Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Maha Chohan

Dearest Chelas,
Do you realize what a close affinity your lifestreams have with the Spiritual Hierarchy, and how it is possible for you to be our messengers on the Earth plane? 
The reason for this is that you are 'volunteers' in the Service of raising the vibratory action of the Earth and her evolutions. The Spiritual Hierarchy does not point out a certain lifestream, or lifestreams, and say "We would like to have you serve with us in the Cause of World Good". Ah no, the release of each one's energy, in a manner in which he chooses, is a free will offering. 
When the lifestream volunteers at inner levels, feeling in the freedom of his finer bodies and in the rarified atmosphere of these spheres that he can render a specific service, he is assigned to the Ascended Master in charge of the project which is akin to that which the lifestream has chosen. 
Before the lifestream is accepted, the Ascended Master reviews the record of the applicant to see how well he is fitted for the service and whether he can set aside his personal opinions and be willing to follow a course of action set out for him. 
It is my privilege to tell you, my chelas, that you each have gone through an intensive and extensive training period and in the judgment of the Hierarchy are truly our representatives in the world of form. 
Since it is now my pleasure to be in communication with you every week, we are building a closer affinity, one with the other, and my Being wells with happiness as I see the loving and avid manner in which these releases are accepted, and the desire to put into practice the lessons contained therein.   
 Love and Blessings, The Maha Chohan

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Our Most Recent Project!

We are so VERY GRATEFUL to Announce Our New Release 

Ascended Master Devotion and Purpose Vol.2

The ORIGINAL Transmission of the Flame

      The Outline, Service and History


Ascended Master Devotion and Purpose Vol 2

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood

Beloved aspiring members of the Great White Brotherhood in the name and with all the Blessings of our Beloved Patriarch, Lord Lanto and our beloved Hierarch Dwjal Khul, welcome into the Home of your Ascended Brothers and Sisters whose combined energies make up my very Being. I AM the Intelligence within and the Spirit ensouling this "collective" of Planetary sustaining Energies. I AM REAL. I AM your Co-server in this Planetary Transition.
I have ensouled other Activities on other Stars and Planets. And when the call went out from beloved Sanat Kumara to form the Great White Brotherhood on this Planet many Beings from the
Great Silence volunteered to ensoul it... yet I was chosen because of past momentums and training. The purpose of my Being is to be the Divine Receptacle for all the perfected energies that will eventually free this Planet. Collectively this is known as the Great White Brotherhood and I AM ITS SPIRIT.
The Great White Brotherhood is made up of the energies from various Realms of Consciousness, from Beings who have aligned their service in restoring and perfecting the Planet Earth. These Realms include, firstly, the limitless and infinite Cosmic Spheres where Great Solar Logoi, Interstellar Angels, Galactic Silent Watchers send their specific blessings to this tiny but very important Planet; these Beings have never embodied on this Planet but look upon it with grace and understanding. Only a few of these Great Ones are known to humanity, such as the coming of the Angel of Restoration and the return of the great Lord Shri Magra. They work with this Planet through the benediction of Alpha and Omega and Helios and Vesta.
Secondly, from the Ascended Realms of Light around this local Sun (Helios and Vesta) and around this Planet, many Beings from which have had Planetary experience and therefore whose Energies are woven into the fabric of the Planet. It is in these Realms where dwell Beings who comprise for the most part the Spiritual Hierarchy or Government directly concerned with the
specific evolutions of this Planet.
Here it is important to note that the Spiritual Hierarchy is once again ruled by a Being who has had planetary experience - Lord Gautama (Lord of the World). This was an important step in normalizing the Planets Energies, making it less dependent on Cosmic Energies to sustain its being (as exemplified through Beloved Sanat Kumara). These Members of the Ascended Host who have had planetary experience on Earth make up the main body of the Great White Brotherhood as it relates to humankind. However, often their Superiors have not had a planetary experience, such as the magnificent Manus.
Thirdly, from the Angelic and Elemental Realms and their great Directors, Rulers, Deva-rajahs, etc., all of whom have committed themselves to direct service to this Planet and whose energies represent much of the power which yet sustains life on this Globe. As you are aware some Members of the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms have had embodiment so they can further appreciate the totality of service to this planet and further guide their elemental and angelic charges.
But for the most part these beings have remained within the realm of pure God Force, unencumbered by the world of form. You have recently spent a Retreat month specifically with the

Angels and the Elementals.
Fourthly, unascended beings who have perfected themselves but through sacrifice, yet remain in "form" for a specific service, as did the very first member - Lord Gautama Buddha. These Beings are few and work in close association with their Ascended Sponsor but are included as members of the Great White Brotherhood.
So you possibly appreciate now more accurately the God Force that I represent. It may interest you to know that this storehouse of Ascended Energies is also focused through Mount Shasta. These two Foci, Teton and Shasta, work in close harmony, with the principle attention of the Great White Brotherhood, its projects and plans, focused through the Royal Teton at the present time. However, with Mount Shasta acting as "a Cosmic Battery" their services are intertwined. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Djwal Kul

"I AM" very grateful to have an opportunity to speak with you at this time, when the thoughts of the majority of men are focused upon the Master Jesus. Wise Men still seek the Christ Within, all over the Planet. 
You will remember the Path which Beloved Jesus trod presented many difficulties he had to overcome in order to accomplish his final Mission on Earth, the Great Exemplar of the Christ Consciousness and the Truth of Victorious Accomplishment in The Light. 
OPPORTUNITY is at its PEAK, NOW, as the Radiations of The Master Jesus encompass the Earth, and all who dwell thereon. 
I counsel you, each dear one, to keep your Consciousness ON HIGH, and in so doing you will not only raise your own Consciousness but will be more able to remain centered in your Christ Within and assist your fellow traveler to experience the Happiness that comes from following his own individual Divine Plan.
It is your Golden Opportunity to keep the Light of Love, Wisdom and Power of the immortal Victorious Threefold Flame alive and ever expanding to bless all life. The Beloved Gautama, Lord of the World, as a Member of the Holy Triumvirate, has a permanent Focus in the Etheric Realms over this landed surface of Shamballa. As your Consciousness is now aligned with his, feel your vibratory action becoming finer and finer, ever reaching in to the heart of the Plan of the Divine Architect of this Universe. 
"I AM" endeavoring to give you every assistance possible, as are all of us in the Heavenly Realms, according to your acceptance. 
Do not fall into sleep. Do not allow the Christ Within to slumber. Remain ALIVE, ALERT AND ACTIVE, in your MIND, BODY, FEELING WORLD and AFFAIRS, and ACCEPT the MYSTIC UNION of your Consciousness with that of THE COSMIC CHRIST. 
I love you and I bless you and know that El Morya, Kuthumi and I will guide you and protect you and enlighten you as The Christ grows to full stature. 
Djwal Kul