Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Most Beloved Saint Germain

The energy of each one's lifestream is the Conductor over which passes any and every activity that the individual experiences, thus the energy of the lifestream becomes the only means by which good or evil can enter the experience of the self-conscious focus of the One God Life.
All life desires Good, Beauty, Opulence, Happiness and the limitless number of expressions of the qualities and experiences found in the Kingdom of Heaven, thus it behooves Life to understand more fully that the nature of the 'Carrier' determines the Gifts. 
In the outer world, individuals entrusted with the conveyance of gold, jewels and priceless securities are people of high principle, moral integrity and flawless character, because the goods they convey are thought to be of enough value to be protected by the best means of conveyance that the human race can procure. Man would not entrust valuable possessions or physical assets of great integral value to lifestreams of a questionable nature. As below, so above, but to a far more exacting degree, as the quality of the 'Carrier' forms an essential part of the particular experiences and gifts conveyed into the possession of the individual.  
If lifestreams were as careful of the quality of their energy as they are in securing a bond for the man entrusted with their physical assets, they would find that the Gifts of the Kingdom can ride into the lifestream only on HARMONIOUSLY QUALIFIED ENERGY and that if they allow their 'Carrier' to express any other quality, he is automatically disqualified from conveying the Gifts of the Kingdom.  
For instance, discordant energy will not bear the current of Healing or Supply. A harmonious stream of electronic energy is a natural conductor for the perfected gifts which each lifestream requires so much, but which cannot ride into the experience except upon a beam of energy representing that one's own lifestream, which must vibrate at a harmonious rate in order to convey these finer and most sought after gifts of the Kingdom.  

Each man sets up his own line of contact or disconnects himself according to the particular qualification of the energy in his lifestream from time to time, but the individual who has mastered the control of the energy of his bodies to a point where he never breaks the connection through discord, can never know limitation, disease or the many manifestations of the appearance world that can only ride in on the broken rhythm of the discordant energy.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Coming Of Lord Michael

When the Father-Mother God gave into the keeping of the Great Elohim the responsibility for the creation of a habitable globe, upon which certain intelligent spirits might evolve to God Perfection, the Elohim from out of their own Hearts' Light projected forth the Convex Rays which formed the cradle or matrix for the Earth. Where these Masculine and Feminine Rays met, the Permanent Atom for the Earth was formed. This Atom contained within itself the magnetic power by which the Universal Light Substance was drawn into this spherical form and, with the cooperation of the Builders of Form, the Nature Devas, and the Directors of the Forces of the Elements, the sea, the earth, the atmosphere came into being with the Cosmic Fire interpenetrating all.  
One Cosmic Day, the work of creation was completed and the Elohim signified to the Sun that the planet Earth was ready for habitation. Three distinct types of Intelligent life were to be given an opportunity to unfold their God nature on this small Star... Angels, Men and Elementals, each contributing in some manner to the well being and progress of the other, and their combined life, force was ordained to weave the spiritual bridge to tie the Earth to the Heart of God.  
As kind and loving parents prepare for the coming of an expected child long before the advent of the infant upon the Earth plane, so did the God Parents prepare for the guardianship, sustenance and protection of the evolving lives who were to be called forth to people this Star.
To guard and nourish the spiritual nature of humanity and to help the development of the Inner Spark of Divinity into the Flame of Conscious Mastery, the Angelic Host was sent Earthward, to stand by the side of humankind, radiating the Love, the Faith, the Will of the Father into the atmosphere and aura of the evolving God Consciousness in every human. The Angelic Host was under the direction of the Seven Great Archangels who came from the Central Sun of our system and abided within our physical Sun until the Elohim had prepared the planets which were to be their charge out of the primordial and unformed Light Body of God.
The Angelic Host, through association with Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom, were promised that they, in time, might attain the estate of Archangels and become Guardian Powers in systems of worlds unborn from the consciousness of future Solar Lords.
The Godhead charged the directed Ray into the Permanent Atom which was to be the magnetic power holding the lifestreams destined to evolve upon the Planet within its orbit. The Great Nature Devas of every mountain, sea and plain vivified the Life Wave through the abundant verdant gifts of nature waiting the coming of humanity.
The Angelic Host stood, visible and tangible upon the surface of the Earth looking upward as the Gates of Heaven opened, and the First Ray, in a burst of Celestial Music suffused the Heavens with its lovely azure blue, and then formed a radiant Pathway from the Heart of the Sun to the planet Earth, over which the first sons of men might, in dignity, descend into incarnation.
Then, before the eyes of the silent witnesses and the visitors from other Planets and Systems, appeared in the Open Gates of Heaven, the Presence of The Prince of the Heavenly Host, Lord Michael, The Archangel, wearing the Crown of Immortality, clothed in the Light of the Central Sun from whose bosom he had come to guard and guide the children of the Earth through the centuries of experience life yet to come.
At his Presence, the Earth itself began to sing her Cosmic Song, the Angelic Host poured out their praise at the coming of their Lord, the Devas and Builders of Form joined the Spiritual Anthem with their majestic overtones, and the sister Planets of our system added to the symphony of celestial sound. Archangel Michael, son of the King of Kings, Angel of the Resurrection of the God Nature in Angel, human and elemental, who came to insure the safe return of every son of man, every Angel, every elemental at the close of the Cosmic Day.  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pallas Athena

Beloved of the Light,
The outpicturing of the Spirit of Truth which it is my privilege to embody is little understood by the humankind of this Earth. Since the days of Lemuria when I walked and talked with the evolutions of this planet, few have pierced through the veil and stood in the Presence of Truth! The majority have chosen to relegate my Presence to the category of “mythology”.
When you consider the eons of time which have elapsed since that Golden Age and the countless times which you have embodied on this planet in an endeavor to outpicture the Plan for which you were given embodiment, it would seem in my opinion, that you must be weary of committing the sins of omission and commission, and would strive even more assiduously on this journey to complete your 'round' on this Earth.
Yes, the faithful chelas at the close of this sojourn are not required to re-embody, but it would be far more meritorious were you to widen the Green Band of Truth in your Causal body, and allow

that Virtue to outpicture while yet in physical embodiment. Do you know that in some people there is just a tinge of the glorious Green Light of Truth in the storehouse of their lifestreams?
Now, my precious friends, I do not come to chide you, indeed not, for you are endeavoring to be greater expressions of Truth all the time. I have come to point out to you the weaknesses, which sustain the veil between you and the fuller expression of Truth.
You have often heard the affirmation when someone has seemingly wronged you or another to "turn the other cheek". This statement has carried through the Christian Dispensation and into the Age of Freedom with very, very, few having any comprehension of what its means. Some have thought if some individual commits an act of imperfection against them be it spoken word or deed, that they should just passively ignore it and that continued repetition of the sin against them would sooner or later die out and that the originator of the imperfection would tire of so doing. THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH! And this is the very reason why I come into your midst today!
If the chela, or any one else, takes a passive attitude toward the wrong doing, he or she is guilty of a sin of omission and is permitting the imperfection to tie into and become a part of his aura. You well know, that to which you turn your attention becomes ACTIVE in your being and world and the way to avoid this when it is of a negative nature and to put your world into order, is to LOVE LIFE FREE!
Within everything acting in this world is a pulsation of Perfection, otherwise it could not exist, but it is the garment, which the Life Essence is forced to wear through imperfect qualification with which we are primarily concerned today, and which I shall endeavor to assist you to remove from the screen of maya.
We of the Spiritual Hierarchy repeatedly bring to your attention the necessity of accepting the Oneness of all Life! Once you can grasp the meaning of that verity, and it is indelibly imprinted upon your feeling nature, you shall go forward in your Spiritual Evolution with leaps and bounds!
Now we will return to the method of transmuting the imperfection directed toward you, or any other
part of life. The instant you become aware of any malfeasance, grasp the opportunity to Love Life Free! Of course, at this stage in your evolution, one does not act from the premise of the little self, but through the God Authority of your own Beloved "I AM"' PRESENCE. Give recognition immediately to the active Presence of God within the discordant or imperfect manifestation, and then proceed to use the Sacred Fire of Transmutation to remove the initial pulsation to which many refer as the cause and core of the imperfection. Remember that wrong doing of which you become aware may not have originated from the individual who has been brought to your attention as committing the act, but its the expanding pulsation from the individual who set up the pattern, or the cause and core, ever adding to the periphery of the wrong doing. This is an important point to remember.
In the Name of the Almighty, do not just take the attitude of 'that will wear itself out' for all life continues to act in one form or another until all imperfection is mercifully changed to the Perfection which is ordained for all life. Verily, I say to you, then will Truth be a permanent
Resident on this Globe.
Oh my beloved and precious ones, would that you could now know how very much I love you and all life everywhere! I shall never know completeness until all life is free from the shackles which man has placed upon himself through the acceptance of imperfection. My Heart cries out to you to step out of the bondage of human limitation into the God Free expression of Truth!
You can read and read about the limitation which you have placed upon your lifestreams through the acceptance of that which is less than God Perfection, but it is up to you, and YOU ALONE, to loosen the chains which yet bind you. I would like to encourage you in assuring you that these restrictions, or links, are no longer of the strength of steel but are similar to unraveling ropes which require but a strong expansion of Light, from within your beings, to tear them asunder and let you stand Free in the God Dignity which is your Divine Heritage.
Dear ones, the Spirit of Truth is alive within you! "I AM" always present to give whatever assistance you may require, but I beg of you in the Name of

the Creator whom you all do love, with varying degrees of intensity, accept the Presence of God in all Life, and LOVE ALL LIFE FREE! This is your answer to Freedom in the Light while yet a resident of this Schoolroom of Earth.
It is the reverent Love, which I hold for all life, which has brought me into your presence at this hour, to extend to you my Love of Truth and to invite and invoke you to drink deeply of the vital and imperative Essence of its wondrous Elixir! THANK YOU..........THE GODDESS OF TRUTH