Monday, November 24, 2014

Lady Master Nada

At the time of My Victory, I dwelt in Mesopotamia, in a

beautiful country, where the roofs were open to the blue sky

and the roses and vines made a natural covering on the walls

and arches. Before our City stretched the blue sea and behind

the City was a desert. In this desert there was a Monastery of

Mystics, to which I retired and wherein I received My training and

My final Victory of the Ascension.

The Monastery was large, built after the manner of the

Chinese Temples in Seven Courts. The Innermost Court was

called ‘The Temple of Supreme Harmony,’ and none were

allowed to enter there until there was no more inharmoniousness

in their entire beings or worlds.

The First Court, wherein we were received was all that the

heart of the Novitiate could desire; luxurious, beautiful, restful;

truly an expression of all one expected of the Spiritual World,

wherein one had retired, away from the ‘turmoil’ of outer living.

Here, for six months, we lived in Beauty and Peace; with no

Lessons, no Discipline, etc., surrounded by exquisite paintings;

all with Spiritual Meaning for the Discerning. Here we sat amid

libraries throbbing with Spiritual Lore if we chose to open them

and read. Here, some of us began our Spiritual Venture, others

were not Alert and rested among the Wealth of Knowledge,

waiting for an OUTER prompting from the Hierophant to tell

them where to begin. We were watched every moment to see

how well we Availed ourselves of the Spiritual Wealth that lay

about us.

After six months, our training began. First, we were shorn of our

hair to eliminate pride. Then, we were given robes to wear; THE

COLOR OF OUR AURAS. The Insignia of the Order was a Single

Rose Stem with Six Thorns (representing the six senses) and

at the top, when earned, a Single Opened Rose (representing

the seventh sense Inspiration). On the breast of our gowns was

woven the Stem with the Six Thorns, and as we Unfolded, there

was added a Single Petal, a Bud, a half opened flower, etc.

We were banded into groups of seven, with whom we lived

and slept in dormitories; having but TWO HOURS SOLITARY in

every twenty-four. The seven were chosen not for congeniality,

but the Hierophant chose personalities directly opposed to each

one; to draw out the hidden vices and the viciousness in our

worlds. We had to spend 22 hours out of the 24 with these

individualities. Many dropped by the wayside, bitter towards the

Order and toward the ‘unthinking’ choice of companions. Those

of us who remained finally became fast friends, but no sooner

had we learned to work in Harmony than we were reassembled

in other groups of seven; with other trials, etc. On my day of rest,

I would run down to the sea and plunge my face in the water, or

I would run through the desert until the wind blew my short hair

straight, in an effort to regain and hold my Peace and Poise.

FINALLY, the Bhagavad Gita by Shri Krishna taught me that the

Lesson I had to learn was that no one outside of myself could

disturb me and that all externals were but reflections in the Maya

of Life of qualities within myself; and thus, I found Peace.

After three years, a small, haggard band of well-worn

travelers, were admitted to the Temple of Supreme Harmony.

As we stood humbly before the Altar, we looked fondly at each

other, remembering the many battles royal of the past. There

we were again, banded together in sevens and formed Units

of Healing, Inspiration, etc. We Drew Magnetic Currents



Projected them forth over the Earth, until The Cosmic Law said,

Our Balance to Life was Paid; and so when we had returned to

Life, that Balance, Our Victory, was Won and Our Ascension



Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Spirit of Shamballa



The Spirit of Shamballa is a living, pulsating, vibrant and Radiating Center of Living Light, motivated by Divine Love, sustained by Service, energized by practical works on behalf of the redemption of the evolutions using the Planet Earth as a schoolroom.


This Spirit is a real, living, Vital intelligent Being of Light and is a Source of encouragement to all who seek more Light upon their spiritual paths.


As all Divine Beings enter into this Spirit at the beginning of this Holy Season, bringing in the sheaves of their accomplishment of the year, this Spirit glows with added Light.

By placing your attention upon this Spirit of Shamballa once in every twenty-four hour period, consciously enjoy its blessedness and let it energize in and through you the vital spiritual energies from your Holy Christ Self you, too, may engage in the delightful task of widening the Borders of God's Kingdom here on Earth.