Friday, October 19, 2012

The I AM Presence




Everyone knew his/her own Individualized “I AM Presence” in the beginning, as we know each other today.  This means more than just intellectually knowing of It and that It is there above or outside of you.  It is anchored in your heart, but the greater Portion is outside, above.


It dwells at Inner Levels at great heights and Works at Cosmic Levels in a creative capacity.  It is active constantly, and independent of you in the physical here.  It is not just a stationery figure above you.  All the Work It does is done through wielding Light Rays.


To get the awareness of the “I AM Presence”, one has to give attention to It, and learn to contemplate It.  Upon awakening give attention to It before getting involved in outer activities. 


To contemplate, if possible be where you will not be disturbed for awhile.  Still yourself.  Think of your “I AM Presence” as an Individual Living Being.  A Being of blazing White Light, a Being of Love, of Power, of Wisdom and all God Qualities.  If It was not there you would not be here.  You would not have Life.  Try to realize that It has the Power to produce whatever is required.  It can protect you and does, even unknown to you many times.  It gives you intelligence and being.  Without It you would not have a body nor would it function.


Be grateful to again know about your “I AM Presence”.  Call on the Law of Forgiveness for all your mistakes and those of all mankind.  Pour love to It, relax and be at Peace.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Application is important to do each day, rhythmically, not just spasmodically.  We eat, we sleep each day as a rule.  We do not eat just once and think that is sufficient.  The Earth makes its revolution each day so the Sun’s rays cover certain portions of the planet each day. 
The Ascended Master Teaching is for the purpose of spiritual self-development and to attain Mastery.  The only way that can be done is through application.  The same way a baby grows, it needs to eat and exercise, and no one else can do that for it. 
One can read any number of recipe books and it will not produce a meal, not until one applies it and makes effort in the right direction.  Application should be made at least twice a day, morning and evening.  In the early Work it was suggested that the students do it three times a day.
Application, particularly for those of you whom this Teaching is new, need to do some decrees, not just meditate. When a person wants to learn to play the piano, he/she does not just meditate or read about it.  One has to practice, releasing Energy through the physical body.  By also meditating it will help one to become a good musician. 
Application is more than just decreeing.  It means to do some meditation or contemplation, giving attention to the “Presence”; do some decreeing and some studying.  Even though you have read these things before, by going over them again you may see some points you have missed. As your consciousness expands and you get familiar with these unorthodox things and terminology, the “Presence” can Illumine other points to you as your thinking process changes.
As you make application you will begin to feel more positive in your feelings, have more assurance and confidence, perhaps get a new meaning and purpose in Life, the reason for being.  Then later on come to know the “I AM Presence” more and more as a Reality.  Also that there is a Divine Plan beyond the human way of living

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wesak Festival

On the day of the Full Moon in the month of May, Lord Gautama Buddha has each year since His Ascension, the departure from the physical plane, given His outpouring of the Buddha Life Force.  This is known as the Wesak Festival.  This was the provision made for Him to infuse His particular Blessings and Benediction upon the people of the Earth once a year.
This takes place in the month of May because that is the Anniversary of His Birth, His Attainment of Buddha-hood and His Ascension.  The time of the full moon was chosen because the emotional bodies of the people are at their fullest tide, and there is more opportunity to pour the Radiation from the Realms of Light.
Each year Lord Gautama has always made this Visitation in the lower atmosphere over the hills of India.  Thus sending forth His outpouring to the assembled White Brotherhood, to the pilgrims who were able to be there in their physical bodies and to the students who could consciously leave their bodies and attend in their Inner Bodies,  and spread the Radiation over the Earth, the people and through nature.
Until 1953, the Visitation was always made in His Luminous Presence.  But since then He has appeared there in His Ascended Light Body, visible to the Inner Sight.  Since becoming the Lord of the World (January 1, 1956), the full gathered momentum which He has gained and which enabled Him to fill that Position is released at the Wesak Festival through the attending pilgrims to all evolutions on Earth.  Now that the Western mind has been made aware of the Great White Brotherhood, the Retreats and many Inner Activities, students can direct their consciousness there at the time of the Wesak Festival and attend in consciousness and their Inner Bodies.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Psychic and Astral Realm



It was said that when the psychic and astral realm was in process of disillusionment and purification, we would become cognizant through earth rocking, tornadoes, tidal waves,  plagues, epidemics and various things. If there are groups to make the right kind and sufficient application much of this would be handled and avoided by the Great Ones at inner levels before it manifested in the outer world.