Monday, February 29, 2016

Beloved Kwan Yin

Will you endeavor to become a Representative of the Goddess of Mercy to Life? Will you let your energies, in tune with God, wrap your world in the SEAMLESS GARMENT of the Ascended Host? Through that radiation, you can charge the quality of every bit of energy you contact, making the blind to see; the lame to walk; the dead to rise; the mentally unbalanced to have the dignity of mastery and control of their own consciousness. Your energies combined with Mine are more powerful than the combined mass energy of the billions of souls who have not yet raised their consciousness above the erroneous reports of the outer senses.
Let us not forget for a moment that in dealing with each other we are dealing with Friends, for I Am your Friend and you are mine! Together, we shall be Master of the Energies flowing through you, which are capable of raising and redeeming this dear Earth.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lady Kwan Yin

I Am giving you the Gift of My Mercy to Life, My Compassion, My Positive Assurance of all that the God Power can do for you. Accept it! Open your hearts! Open your souls! Open your feelings! Accept My Gift! According to your acceptance is it done unto you! Your dear minds WANT to accept but it is the unresponsive “feelings” that We find the resistance of even the most earnest chelas. It is the buried resentments, rebellions and disappointments of the etheric consciousness that We find the “block” to the building of the individual foci of the Sacred Fire in those of you through whom We would like to walk the Earth as a fountain of that Merciful Violet Flame, Freeing Life everywhere from distortion and imperfection and restoring it again to its God Design. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Lady Kwan Yin

We dwell in a Realm which has no imperfection. We qualified to live therein because Our consciousness had been trained not to create even one thought or feeling that would be inharmonious. Every lifestream, every being in the Universe, created from within himself the atmosphere and world of activity in which he dwells. Anyone can live either in the Kingdom of Heaven this hour or continue in the generation of human thought and feeling, dwelling in the astral and physical realm (which is the “hell” of human creation). 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lady Kwan Yin


The healing lifestream must be a positive individual. Within his heart, soul and spirit, he must be as sure of the Father’s Presence as was the Master Jesus when He stood before the tomb of Lazarus and without fear or ridicule or doubt, as to the response of that soul, called, “LAZARUS! COME FORTH!” Jesus knew that the God within, the Living Presence of that man, would draw Lazarus from the seeming appearance of death.
Thus to all who would believe, Jesus gave actual proof that there is no such thing as death. Such an appearance comes only from the outer consciousness. You cannot
approach the healing of Nations nor the healing of a Planet that groans in pain and agony with a negative acceptance of defeat. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Beloved Lady, Kwan Yin


If you are to become a healing power in this Universe, you must become a fountain of positively controlled energy. Your soul is the accumulated consciousness to which I Am speaking. Your outer consciousness has recorded within it the doubt and fear, the experiences and impressions that you have acquired through all the centuries you have lived. Now you must take your soul and, in quiet introspection, examine it well. Find out if you really believe in your heart and in your feelings that there is no other power than God. When you say intellectually, from the lips: “I AM the God Power Almighty. There is no other power that can act.” DO YOU MEAN IT? 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beloved Kwan Yin

Compassion is a positive quality; sympathy is a negative quality. These two qualities are exact opposites. Sympathy, your Master Saint Germain has told you, is agreement with imperfection. What does He mean? He means that your Life Force, flowing through the Silver Cord from your “Presence,” rushing forth uncontrolled and attaching itself to a person in distress, immediately takes on the quality of the distress. Thus, rather than helping such a one, you weigh him down with more of the same quality of this unhappy energy by turning your attention and sympathy (your qualified energy) toward him. You let the virtue flow out from you without control. You magnify and magnetize the distress.
Compassion, witnessing the requirement of the moment, does not allow the feeling to leave the Heart Flame with an acceptance of the discordant appearance. IT DOES NOT ACCEPT THAT THERE IS A POWER GREATER THAN GOD! Then, in the masterful poise of that God Anchorage, the healing powers are drawn and projected to the one in need. All this time your “Electronic Presence,” through your feeling world, is in complete mastery of the condition or circumstance. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Beloved Kwan Yin

For many years I have been known as the Spirit of the Flames of Mercy and Compassion. I would like to speak to you about that Flame of Mercy because Its Presence is so important in the feeling world of those who desire to heal.

No permanent healing of mind and body can come just through effort of human will, beloved ones! Your feeling world is composed of far more than half of your Life Energy and the quality flowing through your feelings is the “conductor” through which flows that qualified healing essence into the world of the one whom you wish to benefit. Blessed ones, your feeling world is the bridge over which flows the gathered healing elixir of qualified Life, entering into the mind of the patient to dispel shadows, entering into his feelings to dispel depression; entering into his flesh to resurrect it and bring it new Life. 

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