Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beloved Paul The Venetian 1959

True and Pure Divine Love is being expressed by the one who “accepts
only the best and (by the use of Violet Fire) transmutes all the rest” - not only in those he contacts, but in himself as well!  You know, it is every bit as important for one to be able completely to forgive oneʼs self as it is that he completely easily and quickly forgives others.  When Life flows in Its Pure Essence from the Heart of each oneʼs own “I AM Presence,” It is crystal clear in Its full God-Purity - wholly impersonal and without discrimination as to what is either good or bad, right or wrong.  In reference to this Truth, perhaps you will recall the statement in one of Shakespeareʼs plays which says:  “Nothingʼs either good or bad but thinking (and feeling) make it so.”
Pure Life (Light-Essence) is absolutely obedient substance and, therefore,
must allow to be imposed upon It the likeness of that which It contacts - particularly when the energies are “consciously directed” by the personality, through the use of its God-Given Gift of Free Will.  So, whether the shadows are imposed upon oneʼs own Life-Essence (as It flows into and through his four lower bodies - emotional, mental, etheric and, finally, physical), or whether they are imposed upon the Life-Essence of another - STILL is discord being allowed to contaminate Lifeʼs Perfection shutting in Its radiant Light and preventing It from expressing “on Earth as It is in Heaven.”
The habit of allowing self-condemnation to act in oneʼs feeling world but
sustains and expands the shadows already there and should be most carefully avoided by every sincere chela.  As We said, it is just as erroneous for one to condemn his own Life as the Life of another for - again - ALL LIFE IS ONE.  In many individuals, among the accumulation of his humanly accepted ideas, there is found to be the fallacy of belief that:  “I can do as I please with my own Life!  I am hurting no one else and, if I have to pay for my mistakes, I shall be the only one suffering thereby.”  Nothing could be further from the Truth!
The ONENESS OF ALL LIFE has been proclaimed to man by every
Avatar of Light Who ever trod this dear Earth.  Among These was Our Beloved Ascended Master Jesus Who said:  “Whatever ye do unto one of the least of these (who are) My brethren, ye have done it unto Me!”  Therefore, SINCE ALL LIFE IS ONE - what affects one affects all, to some extent.  Naturally, all the Life which is vibrating on the same “wavelength” as your own (or closely akin to it) will be affected most and most quickly, too!  Did you ever think of that?
Think!  If there is a large rug lying on the floor and by some means the center
of that rug is raised (perhaps a foot or more) does that not cause every thread of that rug to be somewhat affected - at least to the changing of its position even to the farthest corners thereof?  Are not all four corners of that rug then drawn closer to the center than they were?  Even in Nature, is not the Light of the Sun the great magnetic Power which actually draws out and raises the expanding Life from the darkness of the Earth in which its roots have been anchored, into the Light and visible, tangible expression - manifesting as beauty of form, color, fragrance and usefulness too?  So does the “only begotten Son” (of the Light of each lifestream - the Holy Christ Self), draw out, intensify and expand the Perfection like unto Itself from all It contacts when allowed freely to flood Itself forth from within the heart of anyone, even though such Perfection presently may be “buried” in human effluvia.
Therefore, instead of allowing feelings of self-condemnation and their
attendant negative qualities and results to act, at the first intimation of such uncomfortable feelings, one should quickly turn to his own “I AM Presence” (focused in the heart as the Holy Christ Self) and earnestly say:  “I AM!  I AM!  I AM! the Ascended Masters Law of Forgiveness, Forgetfulness and Transmuting Flame of every discordant thought, feeling, spoken word and deed - all inharmonious action and human consciousness and every obstruction I have ever placed in the Pathway of Lifeʼs Perfection, cause, effect, record and memory - past or present, known or unknown, today and forever - BEFORE it can act, manifest or longer be sustained.  Replace it on the instant by all the Power and Perfection of the Divine Plan fulfilled, sustained and expanded by the Sacred Fire without limit today and forever.  I consciously accept this done RIGHT NOW with full power!”  (Repeat 3 times.)
All the while this decree is being given, one should visualize the Violet Transmuting Flame dynamically blazing up, in, through and around one - rendering the service requested.  Then, having thus placed the matter in the Hands of Deity, compel the mind and feeling to “forget the whole incident” and do not allow them to return to its contemplation ever again.  Thus one could be so quickly and completely freed from much which otherwise must manifest in his world after its kind

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beloved Lord Lanto 1959

Beloved ones of Light! For many years I have welcomed you while acting 
as Host for the Brotherhood of the Royal Teton. Now, as recently I was honored by Opportunity to serve as Chohan of the Second Ray (releasing the Beloved Kuthumi for higher service), again I invite you to come to Me often in consciousness - thus allowing Me to give you the gentle Beauty and Illumination of the Second Ray - as well as My Own radiation into your world of the gathered momentums thereof - all through the centuries I have lived.
It would be so wonderful were you to give Me some little attention each
morning, before beginning your day - asking Me to project into your consciousness the God-Wisdom which will guide you aright all through your day, enabling you to use your energies therein only to fulfill your Divine Plan. Would that not bring you great Peace and prevent many a “human” mistake? I assure you it would! Also - before entering into any business venture or making any decided change in your affairs - go by yourself and, getting very quiet, call to your own Beloved “I AM Presence” first and then speak My Name. I
shall be aware of you instantly. Then talk to Me about your needs and desires and ask Me for directing Intelligence from Our Octave and let that shed Its Light upon your way! Just

Monday, January 12, 2015

El Morya 1959

                        At some point on each one’s Path of Life, the personality consciousness is drawn by the Love of the Holy Christ Self to the seeking out, study and application of the Laws of Life and greater understanding of God-Truth.  This search is activated by many different motives - which “inner reasons” determine the type and course of his study.  However, when earnestly continued - even as it has been said that “All roads lead to Rome” - so does every authentic God-Teaching in the world finally lead the individual into the conscious acknowledgment and acceptance of his own Individualized God-Presence “I AM.”
                        This Ultimate Truth must be known and accepted; Its constructive Laws of Life lived to the best of the student’s ability and the Violet Transmuting Flame (and other purifying activities of the Sacred Fire) must be used to transmute all human mistakes (and their causes and cores so that no more occur), before the Goal of every lifestream - the Ascension - can take place.  So, from time to time, many beautiful Souls from every great religion of the world enter Our Realm in the Victory of Their Personal Ascension.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Maha Chohan

  January 28, 1962
Beloved Children: 
As you know, the real life is the Inner life which goes on invisibly to all but the man who is awakened to the Christus within and in whose consciousness the various outer thoughts and feelings do not vie with one another for supremacy. So, too, is the great work of the Brotherhood invisible and unknown to all but those who are chosen to be a part of its ramifications. The more sensitive our good chelas become to our wishes, the greater will be their individual usefulness to us. We ask you, dear ones, to train yourselves always to commune with us through sending a powerful thought-wave in our direction, and then be utterly still until the returning wave re-vibrates in your heart. 
The law of all Life is the Circle. What you send forth goes to its objective and then returns to its creator, so - apart from your Spiritual Worth - it would be impossible for not to receive a direct answer when you address any activity or individual in this verse. 
I might say further, when man feels himself a being apart from his fellowman, he instantly closes the door to his ability to be God-in-action. Why? Because God, the One, knows himself as All there is, manifest and unmanifest, everywhere present, indivisible, a unit without beginning or end, and recognizes no other force nor Presence but himself, If you can contemplate the Living God within, knowing that you are part of his very Being you will release yourself from the consciousness of being a separate entity that has limitation and distress - you will walk with the Gods! 
I bless you for your fidelity and your faith.
Love and Blessings,