Tuesday, May 13, 2014



            Everyone who will do what the Ascended Master have asked and follow the directions and suggestions that were given in the early work and make application with the same earnest determination as They did can have the same kind of results.

            This is Law, and acts when set into action. It is not a matter of belief, hence it can work without belief. However, belief in it is good and helps.

            This Law, the Law of Life is the action of your I AM Presence which gives you life and beats your heart. It gives you intelligence by which to act, be self-conscious and enables you to do the things you do.

            When one cannot or chooses not to accept this fact and utilize it there is no condemnation and there is no use to argue. That one must wait, which is unfortunate, because at this time the Law has been given in a simple and direct manner that even a small child can apply it and get results.

            However, some things can also be made to work when sufficient energy, human force has been poured into it although it is not in accordance with the Divine Plan.

            Generally when passing on, one is not aware or the disconnection of the Ray of Light from the Presence. Unless, that one has this knowledge and understanding he/she has no concept of the connection with the Presence through the Ray of Light. So at the time when they could observe the entire process, they are interested in and have their attention on other things. But a few have watched the process.

            As to making the change – we should leave that to the wisdom of the Presence, and not try to hurry it up. Just make the call daily, give your adoration to the Presence, and give obedience to Life. We can but make the call from the human side, so we should leave the time, where and how the Ascension takes place to the wisdom of the Presence, the outer self cannot determine or judge as to that.

            When one first gets the Ascended Masters’ understanding of the meaning of the Words “I AM”, the resurrection of his/her human consciousness of imperfection starts. This is the beginning of the first step to the Ascension into the Light.

            To attain the Goal the Ascension, to contemplate it, fully accept it in both thought and feeling and make conscious effort toward it will help.

            The Ascension does not come about as the result of a moment’s grace but of entire embodiments of vigilance, self-control, self-mastery, aspiration and service to the Light.

            One’s world must be changed. Enough substance within the physical body needs to be cleansed and purified which the I AM Presence then can utilize to draw the outer self or consciousness into Itself.

            The outer self does not know when that can be done. When sufficient preparation has been made, at a time or one’s intense call on the Law of Forgiveness for all human mistakes, a great outpouring of Divine Love and blessings to all humanity and all life on earth, and adoration and gratitude to the I AM Presence it might take place.

            The preparation cannot be made from without in; it has to be done from within out.

            Purify is required to gain one’s Ascension. Impurity cannot be taken into the Ascended Master’s Realm.

            The outer self needs to give back to the Presence all control over the energy which has been loaned to it.

            The Three-fold Flame in the heart expands and fills the body, intensifying the points of Light in every cell, until the vibratory action raises to the point whereby all misqualified energy is transmuted. All human creation of the past and present has to be transmuted before the Ascension can take place.

            The Ascension is the raising of the particles of Light in the etheric body into the Christ Self, then It rises and enters the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence.

            The Ascension into the Light is real and very practical, as practical, natural and as mechanical as things of the outer world, the electric fan and airplane propeller. All who have made the Ascension were practical individuals or they would not have attained it.


            All through the ages before the New Dispensation for the Ascension was secured the Ascension had to be accomplished from the physical side of life, from a physical body. After the Ray of Light, the Silver Cord (the stream of life force) from the Presence was severed one could not attain the Ascension and that one had to embody again.

            The purpose of physical embodiment is to prepare, illumine and perfect a body. It was necessary to purify the four lower bodies, raise the vibratory action to a point whereby the purified physical body could be raised into the etheric body, then into the Christ Self and the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence. What happened to the physical body at the time of the Ascension, is that the vibratory action of the flesh, bones, etc., was raised to the point whereby that physical substance was changed or was transformed into Light substance. This is similar to a piece of ice in a pan which has been placed over a fire. It melts into water, then becomes steam and can be completely evaporated.

            The Ascension must be achieved some time by every human being. That is Law not a matter of one’s choice. One’s eternal Victory over the outer world conditions. Only comes through the Ascension into the Light.

            The Ascension is each one’s eternal birthright. The Goal of all embodiments is the Ascension.

            By the Life which is anchored in the human form comes the glory of eternity. Because by that Life one rises into the glory of the Ascended Masters’ Realm. Although the substance, the structure is composed of only 99¢ or so of chemicals, yet the physical body is important once one has come to understand his/her I AM Presence.

            The most glorious thing known on earth is when one attains the Ascension.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Call To The Presence First



            The reason for always calling to and giving recognition to the I AM Presence first is because It is the Source of you, the outer conscious self. Although It is not concerned with your personal problems and activities which It has delegated to the Christ Self, It created the Christ Self to do that. Hence It is the Source, not the Christ Self which takes care of you out here.

            The I AM Presence can be likened to a parent who has given the care of a child over to a nurse. The parent is not concerned with all the details of the care of the child nor all its antics but still knows what is going on and supervises and supplies what is required. The child recognizes the parent as such but goes to the nurse for what is requires.

            Besides the Christ Self we need the assistance of the Ascended Masters and Divine Beings too, but They are not our Source.




            In 1939 Mighty Cosmos said that the students’ application, especially in groups meant the release of the earth from all destruction, and without this it would not be possible. Because the call from human beings is necessary to bring this about. Besides rendering this service for the rest of the world the students were gaining freedom for themselves.

            Remember in your application that the mental and feeling world of mankind are one, therefore in the mighty decrees there go forth waves or pulsations of Light through the mental and feeling world of mankind. The inner action goes on although there is no outer manifestation.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Young People

             The energy from the Presence comes down through the top or the head and into the heart where the outermost end of the Ray is anchored, producing the Spark of Life. This Spark in the heart is a potential Three-fold Flame. Only in great spiritual development does it become the Three-fold Flame. This stream of energy should be returned to the Presence in love, completing the circuit. Through free will you can return it or drive it down below the belt.

The Christ Self and Body Elemental of course distribute and use enough of that energy to carry on the functions of the body and our activities in the outer world.

When we come into this Teaching and want to pursue it, one usually finds there are things one needs to change, human concepts, habits, etc. Often the outer self does not want to do so and rebels. That is because of the humanly qualified energy is the inner bodies. We have now learned that rebellion was the first action which brought about the so-called ‘fall of man”. When rebellion flares up, one should stop and think instead of expressing such a feeling and the part of wisdom is to correct oneself.

It is necessary to make effort and maintain self control at all times. Instead of speaking impulsively, it is better to just walk away and wait till things calm down. Then calmly talk things over if possible.


Children can learn these things about creation, the Spiritual Hierarchy, action of the Flames, etc., along with what they get at school. They can learn to keep quiet about it. Learn when to speak and when not to speak.


 The saying, Know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free, refers to what’s To the true understanding of life, which is the understanding and acknowledgment of one’s I AM Presence. This is the only means of knowing the Truth.

In looking to an Ascended Master for assistance is similar to looking to one’s own I AM Presence, except Those Who have attained mastery and the Asc...
ension have the conscious knowledge of that Victory, with which to assist an unascended one. This his/her own I AM Presence does not yet have.

One must prove life him/herself to have dominion. Life does not prove itself to us. So we must prove Life by our own application, which is what has been missing through the centuries. We cannot expect someone else to prove it for us.

The secret of Life is the understanding and application of the words “I AM”. The words “I AM” have been used as written and spoken in English, in every civilization that has been on earth. Only because Saint Germain is the Law of the Seventh Ray has this now come forth; did the Law predict it to be given by Him.

In the evolution of every planet there comes the time when it and its humanity must express the Divine Plan of the system and go forward into greater perfection; or in the case of the earth, come into perfection and then go forward. Since in the 1930’s, this cosmic push has been on. Those of mankind who will not align themselves with the new action, will remove themselves from the earth, by having made the choice through free will.

In the 1930’s, much was said about every human being having to choose whether or not to come into or go along with the Light. On October 22, 1939, the Great Divine Director said that everyone in embodiment was at the dividing of the ways, and was not going to have more embodiments in which to decide.

In the light of things now, he already told as then that the door to reembodiment would be closed.
You strike a match and there is a flame. Then when it goes out, where does it go? It goes back to where it came from – the unseen or higher realms; it only ceases to exist in this physical realm. While in his physical realm it blazes upward; it is not affect by gravity, but the pull is upward. Although you take flames out of it, that does not diminish it in any way.


 With some people color seems to be a very “touchy” subject. That is, particularly the colors of red and black. Most of the shades so called that is the hues of red we have in the outer world, are not seen in realms of Light nor is black. They do appear on the inner in the lower realms that is in the psychic astral realm. The black and most of the red we have are of human qualities and not ...
of the Divine. The dark or sinister forces have perpetrated these colors onto and into mankind’s spiritual activities, the robes, caps, and the printing of the Bible. Yet black (the absence of light) is used to represent or symbolize death, which is the opposite of spiritual life which is everlasting or eternal. Although the Bible comes in red and black, yet people get good from it by recognizing certain truths therein. Red is used to represent or signal danger. Danger, accidents etc., are only of the human and not of the Divine.

It is argued that scientifically red and black are or do exist. Yes, so do diseases, crimes, accidents and death. But all these qualities and actions have come into existence only since mankind turned from the Light and has created the human realm which did not exist previously and does not exist except on earth. So black and the red referred to here did not exist on earth originally, there were only the true colors of the seven Rays. Scientist go by what they can perceive with the five senses and their instruments.

Man’s five senses do not sense the higher vibratory action which created the universe and is eternal life. The vibratory action of the brain structure is now too slow to register the vibrations of the higher realms. Scientists work from the outer, the physical, and the human side inwards. While the true action of life is just the reverse, it already is on the inner and then manifests in the outer.


 Application is important to do each day, rhythmically, not just spasmodically. We eat, we sleep each day as a rule. We do not eat just once and think that is sufficient. The Earth makes its revolution each day so the Sun’s rays cover certain portions of the planet each day.

The Ascended Master Teaching is for the purpose of spiritual self-development and to attain Mastery. ...
The only way that can be done is through application. The same way a baby grows, it needs to eat and exercise, and no one else can do that for it.

One can read any number of recipe books and it will not produce a meal, not until one applies it and makes effort in the right direction. Application should be made at least twice a day, morning and evening. In the early Work it was suggested that the students do it three times a day.

Application, particularly for those of you whom this Teaching is new, need to do some decrees, not just meditate. When a person wants to learn to play the piano, he/she does not just meditate or read about it. One has to practice, releasing Energy through the physical body. By also meditating it will help one to become a good musician.

Application is more than just decreeing. It means to do some meditation or contemplation, giving attention to the “Presence”; do some decreeing and some studying. Even though you have read these things before, by going over them again you may see some points you have missed. As your consciousness expands and you get familiar with these unorthodox things and terminology, the “Presence” can Illumine other points to you as your thinking process changes.

As you make application you will begin to feel more positive in your feelings, have more assurance and confidence, perhaps get a new meaning and purpose in Life, the reason for being. Then later on come to know the “I AM Presence” more and more as a Reality. Also that there is a Divine Plan beyond the human way of living