Wednesday, November 11, 2015

For Immediate Release

Dearest Students of the Light,
We, here at Law of Life have been given a wonderful and great opportunity. It is that we are here to publish and disseminate a very vast collection in which, the Masters have given us for the purpose of raising one another and the planet with it.
It has been made very clear to us in this responsibility that we must follow the directives and instructions left for us and that they must be protected and presented in the Standard, which the Brotherhood has set forth. We take this promise very seriously and earnest.
We have continually maintained a transparency to all parties involved what our purpose is. This is no different, recently a number of souls have chosen to take it upon themselves steal and plagiarize what has been given so gratefully. This form of Rebellion and Piracy will NOT go unnoticed any longer.
These parties feel it is their right to trivialize the teachings and publish them with no regard for the protection of the work.  By commiting these violations, anyone involved becomes accountable for this Karmic Debt incurred. We now clearly understand this is why we have been given this Responsibility.
We have had to make a collective decision after long contemplation to HALT all publications until further notice. We plan to review a better distribution vehicle for the future projects. We know and hope those who believe in this Cause will rise and Stand For the LIGHT. All inquires for support and help in future endeavor may be submitted to Law of Life. We will continue to walk the middle way in our orderly manner. We shall overcome this sinister activity with the

A.D.K. Luk Publications 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Our Beloved Serapis Bey

 One of the qualifications for successful accomplishment of service in this world of form is the development of an awareness of the gifts of God, the Masters, Angels and humankind, to the chela who applies for opportunity to complete his course and return HOME. There is no soul so self-reliant; no individual so complete, that he has not benefitted in the past and does not benefit each day, by the energies of others who have helped to create the blessings which all enjoy. An individual who desires to achieve the Ascension must desire to give to life something of himself, as a balance to the evolution of which he is a part, in gratitude for the gifts given him which sustained him to the present day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our Beloved Jesus The Christ

Taking for granted the services, gifts and blessings to his life, has delayed the victory of many an individual. The very constancy of the Sun in its outpouring, has made many forget how much they owe to its Presence in the Universe. The removal of a source of blessing often results in a 'shock' to the personality which has been the recipient of spiritual illumination, elemental sustenance or even physical comforts.
Then, too late, that individual realizes that the gifts which he had taken for granted had been essential to his well-being. This often results in an attitude of bitterness because of the removal of the gift.
Rather, the individual should realize that feelings of gratitude and then thanksgiving for their blessings every day would sustain those blessings by the power of magnetization for as long as the person required them. Often, in my ministry, when sometimes whole group of people were healed simultaneously and only one returned to express gratitude, I asked; “Where are the other beneficiaries of God's mercy and forgiving grace?"