestream has become more or less an automatic vibration made up of the thought and feeling nature. That radiation we call the personality or the personal self. 
For an individual to change that radiation requires a tremendous effort of self-will, self-control and an honest, earnest and sincere desire for mastery, but in the process of submission of the lower self to the Christ within, if he invoke the assistance of any of the God Free Beings, he will find that the transmutation of the lower self will be easier. 
I bring this specifically to your attention for in the invocation of  Helios and Vesta, Beloved Thor and Aries, Mighty Neptune and Lunara, and Beloved Pelleur and Virgo - you will magnetize the pure substance of the elements into all those elements which comprise your vehicles. 
To sustain this accelerated Radiation, you have the added opportunity of the Radiation of Peace and Pure Divine Love From the Spirit Of Life.
Revere, oh revere, these mighty Beings who are dedicating so much of their Energies to restoring this Planet and her evolutions to her God-Estate and remember always that in that reverence for Life you become ever closer to the Heart of all Creation - co-creators with the Supreme Source which is your God ordained plan.
Love and Blessings,