Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 2016

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Beloved Maha Chohan

Loving and willing Obedience to God's Will allows the Immortal Three-fold Flame within the heart opportunity to expand and externalize the particular portion of the Divine Plan which the Heavenly Father desires to externalize through each one of his children. Until the outer self honestly desires to co-operate with the Heavenly Father and allow him the full courtesy of externalizing that particular portion of the Divine Plan through such a one, the Divine Tapestry of God's Kingdom manifested here on Earth cannot be completed. 
The Brothers and Sisters of the Third Ray have dedicated their lives and services to nourishing the latent talents and gifts of all God's children century after century as they have had opportunity to re-embody again and again upon the Earth to fulfill their Divine Destiny. Now, as the Cosmic Hour is already upon us when such a Heavenly Kingdom is to be established quickly upon this sweet Earth under the direction of the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain, we are grateful indeed for the assistance of the entire Spiritual Hierarchy who are endeavoring to reach the outer consciousness of the chelas and to emphasize that loving Obedience to God's Holy Will will bring them Joy and Happiness individually and establish upon the Earth the Perfection which is now known only in the Ascended Masters' Octave. 
There are many sincere individuals who think that they want to know the WILL OF GOD and spend many lifetimes in pursuing various methods of study prescribed by their fellowmen in the vain hope of learning God's Will. Remember, beloved ones that the WILL OF GOD is to establish the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth through the expansion of PURE DIVINE LOVE! Surely when the outer consciousness becomes aware of this blessed Will of the Father-Mother God for his children, each individual will accurately measure those disciplines offered to him by the Ascended Host which will bring Love, Harmony, Peace, Balance and Joy to himself and to his fellowman. Then, through such an individual, the Holy Christ Self is allowed freedom to expand. The aura of such a one becomes a conductor of that Divine Will first into his own world, and then into the atmosphere about him.
Will is often confused with domination. Neither God nor we, his Representatives, ever attempt to dominate anyone! The chela himself must WANT to do God's Will and then ENJOY expressing that Will in every facet of his activities. He then truly becomes a happy, joyous, willing chela, and we can assist such a lifestream almost without limit in his personal, as well as planetary, endeavors toward the redemption of the unhappy and distressing karma, not only of himself, but of the entire human race.