Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our Most Loved Mary

My children, how I love you. How I love you. I have nurtured, and nourished and cherished and loved your Light, through the centuries, embodiment after embodiment, and it brings great joy to my Heart to find that so many of you are now turning your attention to the Angels. The Brotherhood of Angels and Humanity is beginning to manifest. No one realizes until they are Ascended and Free, the tremendous work of the Angelic Host, and the influence they can have over the Peace and Love manifesting on the Planet, when they are allowed to walk hand in hand with man. "I AM" sometimes referred to as the Queen of The Angels. Each one of you can be the Guardian Presence of your Angels, and that Angel will mirror back to you the same Love, the same protection. The Angelic Host do so much for your Planet and for ALL Humankind. If only you could see, with the physical sight, the Angelic Host around this Focus. Around Every Focus of Light there are Angelic Beings. All over the Planet this is so, and at times you can scarcely see the Planet because of the brilliance of the surrounding Host of Heaven. The Radiation of the Love and the Peace and the Harmony they are bringing, that Blessed Peace, enfolding all in True Harmony. Truly... Peace can MANIFEST on your Sweet Star. 
Go deep, deep, deep within, dear children, and KNOW that Peace abides there. The harmony of your True Being is deep within, waiting to be released into expression at all times. Just KNOW that LOVE IS THE WAY. Love All Life. Love the Light, for I will always Love you, for all eternity, I shall LOVE YOU, each and every one of you, and those you love. And I must tell you that when you say: "I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE" the Beloved Raphael assists you to be that RESURRECTION AND THAT LIFE. 
For the very WORDS and VIBRATION hold HEALING, gathering through the momentum, of time and space, and just know that Raphael is ALWAYS willing to allocate one of his Legion to direct his attention towards you to heal, to harmonize that which must be made WHOLE. Healing is just a change of vibration, and I feel that much change in vibration and healing has been accomplished in this Class. You have so raised the vibratory action of your beings, and I know you feel too the Song of the Spheres coursing through your veins. 
Endeavor, my dear children, to remain in a State of Grace, and when something makes an effort to disturb you say: "BE THOU NO MORE". "I AM" in you. "I AM" that “I AM”. “I AM” ONE WITH THEE, AND THOU ART ONE WITH ME. 
Remember that we All Love you with an intensity of Love the Love unknown to you in the conscious world of illusion. So saying I give you the Blessings of the tremendous Beings of Light of the Spiritual Hierarchy in residence here and of the Great Beings who have come to this Conference. Bless you, Bless you, Bless you  Children of Light. WE LOVE YOU! 
Mother Mary