Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Beloved Corona

Hail, Children of the Light, “I AM” Corona and I dwell in the chromosphere around your Sun. It is My privilege to abide in the glorious Radiation of Mighty Helios and Vesta, being visible only to Earthlings at the time of a total eclipse.
Why do I come to you, the chelas of the Cosmic Beings and Ascended Masters at this time?
As We look upon your auras, We see the emergence of The Christ, the veil of shadow of the human self receding, and you are now rapidly approaching the time when the corona, or halo, of your own Being will shine forth. You have seen illustrated in pictorial manner, the shining Light forming an aureole, or corona, around “sainted” ones.
In the Higher Octaves your great Causal Bodies are glorious Coronas, whose luminosity is never dimmed, just increased in intensity as you become adept in the process of expanding the various Virtues of the Godhead. The time has arrived when the Good of your Causal Bodies should be drawn forth and lowered (but not diminished) so that it will be the Perfect Aureole of The Emerging Christ.
I shall now proceed to give you an exercise which will be of great assistance in accomplishing this. Some of you beloved ones employ this in part but We wish you to take fuller advantage of the Gifts and Powers awaiting your use:
First, give recognition to and center yourself in The Christ within, removing your consciousness from the outer self. Now in prayerful humility, kneel in gratitude for the privilege of knowing you ARE the Indwelling Christ.
Becoming absorbed, or saturated, in The Christ Consciousness, feel the Crown of the Elohim become activated on your forehead. The Seven Rays blazing forth in balanced activity. Here pause to give recognition to the glorious Rays, and travel further on the avenue of your Silver Cord into the very Heart of your “I AM” Presence. Love, love, oh, love that Great God “Presence,” and blending as One, thank the Supreme Source of all Creation for this privilege. As this Oneness intensifies, visualize the pulsating Bands of your Causal Body, your Cosmic Corona, enfold you.
Now abide in this consciousness for a short while, until you become accustomed to the higher rate of vibration, and then proceed to retrace the journey of your consciousness to the starting point of The Christ within your heart. Give a prayer of gratitude for this Celestial Journey, quietly, unhurriedly continue your application, and then proceed to follow your daily activities.
I admonish you to do this exercise for short periods at first. Should you not be adept at this, ask one of the Cosmic Beings or Ascended Masters to give you assistance, until there is no strain felt in this change of vibratory action.
As you will realize, this is given to you for a very specific purpose, to enable you to further blend the outer self with the Inner, and the more infiltration of the Inner, the more will the outer recede.
As The Christ emerges and is allowed to take control, there must be a rarefied atmosphere for Its functioning through the lower vehicles. It should have a Corona of Divine Love, Peace, Purity and Beauty to permit fuller expression in the world of form, otherwise the little or human self intrudes and is in command of your being and world.
This is presented to you not as an entertainment excursion into the Higher Octaves, but to train your vehicles so they will not further impede the Activity of The Christ within from taking control and functioning in your being and worlds, at all times.

I call the Blessings of the Supreme Source of All Life upon you in your forward progress on the Path of Spiritual Attainment.
I, Corona, from the Aura of Beloved Helios and Vesta shall be prayerfully watching the expansion of your “Corona.” So Be It! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mighty Victory

Our Great and Mighty Cosmic Being Victory has said that each time He speaks some part of Life is Set Free! If we will reverently provide the channel for Him, each time this page is read HE WILL FREE SOME PART OF LIFE, and “you” who read it, will be partially responsible for that by having provided the channel. Victory and Freedom will thus be able to manifest more quickly on the Earth.
FIRST: Focus your undivided attention on your own “I AM” PRESENCE and the Flame within your Heart. Send your love to Mighty Victory and see Him clothe you in His Luminous Presence, charging you with His Victory and the Power of the Great Silence. Say silently but constantly - “VICTORY IS MINE!” As you move among mankind and you see some condition that needs more Light, if possible touch it and silently say: “VICTORY IS YOURS!” (3)
All this Great Being asks is that you provide the expression for Him to render this service, and as you do, your own Momentum and Power of Light will increase and expand and each one of you will be blessed for giving this simple and yet tremendous service.
Mighty Victory has said: “Each time you do this, the Victory you silently decree shall come forth, and the Victory you deserve shall be yours, and the Victory you desire for others shall be theirs! This is the first time since I started My service that I have been able to use students for a service such as this. Remember, keep your thoughts harmonious so My radiation can pour through.”

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mighty Archangel Raphael

Hail! Spirits of Fire, you who have consecrated your energies to the expansion of the Light of this Planet, I greet you this holy day. 
I invite you to consciously join your attention and energies with my momentum of Consecration... and reverently thank the Supreme Source for the Gift of Life.... O Father Mother God we kneel in our hearts in adoration as we renew our vows of dedication to thy Holy Cause of Freedom for this Earth... 
How deeply have you considered the Vow of Consecration which you took many years ago... when you put your feet upon the Path toward spiritual fulfillment? Yes, you have done exceedingly well, but it is my desire, my responsibility, this day to further impress upon your consciousness that your every act, word or deed should be one of Consecration. 
Let us turn our attention to the Holy Mother Mary who with her every breath, used the Flame of Consecration... and to that great exemplar Jesus whom we specifically honor at this time, who followed the purpose of dedication unto his victorious accomplishment! 
Beloved ones, Consecration is the releasing of positively qualified energy in a harmonious manner, with the conscious knowledge that it is one's responsibility to expand the borders of the Father's Kingdom. As an individual is planting seeds in a garden, he is consecrating his energies to a purpose - that of bringing forth Beauty and he uses the Flame of Expectancy, of Faith, that the seeds will mature into that Perfection. The ultimate outcome will depend upon the elemental who is to develop the flower under the direction of the Deva in charge. The same is true of a lifestream, the Father-Mother God has planted the seed within him and according to the cooperation of the individual will it mature and outpicture the Perfection ordained for him. The little elemental has to try again and again until he brings forth the design given to him... and the same applies to the individual who is required to take embodiment upon embodiment until the glorious Christ Self may step forth and express through him at all times. 
May I suggest that upon arising before starting your daily activities, that you turn your attention to me and ask that I re-consecrate your energies to the expansion of the Light of this Planet. Use any statement that issues from your heart, it will take but a moment, and you will be amazed how your feeling of Joy in Service will increase, until it has reached such a momentum that you and I will be consciously serving as one, at all times. In doing so, you will be drawn closer into the service of the establishing of the brotherhood of angels and man upon the Earth! A moment’s reflection will show you how all avenues of service blend into one. 
In consecrating your energy in this manner, the seven fold Flames playing upon the Planet would be accelerated for while you are serving on one or more Rays, another lifestream would be serving on another. All the Rays would be amplified through the dedication of the chelas to the activity of Consecration and the Earth's Aura would be a magnificent expression of the Seven Rays. 
On the 15th of this month Beloved Jesus will establish his luminous Presence over the The Resurrection Temple and it will remain in the amphitheater all through the month. How can one express the fact that Beloved Jesus is more radiant than ever! His glorious Presence is truly an exquisite example of the Godhead for all to see... the luminosity of his eyes provides a magnet to draw all closer and deeper into the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Holy Micah, we bow in humility to your Light, and as you so lovingly draw all life into the One Consciousness, we pledge our energies to expanded service. Thou mighty One, majestically do you wear the crown of the Angel of Unity! 
Let us turn our attention to Shamballa - the Etheric Focus is appropriately and exquisitely decorated for the Easter Season. Later in the day Beloved Gabriel will escort the Beloved Gautama, Beloved Sanat Kumara and Lord Divino to the Resurrection Temple. They have chosen to remain at Shamballa . These Beloved Ones who are in residence at Shamballa have been pouring their Light and Love upon you, and all life, in anticipation of raising your consciousness ever higher to assist you to actively enter into the true feeling of the Christ... and it is our Heart Prayer that you will remain in that State of Grace!"  I AM, Raphael