Monday, March 16, 2015

Another New Release

We happily present another new project release 

Lighthouse of Freedom, is a collection of the great contribution of chelas from the late 1950s. It contains readings and dictations never before published.  Presented in a beautiful new digital unified presentation.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Release 2015

We Are So Grateful To Announce Our Newest Release 

This the First in Our Newest Series.... 
Ascended Master Devotion and Purpose Series Contains All The Original Services and Classes In The Activities Of Light. Presented For The First Time In A Unified Published Presentation.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Beloved Nada

Just words alone could never make one feel the fullness of the tender
solicitude and ever-present watchful care of the Love of Our Father-Mother God for every lifestream They have created.  As Their Divine Messengers, We Who have consciously attained Our Perfection of Being in the Ascension, also release Their expression of that Love to all We contact - especially to those of the unascended of mankind who will consciously allow Us to share Our bliss with them.  However, perhaps a true story will help to illustrate My point here.
One summer, some years ago, in a lovely vacation resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, there came as guests of the proprietor for a weekend, a man and his wife, with their young son of about four years of age.  As a rule, there were no children at this resort - the clientele consisting mostly of a conservative type of individual, coming back year after year for their annual relaxation.  Sunday mornings were particularly dedicated to silence - even the piano was closed and those who were not attending church were quietly reading as they rocked upon the porch.  Suddenly, the energetic child, lonely for want of young companionship, spied the piano and, somehow, climbed upon the precarious revolving seat of its stool.  Then, opening, the piano, he began with all his little might to “play” - to the astonishment and great annoyance of everyone within ear-shot of the noise.
Almost instantly there arose from an “easy chair” in one of the far corners of
the room an elderly guest who, for most of his life, had been an accomplished musician.  Pulling up a chair beside the child, this gentleman began to play harmonizing chords upon the upper keyboard, making the entire experience a lovely harmony of sound, to and for the delight of all.
In a similar manner does the Great Brooding Presence of Godʼs Love (whenever It is given opportunity to do so by the Great Cosmic Law) project into many of the inharmonies and disturbances created by mankind en masse - gigantic Light Rays, qualified with the feelings and substance of His Healing Power - inquiring not into the “whys and wherefores” of each situation; nor even into its worthiness.  Thus is transmuted into Peace and Happiness much of that which would have manifested as more of humanityʼs misery in this world - for which, unfortunately, most of the time mankind does not even think it is necessary or take the time to be grateful.  So often their benefactors are truly “unknown, unhonored and unsung.”
The Great White Brotherhood work constantly and impersonally will “all”

whose motives are constructive and selfless - with “all” races - in “all” channels of expression - scientific, commercial, educational, healing, religious or whatever the constructive project may be.  That is one of the reasons for the existence of the SEVEN Rays - to provide opportunity for specialization of service, even among the Hosts of Heaven!