Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Our Beloved Lady Rowena

We know the Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power is the Balancing Activity of Life, the central core of LOVE. Each energy must blend in supreme harmony to accomplish a Purpose according to the Will of God, be it personal, national or world wide. To outpicture and accomplish that which is desired, recognize ALL THINGS in this manner. Visualize the Scales in a weighing process. An uneven amount of any commodity and the result will lack harmony. Know that LOVE IS EVER PRESENT, holding in its heart Wisdom and Power. The same principle is true in Wisdom and in Power embracing each other. Truly, Love is all there is, for LOVE IS GOD and GOD IS LOVE.
Lady Rowena

Monday, May 9, 2016

Beloved Portia

My Beloved Ones,
As you know, I AM one of the Beings you so beautifully call "The Mothers of Heaven". It is so...
In thinking of being a mother, the fact is that there are a myriad of responsibilities involved! A mother must be so many different things to her children - and under so many varying sets of circumstances. This is why we - the "Mothers of Heaven" - embody various qualities of the Godhead, so that our beloved children on the Earth may never be left without that which is needed when their calls go forth. 
Today it is my deep desire to impress upon your consciousness the importance of motherhood. I want you to realize the complicated task it truly is, and the sanctity of the responsibility this office holds for the mothers among the people of Earth. Each one of you who read my words receive my love and my gratitude for your efforts to be the very best example of Motherhood you can to your children. As well, I ask that you extend your efforts to any child or young person who enters your worlds. 
Beloved ones, you are all my children, and I want to point out that it is not the gender which entirely determines the responsibilities of motherhood, at least when we speak of it as an "office" or "position". Many men find that they must act as mothers as well as fathers, and conversely, many women must assume the position usually attributed to men - as providers and protectors of the family. 
My heart is filled with the desire to bring this understanding home to you; A chela must be whatever it is necessary for him or her to be - in order to fulfill whatever need is at hand! The important thing to remember is that you must work always to give love to all children within your spheres of influence, and to try to sense their needs, and respond appropriately. This in an indication of your Spiritual Balance - and sense of responsibility! 
Know you are loved, as you strive to be the very best you can. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Saint Germain

Beloved friends of old, and friends forever 
I greet you today, in Love, Faith and Hope, hope for the externalization of the New Age of Freedom, in the near future, through your cooperative efforts with the Spiritual Hierarchy who are expending every effort permitted by Cosmic Law to comply with the Divine Edict which does state                                               
                    THE AGE OF FREEDOM IS AT HAND! 
On this the Anniversary of my own Personal Freedom - the Ascension in the Light - I could wax eloquent of the sweet days of yore and the pleasantries enjoyed in that era, but so called time is of the essence and we must put forth every effort, all of us - the Spiritual Hierarchy, you and I, in holding firm to the Vision, the Divine Blueprint, which is even now unfolding through many avenues of dedicated Service to the Light! 

"I AM" personally heartened in this, my Reign, as Director of the two thousand year cycle of Freedom, that so many loyal chelas are beginning, yes I say beginning, to realize that the time for FREEDOM for all life is at hand. We require every dedicated chela to wholeheartedly cooperate in the externalizing a specific part of the Divine Plan. If all the chelas in all locations of the Planet feel they must do thus and so because it appeals to their vibratory action and they must serve with this lifestream or that one because it is their personal joy to so do, the energy which they use in following the dictates of their outer consciousness will have to be made good by some other lifestream who may be taxed to what seems their outer capacity or by one of the Ascended Host who has sponsored that particular lifestream at Inner Levels. 
Now, a man who is planting his garden has an idea which he would like to see manifest for the enhancement of his own personal property and proceeds to take the necessary measures to carry this plan to completion. Just what would happen if someone in passing this gentleman’s property thought the bushes or shrubs would look better if differently arranged, and decided to make so bold as to inform the owner of his ideas! 
Well, if the owner of the garden was a gentleman of even temper he might thank the passerby and set to thinking whether the 'intruder' was correct. BUT, in so doing the passerby has planted a seed of doubt and the owner thinking about the suggestion might change his plans and the externalization of his original idea would be dissipated and not manifest in its entirety. 
There is a parallel in Spiritual Service - when a chela chooses of his own free will to offer his or her services to the Cause of Freedom in the avenue which is compatible to his own vibratory action - beloved ones, please do not interfere with that individual's free will. If he comes to you for advice that is a different matter but do not intrude your ideas as to what he should do. If he is not in the line of endeavor for which he volunteered at Inner Levels, he will either find out for himself and be willing to make the change to the avowed service or if he does not, then he is responsible to the Cosmic Law for deviating from his true service and will have to make good here on the Earth or at some other assigned destination. 
The Cosmic Law is one of balance, and each lifestream is required by that Law to make things right! It is the Law that decides whether an individual lifestream is fulfilling his Plan, and that is not the prerogative of another ascended lifestream. Give assistance, yes, when invited to do so, but do not venture to unduly influence another lifestream. 
Let us exercise wisdom in dealing with our fellow travelers on the Path - one of the greater parts of wisdom is
                   TO BE AN EXAMPLE OF THE LAW, 
then the chela does not have to influence another by worded pressure, but through his being the out-picturing of perfection and the Godly way of Life, other lifestreams will feel the magnet of loving perfection and request assistance in becoming a similar exponent of the Spiritual Law. 
The sum and substance of this little talk is that it is wise to assist another lifestream when you are in a position to do so and give him whatever help requested, but not to inflict any ideas on him which might be stemming from your own outer desires for that individual. 
                  CLEAN UP YOUR OWN VEHICLES, 
by the, use of the Violet Transmuting Flame! Invoke that Flame of Purification for your fellowman without telling him what you are doing. That is a form of serving in the Silence, assisting all life into Spiritual Freedom, without engaging in personal contact regarding the service which you are rendering. It is a truly dedicated lifestream who does not seek personal credit by saying "I did thus and so for that lifestream!" 
Oh my dear and so loved friends, if we of the Spiritual Hierarchy were always taking credit for what we did for the evolutions of this Earth, and elsewhere, there would be no time remaining for assigned and volunteered service. That is not the way of God - we must all love all life everywhere, and when the chela realizes the ONENESS of all life and allows the Christ Self to be the Directing Intelligence of his allotted energy, we will be proceeding into the Unity of all life. That Unity does not mean uniformity of all action, but a realization of the MOTIVATING POWER behind all action, and the balanced performance of individuals on ALL SEVEN RAYS. But, before this can be accomplished there is much, much debris to be cleaned up in the vehicles of the chelas as well as the individuals who have not been sufficiently illumined in the outer consciousness to follow the Teachings of the New Age. 
We of the Spiritual Hierarchy are serving diligently at Inner Levels with the lifestreams when they are out of the body during sleep, or through transition, to train them in an endeavor to assist them to bring back the memory of this training when they are in embodiment. When a conscious recollection of the Godly way of life as explained to them at Inner Levels is carried into their waking consciousness, great advancement will have been made and no persuasion will be required to have them accept the Spiritual Law. 
We require your cooperation in this endeavor by your constant Calls for their Divine Illumination and your own, but the receptivity of the fullness of the Teaching of the New Age must be preceded by PURIFICATION! 
Would that you all loved the Violet Fire as do the Ascended Host of Light, and put that mighty process of transmutation into action - not just now and again, but daily, hourly, if possible. 
Blessed and dear ones of my Heart, it is because I love you that I come to you in friendship to invite, and invoke, you to impregnate your feelings with the KNOWING that this is the NEW AND PERMANENT AGE OF FREEDOM, and before it can manifest in Its Full Perfection and Glory, transmutation of imperfection, everywhere, must take place. 
Can I depend on you my friends of old, to be friends FOREVER? 

 Saint Germain