Friday, December 19, 2014


                          CHRIST  PEACE - A  PROTECTING  PRESENCE
                           Our Beloved Ascended Master - JESUS THE CHRIST
                                                                                                                        July 2, 1959.
                        Having so graciously been given the Name of “Prince of Peace,” I come into your midst tonight - since you are gathered together in My Name (which is My Nature!), bringing you MY feeling of Eternal God-Peace and I now seal you within a gigantic Sphere of Golden Flame.  Consciously (though silently) now ACCEPT this in your feelings and at the same time, it would be well for you to call into and around your worlds a Legion of the Angels of Peace, “permanently” to guard, sustain and expand this, My gift, to you!  My gift will be just as real to you as you will “let” it be.  Remember!  “According to your Faith - be it unto you!”  If you really “want” sustained Peace in your daily experience, you may have it for the taking, for I offer you now MY full-gathered momentums thereof - without money and without price!
                        Think about this for a moment!  If I did not choose to bless you with My gift - freely and gladly offering it to you - how else could you ever receive it - since I Am the only one Who can give you MY momentums?  Do you not see, then, how extremely Grateful one should be for “any” freely-offered gift of God-Good - one that does not have to be worked for, coaxed or cajoled from another?  I Am truly grateful that each one here feels within himself (or herself) humble Gratitude for My Presence and that which I offer.  You see, those feelings of Gratitude in you are really “feelings of Acceptance” and open the doors of your world - O, so wide - to still greater blessings!
                        You know that the desire for FREEDOM is inherent within all of Life - especially all self-conscious Life for, after all, FREEDOM is not only a God-Virtue but also an Attribute of the Father Himself - from which “all” Life is a conscious projection.  PEACE is also such a Virtue and Attribute of the Godhead and brings about a complete absence ot thoughts, feelings and spoken words of fear.  Now, PEACE and HAPPINESS are inseparable companions for, if one possesses either of these - he also possesses the other.  Therefore, with the full momentum of Divine Love which I have been gathering in My Causal Body for ages - I Am privileged indeed tonight - by the Great Cosmic Law - to flood in, through and around you and your worlds, MY Gift of God-Peace.
                                    Jesus’  Feeling  of  Peace  Can  Be  Yours!
                        Dearly beloved ones!  This PEACE which I bring is Complete, All-Powerful and Eternal.  This which I give you is not Peace between intermittent conflicts - personal or otherwise - but IT IS THE ALL-COMMANDING PRESENCE OF THAT PEACE WHICH I AM!  From this night on, whenever you feel the need of PEACE and relief from the incessant turmoil of the outer self and world - REMEMBER ME - and even your silent call will draw from Me “instantly” a flash of My Golden Flame of CHRIST PEACE which, in Itself, is God-Mastery and God-Control of everything in this world or any other!  O, dear hearts!  Mankind en masse need the feeling of PEACE today for the well-being of their bodies, minds and worlds - almost more than they need any other feelings of the Godhead - besides that of Divine Love.  Of course, DIVINE LOVE manifests PEACE and you have heard it said that:  “Perfect Love casts out fear.”
                        Sincere feelings of Love sent to the Beings of Nature and Forces of the Elements will stop and still the energies in the most destructive storm, forest fire, flood or any such distress, for those blessed Beings (both large and small) “love to be loved.”  Most beautifully will They respond “to” and cooperate “with” any and all who will so bless Them.  They love PEACE too and, when I spoke those words to the turbulent Sea of Galilee - “Peace!  Be still!” - the Undines of that Water Element instantly obeyed Me because even as I spoke - I also silently called into dynamic action the (then little known to mankind) Violet Transmuting Flame to transmute the causes and cores of that which was distressing Them - a concentrated focus of some “human” discord which was tormenting Them and causing Their rebellion to manifest as a storm.  My love to and for the Undines also enabled Me to walk safely upon Their Element - even while still abiding within a flesh body and that which is recorded in your Gospels of today is certainly not the only time I have walked upon Earth’s waters - both before and since My Ascension!
                        Many a sea-faring man will tell you (if he be truthful and willing to reveal it) that he has seen My Figure in Blazing White Light walking the waters of many a storm-tossed sea - while answering the calls for protection which arose from those who needed My Divine Help at such times.  O, yes!  I Am just as practically available to one and all today to give any kind of assistance which is needed - in fact more so than ever before.  Today, I have “added” to My Power and Powers of Light (which I then wielded) two thousand years of unceasing and devoted service to My Father’s Life which expresses in “many” forms.
                        While on the subject of “walking upon the waters,” I think you will be interested to know that, since the Ascended Master knows absolutely nothing of “any kind” of limitation, all of Us are easily able to walk right through the water - as well as upon them - Our Aura of Light creating for Us a “Tunnel” of Light as We go; that “Tunnel” as large and extending as far as We desire.  Then, if We wish It to do so, that “Tunnel” of Light WILL PERMANENTLY REMAIN before, around and behind Us as long as We command It.  There are great highways always open to Us through the Earth and Water, just as you have them on the land.
                                                Transmute  all  Fear  into  Faith
                        O, dear hearts!  Mankind’s self-generated feelings of fear and doubt which, by the way, are absorbed by and then outpictured in limitation by the Beings of Nature and Forces of the Elements (as well as by some of the bird life here), are that which deprives him of so much of God’s Good which, otherwise, would flow into his world as easily as water from your faucet flows into a pitcher which you wish to fill.  You see, these feelings are
 of a very slow vibration - dense and heavy and, when a sufficient accumulation of these has gathered in the emotional body (feeling world) of an individual, they form (as it were) a “shroud” of shadow about that one.
                        Because this is unseen by him, he usually does not accept it as being either real or present.  So, like a dry plant which so much requires the life-giving water but has had placed over it a covering of cellophane - that plant may be placed in the midst of a drenching shower and yet perish for lack of the moisture it requires because of the covering which kept the water from it.  Do you see?  It is “most important” for you - each one - to daily and earnestly call for the removal from your worlds of the very last vestige of doubt and fear (known or unknown) - especially concerning Our Reality and Instruction.  LET your Beloved Holy Christ Self express ITS Feelings of Confidence and Acceptance in the place thereof.  It will help you - if you will sincerely invite It to do so!                                                                                                    

Monday, December 15, 2014

Goddess of Mercy ,Kwan Yin

Hail, Sons and Daughters of Freedom! I greet you tonight with the blessing 
of My full gathered accumulation of the ages - that Momentum of the Mercy of Divine Love. I greet you, too, as One Who has served with your Beloved Mother Mary for a very long time in protecting and assisting the motherhood of the race. My Love has been known and 
felt on Earth for many, many centuries - particularly in a land far across the seas - in China, where they call Me “KWAN YIN - Goddess of Mercy to the Earth.”
I Am thinking tonight of Shakepeareʼs description of Mercy when He said: 
“The quality of Mercy is not strained; It droppeth as the gentle dew from Heaven upon the Earth beneath. It is twice blessed - It blesses him who gives and him who takes.” With such Feelings of Understanding, Forgiving Love and Mercy to their fellowman should all humanity's activities be qualified, for thus do the Ascended Host ever direct Their energies to humanity. Impersonally and unconditionally do We release the FEELING and ACTUAL SUBSTANCE of Mercy (embodied in Violet Fire) and never have We stopped to discriminate as to who or what is WORTHY TO RECEIVE Our blessing - any more than the “Heavenly Father” discriminates in the outpouring of His blessings to ALL His creations. Does not the Sun shine upon the just and unjust alike?
Suppose that Glorious and Comforting Presence of the Beloved Lord Maha Chohan (The Divine Representative of the Holy Spirit to this Earth) should discriminate when daily pouring forth His Life-Giving Essence to the Nature Kingdom! Suppose He sent His Life forth ONLY TO THAT WHICH WAS PERFECT - which blossomed large and abundantly! I assure you that, if He did so, there would be many a LITTLE flower that would shrivel up and cease to be, because it did not present to His eyes the full beauty and perfection which it was intended to manifest.
Of course, We all know that, in the beginning, all Nature was pure, beautiful
and perfect in every way, and it was the release from mankind of the impurities of thought, feeling, spoken word and deed over a long period of time which finally contaminated the Forces of Nature, and imposed upon Them the blight and imperfections which appear in that Kingdom today. However, We in the Ascended State never allow Our attention to be held upon any imperfections that appear, either in the Nature Kingdom or in mankind themselves, for, to do so, would be for Us to energize those very negative conditions by the Power of Our Light. We never contemplate anything negative but, instead, pour out upon those appearances (where it has been called to Our attention that they exist) THE
FULL POWER OF OUR PERFECTING LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND MERCY whenever possible, and whenever We are given a little opportunity to do so.
After all, is it not fitting that you too - as Our chelas - should endeavor to
express this Divine Forgiving Love and Mercy to your fellowman - SINCE WE TREAT YOU IN THAT MANNER? I know, that deep within the heart of each of you, there is a most sincere desire to DO ONLY WHAT IS RIGHT! I know, that within the Secret Place of your Heart, there is a desire to DO GODʼS WILL - that which We of the Ascended Host do and would have you do. We know that you at no time desire to betray your Higher Self by expressing through the personality anything less than the PERFECTION WHICH YOU REALLY ARE! Yet, sometimes, on impulse and before even your outer consciousness can prevent it - through old habits of the past - these “betrayals” have occurred and you have thought, felt, and expressed that which you would rather not have done or said. Nevertheless, at such times and ALWAYS - have We Radiated to you the Forgiving
Feeling and Flaming Substance of Forgiving Love and Mercy, together with the
RADIATION OF OUR STRENGTH, which enables you to be more on guard next time and not repeat the human mistake.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lord Maitreya

There is only one Good in the Universe, and that Good is Love... Pure Divine Love. No matter which virtue you seek, it comes forth from Love, for Love is the mother of all that is Good. If you desire patience, it is born out of Love. If you long for joy and happiness, it is born out of Love. If you desire freedom, it proceeds forth from the heart of Love. It is Love that gives birth to hope, endurance, harmony, tolerance and forgiveness. 
Each and every word can be thought of as a name, and that name is clothed in a thoughtform as it goes forth. Into that etheric thoughtform is poured the feeling of the one who spoke the word. The 'word' has a 'tone' - it is a musical note. Our words, if beautiful and harmonious, create an atmosphere which is beautiful and harmonious. 
It is important that you weigh your words before you speak, and ask for guidance from the Higher Octaves of Light. If you speak out in error and hear it, correct it immediately. With loving endeavor you will reach the ultimate Truth where your 'little' self can step aside and allow your own Christ Self to speak for you, creating loveliness and harmony in your world and your universe. 
Generosity and adaptability, and all moral principles and deeds of kindness come from a loving heart. All ignorance is merely a lack of Love. 
Dissolve the false self in the knowledge of the True Self, which is divine, eternal and all-pervading. "Man - know thyself". 
As you journey onward you will come to a point on the Path of Light when you will find the True Destination. The True Destination is within yourself, and you will know by your own sense of conviction that "I AM" the traveler, "I AM" the Path, and "I AM" the Destination. 
I light the Torch of your Soul and I enfold you in the Divine Love of The Great "I AM"!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Lady Master Nada

At the time of My Victory, I dwelt in Mesopotamia, in a

beautiful country, where the roofs were open to the blue sky

and the roses and vines made a natural covering on the walls

and arches. Before our City stretched the blue sea and behind

the City was a desert. In this desert there was a Monastery of

Mystics, to which I retired and wherein I received My training and

My final Victory of the Ascension.

The Monastery was large, built after the manner of the

Chinese Temples in Seven Courts. The Innermost Court was

called ‘The Temple of Supreme Harmony,’ and none were

allowed to enter there until there was no more inharmoniousness

in their entire beings or worlds.

The First Court, wherein we were received was all that the

heart of the Novitiate could desire; luxurious, beautiful, restful;

truly an expression of all one expected of the Spiritual World,

wherein one had retired, away from the ‘turmoil’ of outer living.

Here, for six months, we lived in Beauty and Peace; with no

Lessons, no Discipline, etc., surrounded by exquisite paintings;

all with Spiritual Meaning for the Discerning. Here we sat amid

libraries throbbing with Spiritual Lore if we chose to open them

and read. Here, some of us began our Spiritual Venture, others

were not Alert and rested among the Wealth of Knowledge,

waiting for an OUTER prompting from the Hierophant to tell

them where to begin. We were watched every moment to see

how well we Availed ourselves of the Spiritual Wealth that lay

about us.

After six months, our training began. First, we were shorn of our

hair to eliminate pride. Then, we were given robes to wear; THE

COLOR OF OUR AURAS. The Insignia of the Order was a Single

Rose Stem with Six Thorns (representing the six senses) and

at the top, when earned, a Single Opened Rose (representing

the seventh sense Inspiration). On the breast of our gowns was

woven the Stem with the Six Thorns, and as we Unfolded, there

was added a Single Petal, a Bud, a half opened flower, etc.

We were banded into groups of seven, with whom we lived

and slept in dormitories; having but TWO HOURS SOLITARY in

every twenty-four. The seven were chosen not for congeniality,

but the Hierophant chose personalities directly opposed to each

one; to draw out the hidden vices and the viciousness in our

worlds. We had to spend 22 hours out of the 24 with these

individualities. Many dropped by the wayside, bitter towards the

Order and toward the ‘unthinking’ choice of companions. Those

of us who remained finally became fast friends, but no sooner

had we learned to work in Harmony than we were reassembled

in other groups of seven; with other trials, etc. On my day of rest,

I would run down to the sea and plunge my face in the water, or

I would run through the desert until the wind blew my short hair

straight, in an effort to regain and hold my Peace and Poise.

FINALLY, the Bhagavad Gita by Shri Krishna taught me that the

Lesson I had to learn was that no one outside of myself could

disturb me and that all externals were but reflections in the Maya

of Life of qualities within myself; and thus, I found Peace.

After three years, a small, haggard band of well-worn

travelers, were admitted to the Temple of Supreme Harmony.

As we stood humbly before the Altar, we looked fondly at each

other, remembering the many battles royal of the past. There

we were again, banded together in sevens and formed Units

of Healing, Inspiration, etc. We Drew Magnetic Currents



Projected them forth over the Earth, until The Cosmic Law said,

Our Balance to Life was Paid; and so when we had returned to

Life, that Balance, Our Victory, was Won and Our Ascension



Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Spirit of Shamballa



The Spirit of Shamballa is a living, pulsating, vibrant and Radiating Center of Living Light, motivated by Divine Love, sustained by Service, energized by practical works on behalf of the redemption of the evolutions using the Planet Earth as a schoolroom.


This Spirit is a real, living, Vital intelligent Being of Light and is a Source of encouragement to all who seek more Light upon their spiritual paths.


As all Divine Beings enter into this Spirit at the beginning of this Holy Season, bringing in the sheaves of their accomplishment of the year, this Spirit glows with added Light.

By placing your attention upon this Spirit of Shamballa once in every twenty-four hour period, consciously enjoy its blessedness and let it energize in and through you the vital spiritual energies from your Holy Christ Self you, too, may engage in the delightful task of widening the Borders of God's Kingdom here on Earth.


Friday, October 31, 2014

Paul The Venetian....1959

DIVINE LOVE - The Reflector
As in great earnestness and sincerity the student daily endeavors to walk
“The Way of Truth” which has been presented to him, the attention of the Holy Comforter is
drawn more and more to such an one and from then on, almost limitless assistance is
radiated into that oneʼs world from this Great Being. For instance, in My embodiment

before My Ascension (that of the artist Paolo Veronese), I endeavored to express upon
canvas at least some of the beauty I saw and loved in the life around Me. There are those
who have been kind enough to say that they enjoy certain artistry of line and color which I
was able to make more or less immortal upon the canvas - so doing with the help of Our
Most Beloved and Blessed Maha Chohan.
Even in that embodiment before My Ascension, He poured to and through
My work so much of HIS Beauty of Consciousness and expressed abilities - this of course
made possible because of My loving devotion daily expressed to Him and His Light. So
did He expand His Own comforting Love and Light through Me into this world of form,
even unto this day - to all who ever have, do now or ever shall contact My humble
offerings. So did He expand My Light too - assisting Me to My Own Ascension. Infinitely
manifold and ever-expanding are the ways and gifts of the Holy Spirit - endeavoring ever
to expand and expand God-Perfection everywhere - all ways.
In your chosen line of service, would you like the Holy Comforter to express
His greater Perfection through you? He is ever ready to do so - it just requires your
persistent, earnest calls and conscious acceptance of His gifts. Persevere in your
endeavors to this end - your manifest results will be well worth it!

Friday, October 24, 2014

SAINT GERMAIN - Lord of the Seventh Ray -

                     The Revolving Turret - Rhythmic Service of Mercyʼs Violet Fire
The many fallacies and misconceptions of Truth have created so much
despair in human feelings, but none have made themselves more deeply felt than the idea that there could be such a condition as “death.”  What a pitiful goal it would be for even one expression of God Life to end in the unreality of time, without the hope of ever being able to see and enjoy the fruits of his endeavors.  So, blessed is the man or woman who has strong feelings of Hope, because they will be able to see the magnificent fruits which Hope makes manifest, in and through even the human heart.
Contemplating, the idea of the Glory of Resurrection is one steppingstone
from the consciousness of despair, which binds the human consciousness, and will bring one ever nearer to the OPEN DOOR OF LIFE ETERNAL.  Blessed is the lifestream who can believe in and accept, the Ever-Present and All-Powerful SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LIFE which, in Truth, ALL ARE.  Truly, the eye hath not seen, nor the ear heard, the glories prepared by the “Father” - the “I AM.”

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The Rock of Truth - Foundation
Today, Those of Us of the Fifth Ray are busy indeed as We endeavor to
bring forth into manifest expression in the world of men - THROUGH MANY CHANNELS
- those scientific achievements which will make even the physical appearance world a truly “heavenly” place to live.  In these coming days, the bodies, minds and feelings of the people shall be so raised in consciousness and vibratory action that disease, insanity, poverty and wars shall not only be a thing of the past, but their cause, effect, record and memory shall have been completely transmuted into Light.
That mankindʼs true nature longs for more PEACE and FREEDOM in every
way is being revealed by his persistent attempts to leave a Planet almost completely despoiled by the ravages of accumulated discords of the ages - created by the evolutions thereof and thereon; “rocketing away” in search of more PEACE, more FREEDOM and, if possible, a better way of life.
Constructive experimentation by mankind is good - and daring to explore
what is yet unknown to him is also good.  However, all unascended mankind should bear in mind that, no matter how many worlds he finds in “outer space,” he cannot permanently leave the Earth until he has completely balanced his accounts with life for all his use thereof - “making things right” in his own world, as well as in the worlds of others during the long “past” he has lived.  Thus does he purify and prepare his four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) for the Ascension.
It is hoped that, in all their scientific seeking (either in person or by sending
rockets into interstellar space), mankind will learn that naught else but GOD PEACE and PERFECTION abide anywhere else in this dear Universe.  Then, having gained such Wisdom first-hand, man will joyously and determinedly set about to use the Violet Flame to transmute all human shadows into Light - thus removing strife by Freedomʼs might.  Then shall ETERNAL PEACE make Freedomʼs Star shine like a Golden Sun of Righteousness (right use of The Law of Life - “I AM”).
                                               LADY  MASTER  NADA

Monday, September 22, 2014

Maha Chohan


Beloved Oneʼs of My Heart!  So much unnecessary controversy and fear

has resulted from the references of the straightening of the Sweet Earthʼs Axis, that IAm called upon to relieve all your minds concerning this forthcoming event.  As I serve with the Forces of Nature, IAm well acquainted with these Beings and Their Mighty Directors.  I know that as yet, it would be an impossibility to absolutely straighten the Axis of the Earth, without causing undue suffering to the masses and the unleashing of all the Elemental Kingdom, many of which do not yet love Mankind.

The Axis is to the Earth, as the spine is to the physical body.  The Earthʼs

Axis has actually been controlled, even at itʼs present angle, through the help of the Cosmic Beings, Polaris and Magnus.  Who are gently and slowly straightening this Axis according to the Cooperation of Mankind and the Nature Kingdoms as well, so as to cause as little cataclysmic action as possible.  The storms and other destructive expressions through the Nature Kingdom at present, show the thinking man that Nature is not yet Cooperative enough for this Divine Event.

Other manifestations which will be visible when the Earthʼs Axis is finally

straightened will be; an Expansion of Light from the spinal cord of the Earth, Self - Luminosity through the Physical Vehicles of Mankind, the Dissolving of the Veil of Maya and the Visible, Tangible Presence of the Divine Beings right here on Earth.  The Glorious Godhead would not or could not perform this straightening of the Axis, while peoples very lives would be in danger.  That is self-evident.

Certainly, the Earthʼs Axis is moving.  Outer world science proves this in

many ways; the dissolving of the ice caps and the changing of the Earthʼs surface in many localities are all recorded by science.  However, there are those who, looking for some ʻphenomenaʼ make wild statements in Our Names.

                       When the Earths Axis is straightened, you will know it not only by word, but by the Lightness of your Bodies and the general improvement of world conditions.  Let no  chela be frightened about this world change for your own BELOVED “PRESENCE” and the ASCENDED HOST OF LIGHT will be with you in that hour!

To assist Us to help the Dear Earth and Mankind, call to Our Beloved

Ascended Master Saint Germain, All the Divine Beings on the Seventh Ray, Beloved

Serapis Bey and All the Divine Beings on the Fourth Ray - to Purify the Emotional, Mental,

Etheric and Physical Strata in which most of Mankind abide.  Then pouring your Love to the Cosmic Beings Polaris and Magnus, rest in Their Wisdom to effect this change with distress to no man.

Always Yours in Comfort and Loving Blessing,


Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Scope 1953



(a) Explanation and practical application of the Laws governing

Health, Opulence, Peace and Enlightenment.

(b) Purification of the lifestream through the understanding and

use of the Sacred Fire and controlled, creative consciousness.

(c) Daily contemplation and decrees to free the individual from

limitations and distress.

(d) A Guidance Bureau, a free service to all our readers who may

desire advice on personal problems or instruction on Spiritual


(e) The Healing Presence of God, a cooperative group who offer

you the strength of their combined prayers, faith and visualizations

to help you accept the Power of God to heal, prosper, harmonize

and bless.


(a) Unpublished Teachings of The Masters of Wisdom and Love.

(b) Visits in consciousness to the Retreats of The Masters and

information about Their current activities.

(c) Pictures of The Masters.

(d) Stepping Stones to Self Mastery.

(e) Wings of Light.


(a) Active application of the Teachings of The Great White

Brotherhood to the solution of the age-old individual,

national and world problems such as ignorance, sickness,

poverty and war.

(b) Directed, co-operative, synchronized world prayers,

affirmations, visualizations to eradicate the evils of the

day, particularly communistic and atheistic doctrines, and

and current crises as they arise, and to accelerate the

Incoming New Age of World Peace and World Enlightenment

that we shall witness in this generation.

(c) Establishment of groups of spiritually minded men and

women in every country of the world to act as outposts

for the Radiation and Love of The Ascended Masters.

(d) A Readerʼs Forum to unite world thought, aspirations and


(e) Dissemination of the Laws of Life in foreign languages so

that the good people of all nations may participate in the

above program.

In accordance with the individual freedom of conscience

which is the birthright of every man, woman and child, Loving

Co-operation in Any of The Above Activities Does Not Demand

The Relinquishment of Anyoneʼs Present Affiliations.