Friday, October 28, 2016

Mighty Serapis

As I enter your worlds today, I ask that you permit your consciousness to be CUT FREE from the mass consciousness. I ask that you seek only Spiritual Knowledge and Truth that shall raise you into the Victory of the Light of the Ascension at the close of your present earthly sojourn. You have been presented with a great opportunity each one of you - so that you may be set free from the bondage of human consciousness through the gift of the Ascension Flame. I have dedicated myself to see that you each pass through the Fires of Purification so that you may receive this gift. The request for this opportunity was yours, made before you took embodiment, and I will do my best to help you achieve your goal. To this end I have dedicated my assistance to the bringing forth of the New Age of Freedom through the use of the Sacred Violet Transmuting Flame. Not only myself - but all of the Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended Host are totally dedicated to this purpose, for only through its special services may the Ascension Flame be reached. Dear Ones, each time you use the Transmuting Flame, you rise that much higher in consciousness, until you may finally take full advantage of your individual ascensions. The Ascension is so much more than a wonderful experience that you may strive toward. It is the daily and hourly efforts you make to lift your thoughts and your feelings out of the old human ways of responding into a higher and more vibrant response. Each time you are successful in letting go of some disturbing reaction, do you not feel a sense of mastery and freedom that was not previously possible? It is the accumulation of these small "victories", built by your silent application through the years that brings you to the Altar of the Ascension Flame. When you step within it, your Spirit will be forever freed from all which has ever bound it. Daily ascend the conditions of your life into the Perfection of God's Kingdom, manifesting the truths you have been given. Draw into your worlds the raising, buoyant, joyous energy which is the nature of the Ascension Flame. 
"I AM" the Voice of the Ascension Flame! I have spoken to you many times as you stood at the door of My Focus. I have said to you; "Seeker of the Ascension what brings you to this Holy Place?" I seek Light Bearers to consciously carry the Ascension Flame throughout the Earth! Are you willing to do this which I ask of you? If so, you will use the Fires of Transmutation to prepare the way, cleansing and purifying the consciousness of all those who have need, and then you will BLAZE the Ascension Flame in, through and around all troubled areas of the Earth, raising the consciousness of all life involved! I ask you to charge the Essence within the Communion cup with the Power of the Ascension Flame. Then - as you take part in the Holy Communion Light, you will receive a portion of the buoyancy and joy which is the natural radiation of the Seraphic Host. 
I now bestow my Blessing upon you.
In the Name and by the Power of God - the Father, God - the Holy Spirit, and God - the Christ Flame, within each one of your Precious Hearts - I do CHARGE (3X) the Mighty Ascension Flame into the Golden Chalice of your consciousness, raised to receive it's Holy Light! 
"I AM" the fulfilling Presence of the Ascension Flame! ACCEPT my Love!
Serapis Bey

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Transmission Of The Flame Readings October 2016

We are grateful to Announce the Transmission Of The Flame Readings 
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Our Most Beloved Hilarion

The self-conscious Flame of Life chooses the state of consciousness which it consciously inhabits, and becomes one with the mass radiation of that particular state in which it functions, because it is aware of the incarnation which it will take and the parents through whom the physical vehicle will manifest.
Every Quality, every Virtue and every state of consciousness which might be considered the sum total of various qualities are ONE.
This may seem difficult for an individual to understand, but upon giving a little thought to the subject it can be easily explained. For instance, all water is one, with the same elements rendering the same service. A man in India, Alaska, the United States or Europe may choose to experience the benefits of water, and the exact same results will ensue.
Likewise, all air is one, whether the individual breathes it in the Himalayan Heights or the Great Rocky Mountains; so, also, conscious thought and feeling are one throughout this Universe.
There is a stratum of energy vibrating at a certain wave length which is constantly fed by individuals representing every possible emotion and thought.
Love is ONE, and when an individual is loving, he instantly tunes into the love stratum, and becomes one in consciousness with all who love throughout the Universe.
Wisdom is ONE, and when an individual is seeking wisdom, he is instantly tuned into the vibratory waves of wisdom which are fed by the Divine Beings in the Realms Above and is being tapped by the scholars of the world.
Purity is ONE, and every soul who aspires to purify itself, instantly enters the stratum of feeling and thought where the pressure of purity becomes his particular strength. It is also true of the discordant qualities, and one cannot entertain an individual thought without becoming instantly ONE with the mass stratum of those qualities, and one with the other individuals vibrating at that particular wave length throughout the planet - so, the oft repeated statement, "like attracts like".
The individual consciously, through freewill, is constantly rising and falling through the various stratums as the emotions and thoughts fluctuate. The individual will soar to great heights when his attention is one-pointed on some constructive quality and he tunes in, for a moment, to the heights of bliss and happiness, but - through the power of freewill - he can likewise tune into any of the inharmonious qualified stratums and then suffer the reaction as it flows into his vehicles.
The Ascended Master Consciousness is a constantly sustained attention upon the constructive rates of vibration that never descend below Tolerance, Harmony, Peace, Faith, Love, Understanding and the desire for Service.
As these qualities are invited, and as the chela holds his Cup above the streams of human discord, he begins to experience a steady radiation of Light and Life, and thus the Ascended Master Consciousness is attained and sustained by conscious effort.
You may go with your Cup where you will... you may fill it at whatever fount you choose... you may drink of the muddy waters of humankind's effluvia, or you may, through conscious effort, sip the Nectar of the Gods.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Most Glorious Pallas Athena

Our Most Glorious Pallas Athena
Children of the One Father, I come to you bringing the blazing Flame of Truth, which is a constant emanation of my Being - my dedicated Service and Responsibility to the Cosmic Law!
Oh blessed and privileged children, contrary to the disordered conditions which are presently outpicturing on this Planet, my Heart is filled with deep gratitude, for after the uprooting of imperfection and making it known to those who are serving with us, the opportunity presents itself for the transmutation and purification of all less than Christ Perfection. I see the Light of Spiritual Truth blazing and blazing underneath the chaos, and the objective - the out-picturing of God's Will for this Planet - is coming up over the horizon like the morning Sun in all its effulgence and ere long will be accepted by the peoples of this Earth.
Realize you how we feel when those of us who have been chosen by the Cosmic Law to act as Sponsors for a Group of chelas for a specific period, actually witness the results of our efforts and yours, bearing fruit ere that period has passed! The Goddess of Purity, the Elohim of Peace and my humble self do most joyously offer a paean of praise to the Universal I AM Presence for this privilege which has been ours! I would discourse a moment on the Flame of Truth. One hears the expression, "yes, that is the truth" or "that is the truth of the situation". What is actually meant is 'that is the pattern which has been set up by some individual'. When imperfection is outpictured, one does not have to explain that it is the pattern, or the cause, which someone thinking in the human consciousness has designed and spewed forth what individuals say, is the truth of the situation, when actually it is the result of an imperfect cause.
It is our responsibility, and yours, when these conditions present themselves to purify, transmute or change the imperfection by the Alchemy of the Sacred Fire! We are allotted a certain amount of energy by the Cosmic Law for a designated purpose, and the remainder, when it is required, must come from the children of the Planet which has been or is their habitat during a specific sojourn. If we were permitted to use the Cosmic Power which is ours, there would be only TRUTH AND PERFECTION everywhere! But the wise and Almighty Father knows that this would hinder the evolution of those Sparks of Life who are seeking Immortality. We are 'limited' so that YOU can progress to Perfection. Is this not Divine Love and Mercy!
Viewed with the Inner Sight, the Light blazing forth. We have Representatives of all the Planets under the direction of Lord Helios and Lady Vesta, and those of the Beloved Krishna and Lady Sophia. I know Beloved El Morya will not object when I say that he is one of the happiest Beings, remember, it is he who sponsored you, our chelas. I believe this makes you happy too, that your Beloved El Morya, Representative of God's Will for this Earth, has prodded you on thus far. Looking into his aura at this moment when my attention has specifically turned toward him, in blazing Light are the words - "I shall continue to prod until the objective of God's Will is outpictured for all life!" Graciously smiling by his side is the beautiful Lady Miriam, for it is not long since she felt that prodding through the vehicles used by her in the world of form, ere their transmutation and Ascension in the Light. Be oh so grateful, children, that Beloved El Morya is your Sponsor!
Extensive plans are being set into motion by the Beings convening here, and the results of their Councils will show the chelas that the Light which has drawn their attention and brought through them is expanding in great intensity. We wonder what YOU will volunteer to do in this coming year
As you dauntlessly approach the great Angel of the Scrolls, in the freedom of your finer bodies and present your petition, We earnestly pray that when those which are accepted by the Karmic Board, of which you know I AM a Member, you will be tenacious in your purpose throughout the ensuing year, and until the manifestation does take place. You will remember that many Beings attend the Councils, year after year, with a Petition which they have evolved for the benefaction of the human race, but are required to wait until such time as some chela or chelas are willing to add their energies in order to have that Petition sanctioned by the Cosmic Board, presided over by the Lords of Karma. Let us all be grateful that in their wisdom the Karmic Board grants only those Petitions which they cognize can be safely outpictured. You all know that I have a tremendous drive in my feelings to see the Light of Truth blaze through all the energy used by the peoples of this Planet, and the volunteers, too, and I shall deem it a privilege to have you call to me to assist you in this manifestation! 
Before closing, I would like to add that my Beloved, the Maha Chohan, as he directs the Holy Breath through you, releases untold blessings for you and all life. I reverently bow to his Light in unspeakable gratitude. Oh Supreme Source of all Life, how you have privileged me to be the Complement of that most Holy One! 
Enfolding you, and all life, in the expanded Light and Truth of this vast Assembly,
I AM Pallas Athena