Monday, January 9, 2017

Mighty Hercules

Do you realize, beloved ones, what may be yours now for making the conscious call? If you will direct your attention to my Focus, all the Protection you require in the service which you are to perform, shall be yours.I have a specific purpose in speaking to you at this time. I am going to ask each of you to make a most sincere promise to yourself, and that promise is: That you will never again leave your bedroom of a morning without first acknowledging your own "I AM" Presence, and then calling forth your required amount of Protection directly from me! For doing that and keeping it in mind, YOU WILL BE PROTECTED from any outside force or disturbance during your entire day. This is not a favor to me, to your own "I AM" Presence or even yourself! IT IS AN OBLIGATION TO LIFE: Not only an obligation which will greatly benefit you, but all mankind. It is not only important that you be protected from the vibration of other people, but with this New Light, this new and great increase in your Light, it is also important that others be protected from you! Dear ones, you do not consciously realize the great increase in your Light within the past six months: If you are not properly protected and surrounded by the mighty Wall of Light, when you move about and other people enter your aura, this increases every quality about them - whether good or bad!
You are not allowed by Divine Law to serve the "I AM" Presence consciously, and at the same time disrupt another individual's world, and yet this is what you might do unconsciously if you are not properly protected. As soon as you do this, dear ones, you will see a great change in the people about you. You will demand respect and you will receive it! 
With all my Light, Love, and of course PROTECTION, I enfold you and surround you. God Bless you and God protect you.

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