Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beloved Hilarion 1959

Rock of TRUTH - Foundation
The constantly shifting scenes and conditions of the physical appearance
world are not too conducive to the individualʼs holding within himself a quietly stabilized consciousness of unchanging Truth.  This is particularly true today when not only the changes which normally take place, ie., changes of season, replacing of the out-worn old by the promising new, etc., but because the whole Universe is now at the end of a Cosmic Cycle of time.  “Behold - I make all things new!” is a Cosmic Fiat which is hourly coming into more and more evidence everywhere.
There was a day not too long ago when one might have thought that residing
in the Far East would allow one to live in a less disturbed atmosphere - away from the distractions of flashing electric signs and noisy commercial machinery (vehicular and manufacturing).  However, today with the unsettled political and economic conditions which are rampant there it becomes increasingly necessary for one who is a sincere student of the Light to learn the Truth that wherever one happens to be at the moment - there (right within his own beating heart) is the Focus of the Great, Great Silence of Infinity - “The Secret Place of the Most High” - where abides the anchorage of Divinity within him - a Focus of his Holy Christ Self.
In that consciousness no winds of adversity can blow; there there is no fear or
uncertainty; there is sustained the calm, peaceful protection and assurance of Divinityʼs Love; and there is the Comfort of Eternity that can never be disturbed.  All of this can be called forth into the outer experience life of the individual by turning often to that Holy Christ Self and giving It full authority to so act for him.
Beloved ones!  Even among Our earnest students, few have any real idea of
just how much a God-Controlled Attention means to the Peace, Comfort and Success of oneʼs experience Life.  Oneʼs attention is the wide-open door to his world for the Law is that “What your attention is (fixed) upon - you become.”  The Ascended Masters have become that to which They have given Their attention for centuries - long, long before Their Ascension took place.  Similarly, mankind are manifesting the harvest of their forgetfulness of their God-Source and unwillingness to cooperate with Its beneficent Law of Divine Love expressed in all Life - during the same period of time.  Do you see?
A God-Controlled Attention is the secret of all Mastery.  Wise indeed is he
who deliberately cultivates the unalterable habit of choosing “to” and “for” what he shall give his very Life; knowing that that Life will be qualified with whatever is there.  Then, sweeping around the Planet in its circular orbit, that energy must return into the world of the sender thereof - plus much accumulated energies like unto it.  Your Holy Christ Self stands ever ready and willing to help you protect your energies through a God-Controlled Attention and will instantly and joyously answer your every call to that end.  Experiment with this Truth, if you will, Gracious Reader, by giving the following decree at least once a day - in the morning, preferably, before leaving your room, repeating it three times:

“Beloved Holy Christ Self of me!  In the Name and Love of my own Beloved ʻI AM Presenceʼ I say to You:  Take complete command, as well as immediate and eternal control and possession of all of my attention, vision and Power of Qualification (feelings).  Rivet them upon Thee and manage all my outer activities forever!  I consciously accept this done for me RIGHT NOW, with full power!”

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beloved Nada 1959

Spiral Stairway of MINISTRATION and PEACE
The Magnificent, Wise and Gracious Holy Christ Self of each lifestream is a
very real Being - far more real than the personality consciousness and physical form which seem so real to many - appearing to them to be “all there is!”  Of course, such is not TRUTH, for the personality consciousness “began” in this world of form and, therefore, “must end here.”  The Holy Christ Self existed long before physical embodiment and, (the personality consciousness coming into being here) therefore, It outlasts this world and its experiences.
Even though but a very tiny focus of the consciousness of the Holy Christ Self is anchored within the Immortal Three-Fold Flame of Eternal Truth within each human heart (that Three-Fold Flame in the average individual is but three-sixteenths of an inch in height), still, Its Service of Ministration to the outer self is to hold at least some connection between the personality and its own Individualized (although forgotten and unrecognized) “I AM Presence.”  It also endeavors - whenever It has the slightest opportunity to do so - to transmute as many shadows as possible from the lifestream and expand Its Own Light and Dominion through the four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional).
Upon some occasions, when the Law of oneʼs Being will so permit it, that
Holy Christ Self can appear in the world of form, visible and tangible to the outer self - and It has often done so, all through the ages.  That Holy Christ Self can sit down and talk to the personality, just as one would converse with any friend in physical form.  Such a manifestation of the loving care and assistance to the outer consciousness of a lifestream took place with one of the students of Our Blessed Saint Germain some years ago.  This gentleman was very sincere in his endeavors to correct and purify his world by the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame and constructive use of Godʼs Holy Name “I AM,” for he had accepted Beloved Saint Germainʼs “I AM” Instruction in the early days of Its presentation.
This student had been financially successful for many years; then, because of
certain large contract reverses and general business decline, his commercial enterprises were threatened with dissolution, until there were not too many assets remaining.  He had been making earnest calls to be shown just what to do to salvage what was left, if possible, and build it up again.  One night, alone in his room and unable to sleep - periodically tossing from side to side in an endeavor to get the physical comfortable while his thoughts and feelings were rioting within him - he suddenly became aware of a tall, beautiful Being with golden hair and deep blue eyes sitting beside his bed - this One simply dressed in pure white.
At first the sight startled the student, but a slight, silent raising of the right hand
and a smile upon the face of his lovely Visitor put him at ease.  “Who are you?”  Our student asked.  “I am your Guardian Angel,” replied the lovely One.  “Well, I must say that I have not associated with many Angels in my past life.  I have not been much of a churchgoer.”  The student would have continued, but the Angel again raised His right hand for silence and stopped his speaking, saying:  “I know all about your past mistakes - all that
you have been and I am not the slightest bit interested therein.  I AM INTERESTED
Then there followed a few words of good advice and direction - answering

the call of this student for such help.  Just before the Holy Christ Self left (for such it was Who visited him), It said in warning:  “Beware of the doubting outer consciousness!  As soon as My Form of Light has left you, your outer self will endeavor to convince you that this was all a dream - unreal - and therefore, not to be taken seriously.  You know NOW that I AM REAL.  Try to hold these feelings steady; do as I have directed and you will be glad you did!”  The student who had this experience some years before his Ascension is now in Our Realms of Light and serving with Us today.  He is a Being of tremendous Love and Light - rendering great assistance from the Seventh Realm to those still following on in the world of form.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beloved Serapis Bey 1959

“Speak only when thy words are more golden than thy silence” is one of the
most important rules and regulations of every Ascended Master Retreat in the world of form.  However, because of the different types of service given by such Foci of Ascended Master Light and the training needed therefor, this discipline of controlled speech is more rigidly enforced in some Retreats than in others.  For instance, in the Pythagorean Instruction given centuries ago, absolute and continuous silence was required of and observed by all who entered His Retreat and remained there for any length of time.  The full course was nine years long!
Under such discipline, the chela learned to listen and remember - for a good
memory is largely the result of a sufficient concentration upon that which one wishes to recall, to register it perfectly in his etheric body.  Then it can be brought forth again at will.  In this Retreat of Pythagorus, the chela learned to forget self and the desire to “shine” above his fellows by revealing to them some “great Wisdom” which he felt he had gained ahead of them.  Therefore, thus trained and prepared for selfless service in the world of form after leaving the Retreat, the disciplined outer self had for use much accumulated Ascended Master Wisdom.
From time to time it has been said that many Truths are lost in translating from
one language to another and one of these is the meaning in the statement:  “Ye shall give account for every idle word.”  There is no such thing as an “idle” word - for your words are your Life and Life is perpetual motion.  The idea here might be “thoughtless” or “careless” word - but certainly not “idle.”  Another important training received by the neophyte in the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood is the complete removal from his consciousness of the habit of exaggerating.  This habit builds around one a sense of falsity and unreality which, eventually, will prevent others from believing in what you say.  Things which may seem expensive are not always “fabulous” or cost “millions;” someone in the next street certainly is not “miles away;” people who need temporary rest are not “dying of exhaustion.”  Surely, I have made myself clear.
Gracious Reader!  Wonʼt you try experimenting with the control of your
speech for just thirty days?  Try to curtail all “unnecessary” conversation and remarks and see how much more energy you will have at the close of the day.  Train yourselves to say what should be said in clear, concise terms - in as few words as possible; never being too cryptic, of course, and never impatient or rude.  Speak gently whenever you can but - when you must be firm - be so!  Let there never be any uncertainty in the mind of another as to what you mean to convey.  This can be done in sincere kindness, but with a firm conviction within that you know what you are doing and you are doing it!
One of the most important and really easy ways to govern oneʼs energies

harmoniously is through his choice of words.  Oneʼs habitual use of beautiful, grateful and peace creating words will make one more and more beautiful, even as to facial expression.  The habitual use of words which “do not bless” Life will change even a lovely expression upon the face of a youth into a very unlovely one as that one matures.  Watch your words - dear hearts!  They are so important to your health, wealth, happiness and God-Success!