Tuesday, July 28, 2015



            With some people color seems to be a very “touchy” subject. That is, particularly the colors of red and black. Most of the shades so called that is the hues of red we have in the outer world, are not seen in realms of Light nor is black. They do appear on the inner in the lower realms that is in the psychic astral realm. The black and most of the red we have are of human qualities and not of the Divine. The dark or sinister forces have perpetrated these colors onto and into mankind’s spiritual activities, the robes, caps, and the printing of the Bible. Yet black is used to represent or symbolize death, which is the opposite of spiritual life which is everlasting or eternal. Although the Bible comes in red and black, yet people get good from it by recognizing certain truths therein. Red is used to represent or signal danger. Danger, accidents etc., are only of the human and not of the Divine.
            It is argued that scientifically red and black are or do exist. Yes, so do diseases, crimes, accidents and death. But all these qualities and actions have come into existence only since mankind turned from the Light and has created the human realm which did not exist previously and does not exist except on earth. So black and the red referred to here did not exist on earth originally, there were only the true colors of the seven Rays. Scientist go by what they can perceive with the five senses and their instruments.
            Man’s five senses do not sense the higher vibratory action which created the universe and is eternal life. The vibratory action of the brain structure is now too slow to register the vibrations of the higher realms. Scientists work from the outer, the physical, and the human side inwards. While the true action of life is just the reverse, it already is on the inner and then manifests in the outer.
            They use the rainbow for their argument. Is black one of the colors in the rainbow? The dictionary does not include it as such. That color of red in the rainbow is produced by the discord in the atmosphere. None are the true colors of the seven Rays, just as nothing on earth is perfect. “There is no perfect physical condition, nor perfect physical body or physical environment.” Through man’s discord all vibratory actions of earth have been lowered below perfection.
 “White or colorless light (like daylight) is made up of all the colors of the rainbow, so blended, or mixed, that no color predominates. Hold a glass prism in a beam of light… the band color is called a spectrum. It contains all the colors of the rainbow, separated out of the beam of light passing through the prism.
            “A band of these spectrum colors: it progresses gradually like the colors of the rainbow, from violet to indigo, to blue, to green, to yellow, to orange, until finally at the opposite end, it stops with red.
            “The three colors that we call primaries, namely, yellow, blue, and red (originally pink)’ secondary colors, orange between yellow and red, violet between red and blue, and green between blue and yellow; between each primary and secondary color are the intermediate colors, yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, and yellow-green.”
            They list no black in the color spectrum or rainbow. But show black as the opposite of white, and by mixing them one gets the various spaces of gray with no true hues. White light contains all the colors, and the opposite, an absence of light or black has none of these colors in it.
            There are no shady or dirty colors in the higher realms, although there are seven hues of color of each Ray.
            We have learned that the colors as well as everything has come out of Light substance. A beam of pure light from the sun functioning in the atmosphere of earth is subjected to its vibratory action which is less than perfect, hence produces colors less than perfect.
            Black, as most of the red and other colors that are shady, dark and muddied have come out of human qualification; as have so-called death and  decay.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beloved Saint Germain

Beloved Chelas,
It is always my privilege, my great honor, to speak to these dear ones of my Heart. I thank You, Blessed Amethyst and great Lord Zadkiel; I thank the beloved peoples of Earth who have belief in the efficacy of the Violet Fire, and I ask you with all my Heart's love during this month when we have the attention of the chelas upon the Violet Fire and Lord Zadkiel's activity of invocation, to please accept your Sponsor, who is a magnificent Gentleman of Violet Fire from the Flame of Purification into your worlds and into your consciousness.
This Being of Light is real, and will render for you that service of intensifying your ACCEPTANCE of this Violet Fire and your USE of this Violet Fire in your individual worlds, so that when we come to Shamballa, you can say honestly, and I can say for you, that you have learned to take the scepter of authority, use that Violet Fire consciously, see the efficacious results in the changing of the quality of energy from discord into harmony, and you will bring in a harvest as great as that of the Angelic Host. The Angelic Host's harvest has always been great; the Elemental's harvest is to be increased by those of us who feel for them their suffering at not being able to manifest the full perfection that they desire in the world.
Lord Michael and all of us who are interested in loving life FREE, have promised to help the Elementals because they do not like to come in with a small harvest, any more than you do. Then the human beings or those wearing physical forms, will bring in their harvests to Shamballa, and I would like to have every student, every blessed chela, who has believed that I AM, who has used my name, who has been a part of my endeavor, to bring a personal harvest of learning the Science of the use of the Violet Flame.
It is a magnificent sight, beloved ones, tonight in this great Temple, and I know that when you place your bodies to sleep and you come in the fuller freedom of your inner bodies to visit this Temple, you will enjoy all of the magnificence that has been held here in the etheric realm since the days' of Atlantis. Many of you take up your places in the same exact spot where you stood when you were Priests and Priestesses in that Temple centuries ago. You automatically go to that spot to make your application.
I thank you... I thank the Beloved Zadkiel and the Beloved Amethyst tonight, each and everyone who has contributed to making possible the opening of this

Retreat. May its great Light now envelop this Earth.
Saint Germain 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lady Miriam

My Dear Heart Friends, I AM Miriam and I AM grateful for the privilege of speaking with you this evening from the Focus of our Beloved Maha Chohan at Ceylon. You perhaps know that Beloved Holy AEolus was my guru, and many times through the years I came to this Holy Focus in my etheric consciousness and it became a familiar place to me, almost a second home. I journeyed here to be bathed in its gentle Love - that feeling Quality of the Holy Spirit which did so assist me. And this afternoon, our present Maha Chohan, the Beloved Paul, came to me and said "Miriam our revered Holy AEolus will shortly be here, and I invite you to come to his study where we shall have a heart-to-heart talk. When I arrived at the appointed time and bowed to his glorious Presence, my father (in my final embodiment) also was there. He was known to many of the chelas as "papa". He was accompanied by his Divine Complement, the Beloved Amaryllis. So you see, my friends, he is the Cosmic son of Holy AEolus. Oh, we had a beautiful afternoon, in great friendliness! You might think that would have been a time when we were thinking of the great activity of the evening... ah, my lovely ones, camaraderie of the Spirit is so beautiful and by our gentle and loving conversation, we blended as One in the great all-encompassing Spirit of Light. I do hope I can convey to you, through my feelings, what a tremendous privilege was mine, and may that Love and Comfort of the
Holy Spirit enfold you in its Holy Essence. We will now speak of the Transmission Activity... over the Focus the amphitheater which looks like a beautifully landscaped garden covers all of Asia. Above this amphitheater is a replica of the Cosmic Dove of the Holy Spirit over Long Island. Before the Breathing Ceremony, one could see the Light going from one dove to the other. As you know, the Seven Chohans are under the direction of the Maha Chohan and they are all here this evening, in their magnificence, each one sending the Light of his particular quality into these Rays. How they all love the Cosmic Holy Spirit who was their immediate superior for many years. And now they lovingly give the same deference to Beloved Paul... a handsome being of great dignity. As you know, the focus at Ceylon, as given in your literature is under a tea plantation... you might wonder at this description ...it is just inside a level of ground of one of the terraces of the plantation. This passage is visible to those who are aware of its location. It is thus in many cases throughout Asia where the mighty Beings and Holy men reside. Our Beloved Paul sustains an etheric body here so that when it is necessary to greet anyone of the outer world, he uses this garment, because his glorious Presence would be shattering to one not fully spiritually developed who came into his Presence. So remember, this actually is a physical Focus on the Planet
Earth and it is magnificent in every detail with its beautiful simplicity. There have not been any changes in the decor so to speak since Beloved Paul was elevated to the office of Maha Chohan, with one outstanding exception... the Beloved Paul, as you know, was the celebrated painter Veronese, and he has precipitated a glorious likeness of Holy AEolus in the study. The glorious picture pulsates with such Light that one would think Holy AEolus was standing there in his tangible Presence. Tonight, at the request of Beloved Paul, Holy AEolus acquiesced and went to the altar with him to breathe upon the Sacred Flame which is within the Chalice... the Chalice is exquisitely adorned with the Doves symbolic of the Holy Spirit. When they breathed upon this Flame of Comfort and Peace, the white Light from their Beings was tremendous and it blazed and blazed until they were scarcely visible... then that Flame took on the glorious shades of Pink from the most delicate soft shade to ruby, and the intensified shades of gold. Then it reached the Dove in the amphitheater and traveled around the Earth, it followed a track of Rainbow Rays - all the colors of the spectrum... because people evolving upon this Planet are on the different Rays. In an endeavor to bring Peace to every individual, they will each receive a Gift from the Ray which they require most to forward their evolution. Just realize that for the next twenty-four hour period as the Flame is greatly accelerated
that the Earth will be enriched in the Seven Rays and the Blessings of all the Chohans being showered upon all the people, and all the Kingdoms, evolving on this Sphere. With a prayer in our Hearts, we humbly anticipate that each one will receive Peace, which does come when one recognizes the Holy Spirit within, and they feel that Comforting Presence about them. 0 dear God, my sincere prayer is that all men shall know the Holy Spirit ere many years have passed and I beseech you, my friends on Earth, to turn your attention to Holy AEolus and to Beloved Paul this month specifically and endeavor to become a Holy Spirit in action at all times. This evening Beloved Paul is going to be host at a reception to all the great Beings who are here - some from other stars - and this reception will include a musical, for we know that Divine Harmony does so much for the Earth and her evolutions. We expect to hear the glorious tones from the magnificent voice of Harmony, our Beloved LaMoray, and many of the other Beings who have such great musical talent... to mention a few, Beloved Saint Germain, Kuthumi, Serapis and so on. It is about time for me to leave you and join the others so I will just say that our blessed Morya is in such a mellow mood this evening, I would not be surprised if his selection on the piano will be "Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms"...and if there is an encore, I AM sure he will play "The Last Rose of Summer", which he does

so beautifully. So now my Heart friends, you may not think that this talk has been along Cosmic lines - but remember that as I said earlier, in camaraderie of Spirit there is Unity! And blessing you all with Unity of your lower selves with the Christ, feel my Love enfold you, each lovely one.
Thank You, Miriam