Friday, October 31, 2014

Paul The Venetian....1959

DIVINE LOVE - The Reflector
As in great earnestness and sincerity the student daily endeavors to walk
“The Way of Truth” which has been presented to him, the attention of the Holy Comforter is
drawn more and more to such an one and from then on, almost limitless assistance is
radiated into that oneʼs world from this Great Being. For instance, in My embodiment

before My Ascension (that of the artist Paolo Veronese), I endeavored to express upon
canvas at least some of the beauty I saw and loved in the life around Me. There are those
who have been kind enough to say that they enjoy certain artistry of line and color which I
was able to make more or less immortal upon the canvas - so doing with the help of Our
Most Beloved and Blessed Maha Chohan.
Even in that embodiment before My Ascension, He poured to and through
My work so much of HIS Beauty of Consciousness and expressed abilities - this of course
made possible because of My loving devotion daily expressed to Him and His Light. So
did He expand His Own comforting Love and Light through Me into this world of form,
even unto this day - to all who ever have, do now or ever shall contact My humble
offerings. So did He expand My Light too - assisting Me to My Own Ascension. Infinitely
manifold and ever-expanding are the ways and gifts of the Holy Spirit - endeavoring ever
to expand and expand God-Perfection everywhere - all ways.
In your chosen line of service, would you like the Holy Comforter to express
His greater Perfection through you? He is ever ready to do so - it just requires your
persistent, earnest calls and conscious acceptance of His gifts. Persevere in your
endeavors to this end - your manifest results will be well worth it!

Friday, October 24, 2014

SAINT GERMAIN - Lord of the Seventh Ray -

                     The Revolving Turret - Rhythmic Service of Mercyʼs Violet Fire
The many fallacies and misconceptions of Truth have created so much
despair in human feelings, but none have made themselves more deeply felt than the idea that there could be such a condition as “death.”  What a pitiful goal it would be for even one expression of God Life to end in the unreality of time, without the hope of ever being able to see and enjoy the fruits of his endeavors.  So, blessed is the man or woman who has strong feelings of Hope, because they will be able to see the magnificent fruits which Hope makes manifest, in and through even the human heart.
Contemplating, the idea of the Glory of Resurrection is one steppingstone
from the consciousness of despair, which binds the human consciousness, and will bring one ever nearer to the OPEN DOOR OF LIFE ETERNAL.  Blessed is the lifestream who can believe in and accept, the Ever-Present and All-Powerful SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LIFE which, in Truth, ALL ARE.  Truly, the eye hath not seen, nor the ear heard, the glories prepared by the “Father” - the “I AM.”

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The Rock of Truth - Foundation
Today, Those of Us of the Fifth Ray are busy indeed as We endeavor to
bring forth into manifest expression in the world of men - THROUGH MANY CHANNELS
- those scientific achievements which will make even the physical appearance world a truly “heavenly” place to live.  In these coming days, the bodies, minds and feelings of the people shall be so raised in consciousness and vibratory action that disease, insanity, poverty and wars shall not only be a thing of the past, but their cause, effect, record and memory shall have been completely transmuted into Light.
That mankindʼs true nature longs for more PEACE and FREEDOM in every
way is being revealed by his persistent attempts to leave a Planet almost completely despoiled by the ravages of accumulated discords of the ages - created by the evolutions thereof and thereon; “rocketing away” in search of more PEACE, more FREEDOM and, if possible, a better way of life.
Constructive experimentation by mankind is good - and daring to explore
what is yet unknown to him is also good.  However, all unascended mankind should bear in mind that, no matter how many worlds he finds in “outer space,” he cannot permanently leave the Earth until he has completely balanced his accounts with life for all his use thereof - “making things right” in his own world, as well as in the worlds of others during the long “past” he has lived.  Thus does he purify and prepare his four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) for the Ascension.
It is hoped that, in all their scientific seeking (either in person or by sending
rockets into interstellar space), mankind will learn that naught else but GOD PEACE and PERFECTION abide anywhere else in this dear Universe.  Then, having gained such Wisdom first-hand, man will joyously and determinedly set about to use the Violet Flame to transmute all human shadows into Light - thus removing strife by Freedomʼs might.  Then shall ETERNAL PEACE make Freedomʼs Star shine like a Golden Sun of Righteousness (right use of The Law of Life - “I AM”).
                                               LADY  MASTER  NADA